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Miscellaneous Stuff

There is a lot out there in the world of FMA, so naturally there is bound to be some miscellanous junk floating around that is still useful! Here you can find links, frequently asked questions, a feedback form so you can get in touch with us, and more random junk! Enjoy.


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Drop us a line, but please make sure that you have thoroughly browsed the site and forums to ensure that your question or comment hasnt been answered or should be placed in a different location! Send all email to or send a PM using the forums!


» Full Metal Alchemist Official Links

These are off-site links that you may find useful!

Official Full Metal Alchemist Site (Jpn) -

The official website of Hagaren no Renkinjutsushi.

Official Full Metal Alchemist Site (Eng) -

The official website for the U.S. Fanbase published by Funimation.

Official Full Metal Alchemist Movie (Jpn) -

The official website for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, to debut summer 2005.

Bones -

The publishing studio that created FMA, series and manga.

Square Enix -

The official website of the first PS2 game, "Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel".

Square Enix -

The official website of the second PS2 game by Square Enix.

Bandai -

The official website of the Bandai (Game Boy) Hagane no Renkinjutsushi games.


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Extended Links Section

Believe it or not, but this isnt the only Full Metal Alchemist related site out there! There are tons of fansites, fan artists, and more to be found. Below you can find links to visit some of them! If you would like to be added to this list, please email me. You may also submit an 80x15 pixel banner to be displayed. No other sizes accepted. and PhoenixNetworks do not endorse these sites in any way, nor are we responsible for their content. Please browse with discretion.


General Info/Fansites

Asskicking Automail and Alchemy

A general fansite with lots of information and images. English and Appropriate for all audiences.


General information site, online manga viewer and torrents.

Devil's Nest

Info and media.

Equivalent Trade

A massive fan-fiction archive site where users can submit their work. English, may contain sensitive materials.


A general information site, tailored to the American fanbase and the dub by FUNimation!

Fullmetal Alchemist

A relatively new site, still under construction

Pure Alchemy Sanctum

A website that has lots of information, like ours, but is still under heavy construction. English, appropriate for all.

Scimitar Smile

A fan-fiction and information site, with lots of behind the scenes research and facts! English, Sensitive materials.

Serpents Cross

A general fansite with multimedia, downloads and other great stuff. English, appropriate for all.
Non English Sites:  

Alchemist Heaven

A general fansite with reviews, downloads, multimedia and more., French, appropriate for all.

Full Metal Exode

Another french site with all the goodies and downloads, manga and episode info as well. Appropriate for all.

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

A german site, various info and more, appropriate for all visitors.


A french site, fairly new, tons of nice info.
Fan Listings

Not a Shrimp!~A Edward Elric Shrine

Incomplete: An Edward Elric Fanlisting


Drowning in Despair: An Edward Elric Fanlisting


The Elric Brothers Fanlisting


Dog of the Military

Fan Artists

Blue Aeon

Japanese Fanartist.

Harvest Home

Japanese Fanartist.


Japanese Fanartist
Character Shrines

Ambivalence -- An Edward Elric Dedication




Black Hayate


Don't Call Me Short


Sinners - Sins Shrine



Fansub Group that does FMA as a joint with Anime-KEEP.


Anime-Keep is another fansub group, the FMA series is done by both ANBU & AKEEP.

Toriyama's World

Does Manga Scalations (Scans and Translates) for the FMA series. Is the official source that this site uses.