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Full Version: Steph's Art
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Of course, my first post would be in the art thread! lol! Hope you enjoy meh artwork. I take requests as well, but for right now, the only original FMA character I'm good at drwing freehand is Roy, 'cause he plays a huge roll in my FMA fan-fic, Road of Dreams. Anyways, on to the art!

Click Here
This is a character I made a looong time ago. I have improved greatly since then, so it's not my best work.

IPB Image
A little creature I made. Don't know what to call it.

IPB Image
My very first picture of Ed. I was looking at a piture of him that I found from a google search.

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My first pic of Roy. I also looked at a pic when I drew this. His hair is like that because it's so hard to see against the black bg behind him. You'll see when I put up the colored version.

Click Here
My first picture of Al. Not as good as I had thought, but it's fine with me.

Click Here
Gai from Naruto. Took me days to color his hair on the com. I can't color on photoshop/etc. for crap, so I gotta stick with paint.
Oh wow I love your Mustang one. The way its drawn it looks like he's melting into the paper lol I love it!

Nice job on your other art as well.

Nice, you definatly show potential. Keep it up, i like how you have all clean lines and such. happy.gif
Thanks. Actually, Roy kinda does 'melt' into the background. As said above, you'll see when I upload the colored version.

I've finally scanned some more pics!

Click Here
This is Roy from my fan-fiction, Road of Dreams. I think I could've done a bit better, but oh well!

Click Here
This is another pic of Ed. The black stuff on the edge is ink, 'cause my idiot brother bumped me when I had a pile of drawings and pop, and some ink from another picture bled onto it. T.T

Click Here
Kakashi Sensei from Naruto My first pic of him, and I think I did pretty good.

Click Here
First Pic of Gai from Naruto.

IPB Image
The cover of a Beckett magazine. I'm pretty happy with it, since it took me 3 friggin' days.

Colored pics coming soon! My colored pencils keep breaking in the sharpener! >:(
I love your Kakashi sensei!!

And, you did awsome job on that cover!!

Please post more!! biggrin.gif
Your works are so clean... So nice happy.gif I liked the magazine cover laugh.gif
I wouldnt have finished that.. I would have died trying biggrin.gif

My best picture ever ^.^ I'll scan a few more possibly tomorrow...
wow! these are amazing!
Very nice!! happy.gif
Looking forward to seeing more of your artworks!! biggrin.gif
I like all of them
Post more!!! laugh.gif
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