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Full Version: How Do You Like Hawkeye's Hair Done?
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wow, I just voted and evened out all the votes, they're all tied...well, first three that is...anyways, I like it up. looks professional. really annoys me when it's down.
she looks so much prettier with her hair down
i think she should keep it down
She looks sophisticated and gorgeous with her hair down. biggrin.gif
But it's kinda boring when you stare at it after some time.
Twilight Avenger
Personally, I think that her hair looks better down. Preferably, down while holding her dog, Flak Hayate.

That's a picture I saw.
The Hawkeye Alchemist
Her hair looks better up when she's in military uniform; also looks better down if she's just being Riza and wearing her casual clothes.
Either way, she looks good. ^^
Celeste Nayamashii
QUOTE(Twilight Avenger)
Personally, I think that her hair looks better down. Preferably, down while holding her dog, Flak Hayate.

That's a picture I saw.

Don't you mean, Black Hayate, Twilight Avenger?

I like them both, but I think she looks really beautiful either way. Her hair pulled back gives her that strict, somewhat cold, firmness of the lady soldier. When she wears her hair down, she gives that sweet, tender, feminine touch about her. Either way, Riza is gorgeous.
I like when she has her hair up or down but I wouldn't like to see her with short hair.
She's got a very pretty hair, I even feel a little jealous. tongue.gif

Riza rules ! ^__^
Winry Elric
Riza looks best with her hair down, she's so pretty^^
personally, i liked it short.
it was practical for her job (i still dont know how she manages to keep her hair up in just a clip) and there was something juvenating about it. it made her look so young and cute. ^^

but i guess if it stayed short, it would seem as if they were trying to project a homologous image of masculinity for the women in the military. (ross and marta had short hair too)

and anyway, its not like it looks bad long anyway. biggrin.gif
It's cuter down.
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QUOTE (blusterzy @ Jul 20 2010, 01:27 PM) *
Both up and down (as long as it's long) are beautiful!

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