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Music Video Submissions

Thank you for taking the time to create a music video. Your efforts are a contribution to the Full Metal Alchemist community, and we would like to match your contribution and promote this activity by hosting your videos. There are, however, a few requirements that are imposed when you wish to host your video with this website.


Rules and Guidelines for Submission
  1. Videos must use scenes from the Full Metal Alchemist Anime, Movie, or Game.
  2. Videos must be tasteful, and must be G or PG-13 rated. This includes no music with extreme profanity.
  3. Videos must be encoded using divx, xvid, or windows media format - Raw MPEGs or Quicktime files are not accepted.
  4. Videos must be at least 320x240 resolution, and no higher than 800x600.
  5. Videos must contain an introductory screen (provided below) with certain information displayed, including but not limited to: resolution, total length, title, author's name, spoiler warning, and copyright information. This screen must be displayed for at least 5 seconds.
  6. It is strongly recommended that users use RAWs instead of fansubbed video for their music videos
  7. Authors will be required to submit at least 1 screenshot of your video for display purposes
  8. Videos must be compressed and packaged using ZIP or RAR
  9. Your video must be named appropriately according to the following naming convention, in all lowercase and no spaces: YYYYMMDD-AUTHOR-TITLE.EXT (Example: 20040210-paladin-returnhome.rar) Your screenshot should be named the same, except with the extension as .jpg
  10. All videos will be approved by a website administrator before it is posted for public download, we reserve the right to reject submissions without reason
  11. By submitting your videos, you give, its staff and affiliates, permission to display your work on our site for an indefinite amount of time, furthermore it is implied that you give us permission to create screenshots and reviews for your video.
Submitting your work
When you are ready to submit your video, please send an email to and you will be provided an FTP account to upload your video. Dont forget that the video needs to come in a zip or rar, and must be accompanied by a screenshot.

Introductory Screen
The following screen (not to scale) must be displayed at the beginning of the video for at least 5 seconds
(Download this as a .PSD - fma-amvscreen.psd)