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Full Version: Free Public Streaming Shoutcast Server
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Hey all.

I started up a shoutcast server for friends to listen in to, and am opening it up to you guys as well.

Paladin's HAVOC Public Shoutcast Server
192kbps / 44.1khz / 32 User Limit.
To Listen in:

It plays just random music, and occasionally i will be doing live broadcasts and taking requests smile.gif

btw, Paladin/Raeth are my aliases outside of this forum hehe.

Oh! Really cool!
Where can I send requests, and if you are, do they need to be in .ogg format?

Of course I'll be uploading some Number Girl and the Pillows. ;)
basically you'll hear me come on and start talking, and then you'll know smile.gif you can always upload them somewhere and post the link here, ill check periodically and add them to the queue (if i like the song) biggrin.gif if not it'll be added for a one time run.

I just remembered that this was for anime/game music. Goddamn.

put the katamari damacy ost up there (grab it from rei-chan)
Le Monkey
Is it just me, or dose this never work? Oo
I cant ever connect to it..
^Same here, what happened to this???
meh the bum isn't on irc atm, hopefully the next he's on i'll bug him.
Le Monkey
Just I havnt ever been able to tune in, even when it said there were peeps listening. Oo
Radio died a long time ago.

Not good on my bandwidth anyway while surfing the interbutts.
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