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What do you think about the majority of covers? Many people here prefer originals of anime over their dubs, so how many feel the same on this subject? I was just curious because when I speak to certain people, they always prefer the orginal. I think that covers can be better than the original depending on who the artist is and who they are covering. I know I will probably get stoned (not on a good way by Mini) but I like the covers of I Fought the Law and Sympathy for the Devil by Green Day and GNR more than the originals. Blind Guardian's cover of Spread Your Wings is also pretty good. I prefer the Queen original, though.

Does anyone like covers or should songs be left alone?
Tribute albums are pretty cool in terms of introducing yourself to different artists. Each artist/groups have different styles/genres of how they play music.

So yeah, I'm for covers.

EDIT: Haha, Dave Chappelle much?
It does entirely depend on who's doing the cover. I am NOT for people who cover a song as their first hit just because they know it will do well.

Some songs, like 'My Generation' have been covered by a few people and some are good, in this case I like the Oasis cover.
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No stoning this time Slash. tongue.gif

It depends on the cover. I've found I do like some covers even though I tend to be a snob about such things. The Ramones do great covers of songs, for example they did a whole album (Acid Eaters) devoted to the songs from the 60's they liked.

There was also a cover of Smoke On The Water on the Point Break soundtrack done by a band called Loudhouse that I rather liked. Smoke on the Water was one song I felt should never be covered.
I love covers songs.
Avril should be shot for butchering Knockin' On Heaven's Door. I demand that she be shot.
QUOTE(Slashrose1010 @ Jul 12 2006, 10:27 PM) [snapback]421244[/snapback]

Avril should be shot for butchering Knockin' On Heaven's Door. I demand that she be shot.


Did she really? Wow shit. She's emo and an otaku.

Megaupload plz.
Here is the youtube video of her singing it:

It's not really a cover, per se, since it is the band except Freddie, but I don't like Paul Rodgers singing with Queen, lol. I watched a concert of them performing with him on TV before and he tried making everything sound more country influenced.
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QUOTE(Slashrose1010 @ Jul 12 2006, 07:27 PM) [snapback]421244[/snapback]

Avril should be shot for butchering Knockin' On Heaven's Door. I demand that she be shot.

And the video sucked too. dry.gif

Guns and Roses did a really good cover of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" back in the 80's. That was an example of a good cover, a band that takes a song and makes it their own. If someone is going to do a cover just because they like preforming that song and nothing else then why bother?

It's going to be much like someone singing it in a talent show.
QUOTE(Slashrose1010 @ Jul 13 2006, 08:20 AM) [snapback]421363[/snapback]

Here is the youtube video of her singing it:

It's not really a cover, per se, since it is the band except Freddie, but I don't like Paul Rodgers singing with Queen, lol. I watched a concert of them performing with him on TV before and he tried making everything sound more country influenced.

wow that song was just not good.
Carnal Malefactor
For me, a cover has to really add something to the original song in order to be worthwhile.
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Orgy does a really good cover of New Orders Blue Monday.

That cover is Mini-approved! biggrin.gif
Fayth Prophecy
I'm not that big on covers, unless the cover band ends up making a good cover by trying not to overdo the song itself. *I know, sounds confusing even to me.*

But mainly, if the cover is different and a good sound for the band, then I'll like the cover. Otherwise, it's just not me.
Some covers are pretty good, but they get old really fast.

Personally, I'm getting sick of hearing "I Fought the Law" over and over again by a million different bands. I like the song, but it's way overdone.
Believe it or not Avril did a cover of System Of A Downs Chop Suey. .__.; HORRIBLE. I wish I had a link to it.

But, I really like covers.
I love it when punkish bands cover really poppy songs and make it good.
Liiike, The Suicide Machines covering What I Like About You. It is so much better than any other version.
And also My Chemical Romance did an excellent cover of The Misfits Astro Zombies.

Overall, I do like covers.
I found a random cover by Nick Cave and Enya redoing Blue Oyster Cult's (Don't Fear) The Reaper. I like it. It is good in a different kind of way. It sounds a lot heavier and more goth influenced. You decide whether you like it.

Nick Cave and Enya - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Now THAT was an interesting cover, though Enya sounded a little too Amy Lee for me...shame as I usually like Enya so much. Still I enjoyed that.
I like very much the covers, Withion Temptation made!
Especially "In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated" (originally, it`s of "Dead Can Dance", if i don`t mistake).

Also Closterkeller`s cover of A-HA`s "Minor Earth, Major Sky".[109529]_03._Reghina.mp3 - Here`s only 30 seconds sample sad.gif

And also Closterkeller`s cover of Ozzy Osbourn`s "No More Tears".
I like the cover of the song The Phantom of the Opera that Malice Mizer did. Its a unique version of the song.....

Two Words: Limp Bizkit

Five More Words: The Who's 'Behind Blue Eyes'

One More Word: TRAVESTY

It's the only time I think I'e ever actually tried to rip my own ears off. Now I have no problem of him liking the Who, but MY GOD, what was the pile of trash he called a song? It had none of the original emotion to it, he cut out the best part of the original, and in its place he had that horrible techno voice crap. Damn, I just can't get over it. But more than Fred Durst, I feel the uncontrollably strong urge to lash out at the people who say his was better than the original. I think you really have to be retarded to think that.
Now if you want an interesting story about covers, the UK Christmas number one battle should be right up your ally

Read it Here
Little Washu
I used to like covers until I heard "Beat It", originally by Michael Jackson, emo-ed up by Fall Out Boy. He wasn't known as The Prince of Pop for nothing. Fall Out Boy just killed it D:
phoenix dying
Shinedown does a great cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Simple Man'.
The Foo Fighters - Baker Street tongue.gif


Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World.
As a massive Bowie fan, even I can say that this song was made for Cobain.

And also- Johnny Cash's version of Hurt is so much more poignant and meaningful that NIN's.

In my opinion smile.gif
I got another one. It's actually worse than Limp Bizkit, a LOT worse. Let's just say the Who made a little song called My Generation, pretty important song - well, forty years later, an "artist" called Hillary Duff decided to cover this song for her little Disney audience. Maybe they thought it would give her a little edge, but apparently the most famous line from the whole damn song "I hope I die before I get old" is a little TOO edgy for Disney. They changed the line, THAT LINE, to "I hope I don't die before I get old" WHAT?!! And that's only one line. Everything's terrible. It's crap. Makes me sick to hear it. Her stutter's horrible, there's no conviction in the delivery, and - damn them all - they took out the Ox's solo completely! AAAHHHH!!!
I tell you another cover that works though- Manson's Tainted Love biggrin.gif
I tend to strongly dislike covers because most are donely VERY Poorly (coughsherylcrow'sversionofsweetchildominecough) but few, VERY FEW (like soft cell's cover of tainted love, and Santana's black magic woman, so much so people think Fleetwood Mac covered Santana, when its the other way around,) but those are those exception rather than the rule, so BOOOOO!!! to covers, unless they're REALLY, REALLY good.
I hate covers because well they pay insult for those who worked hard to create it. Buyers can get judgmental sometimes . . .
some covers are alright

like the cover of Disturbia by The Cab
EniviD EiraM
I like Glee songs but I dunno if their songs are covers or rather the songs are revived ... anyway, Glee songs are cool tongue.gif
Lucky Lucy
I really like Nirvana's "Lake of Fire". "The Man Who Sold The World" is great too. It seems that Kurt's voice fits those songs biggrin.gif
I also like Fiona Apple's "Across The Universe" cover. It doesn't sound better than the original, obviously, however it's a good one.
Mihimaru GT's cover of "I should be so Lucky" sounds...a lot like their own style, which is great, because they've added their "signature" to it. And it's in Japanese. biggrin.gif
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