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Full Version: Eep Roy Mustang!
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i like that song.

does anyone else like that video?

isnt it cute?????

who sings it anyway? o_O;;

heh couldnt find one without the subtitles... hehe =)
still gotta love that face!!

S2 <3
here is a picture from the thing...
err sry about the texts. too lazy to upload the original one tongue.gif
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Chibi Viki
this is actually a song?! @.@
oh yeah! i just downloaded it a few days ago!
i think it a song from another anime
they changed the lyrics using subtitles, so you are supposed to sing along with the song using the their version lyrics.
in the subtitles, they replaced "Tama-chan" with "Mustang-san" etc. and something about fire and burning, changed the lyrics to relate to Roy
It's really cute and it made me laughed so hard

but it seems like your version is different to mine, my version is just normal subtitles
The song sounds vaguely familiar . . . sounds like something from Azumanga Daioh! But it probably isn't.

Really funny. I enjoyed it.
Chibi Viki
finally finished downloading it...

LOL! that was just so cute XD
Riza Babe
aww it was CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! i think maes daughter sang that laugh.gif
I'm waiting... it's.. still connecting!!
i am not sure but after a brief internet search, assuming that the name of the song is "Ganbare Tama-chan", i think that song is from Magi-Cu (Magical Cute), Bottle Fairy
Chibi Viki
i just wish they didn't put in the korean subtitle though... i could've joined the singing by reading the hiragana/katakana characters... >_<
Thats cute!I love it especially the song..My sister went mad about the song !I found the lyrics! ^.~
Ahh, I had a good feeling that it was sung by Momoi Haruko! laugh.gif
Chibi Reina
That's just too cute XD
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