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Full Version: Mandatory Rules And Guidelines for Roleplay Community forum
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Please note the following guidelines and rules and information for the Roleplay Community forums
  • Posts in this forum will not count towards your total post count.
  • This forum is here under a trial basis.
  • Any derrogatory, insulting, racist or similar statements towards any individual is not tolerated.
  • Do not double post.
  • Do not use extra large fonts.
  • Do not use this forum to carry on single line conversations. "Hi how are you." and another post of "Good, how about you." is not acceptable.
  • Do not open a thread to recruit for off-site RP
  • We expect this forum to be community moderated. However, please note that our global moderating staff WILL be watching.
  • All other forum rules apply.
Please refer to this thread for continued updates and more information.

<ETA: Posts in Roleplay Community now count towards the poster's total post counts. However, if this would result in the increase of spam or one-line posts the board may revert it back to non-count. Please keep up with your good RP postings. smile.gif ~ Tombow>
ohmy.gif WhOa!!! ThiS RulEs Are SoOoO suPer!!I CAnt eVen UnderStand It!!WHat I wanT is How to joIn in thAt RolEplay, Im So Anxiouz to be one of you..pls send me details!!!!!Visit me anytym.... wink.gif
Please never, ever type in alternate Uppercase-lowercase again.
I belive you can just start a Roleplay anytime you want.
Chibi Alphonse Elric
Sin walked up to Bryantq-sama(AKA GOD!!), bowed deeply, and said, "Master Bry-Sama, I shall follow your rules like I will be put to death if I don't. And how harsh Chibi is(especially with her character's pasts) I most likely will."

With a flick of her tail, she dissappeared into a puff of gold smoke. a ninja...

...a ninja of the night....

...NINJA OF THE NIGH-- *gets hit by a brick as a distant voice yells*

"Shut the feck up, Chibi!!!"
Sin Of Envy
It would be nice if there was a rule for talking "lyk thiz"....
I belive thats in the basic forum rules. No net talk/leet/txt spk.
So in this roleplay community, are we to tell a collective story as characters via our screennames or OCs? Or, is this where we can talk about roleplaying in general?

Because I would love to go on imaginary adventures with people from this forum. It'd kill my boredom.

^^ @Starrieidgirl - Yap, this is the community where we can actually roleplay, and not discussing about the roleplay.
I believe each thread has different settings, character requirements, and so on, and you read the first post to find out, and just join the thread and play.
I'm sure ones already on the thread to which you are interested joining can tell you more about each settings. smile.gif
Homunculus 'Murder'
Well, those rules are simple enough to follow. And they make perfect sense. I'll be sure to remember them!! happy.gif *bows to the almighty mods*
~ Post Count Incrementations In Roleplay Community Forum, Changing it so that post here will be counted for the total posts ~

<This thread will be merged to the other "Roleplay Community forum Rules" thread later.>

Making the members' posts in this forum to count toward the member's total post count had been suggested many times, and got rejected many times in the past, and I've been considering this for a long time, and I know all the previous such requests were denied. But, I've watched this community grew, mature, and now I think the RPers we have in this community are generally mature & experienced RPers with generally no spamming on the roleplay threads, nor much of one-line posts here. Considering that, starting Sept. 1 Aug. 31, 2010 I'd like to try Post Count Incrementations in this forum. smile.gif
(If this will end up causing any increase in spamming in this forum this may be reverted back again, but I hope we don't have to come to that.)

ETA: Sept. 14, 2010. Sorry this took for a while since I got sick and had to take more than a week off from the board. sad.gif
The option is "on" now for this forum. smile.gif

ETA: Oct. 19, 2010
Merged the thread.
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