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Full Version: Crimsonthorn's Art
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Um..Well this is my first time drawing anything Full Metal Alchemist.....Well first time that I tried and really really like the pic. I tried to draw Al, but um...I had no pics of him from the side, so I really had a hard time drawing him, If only I had the Tee shirt before the plane trip! XD

Click here for Full Metal Pic

So um.....ya..
@Crimson_Thorn - Welcome to the Fanart forum!!
Wow, this is your first time drawing FMA characters??
I think you did really nice job!!
The way you did Ed's eyes, that reminds me of how Arakawa-sensei does Ed's eyes somertimes!!
I'd love to see more of your drawings!! biggrin.gif
Woooww... That is one good pic! And that's still your first? Wow, you've got a lot of potential!
Wonderful fanart! I love the song 'Breaking the Habit' and ever since I saw an FMA video on youtube with that song I have always thought that song fit FMA (Ed mostly) really well! How do you people draw so well?! I try to draw but I can't draw. I only have one picture of Ed that I'm proud of and that's about it...
your fanart is nice smile.gif
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