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Full Version: Silly's Fma Art
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Silly Penguin
alright, so far i only have 3 fma pics, (i only started watching a couple weeks ago)
so here
my first fma pic, sorry for the way it scanned, i ussed my hard cover sketchbook intead of my other ones
(bassed of my icon + another Ed pic)
IPB Image

Ed (bassed of my icon) that i did one night while watching Stargate XP
IPB Image

and my most resent one i did last night! happy.gif
now you try doing that with paint and a mouse @_@
IPB Image

oh, when i say it was bassed of a pic, it can eather mean i looked at it and tried to draw it close to exact, or i ussed it to look at for a base moddle for the pic. (and by that i mean i just look, no tracing, i hate tracing anyway blink.gif )
i hope to have some more pics up soon

and here's a few of my non-fma
Anime Dude
Stinkoman 20X6 (bassed off the the homestarrunner flash video)
i got board one day and made Kirby
Kenshin Himura Manga Style
Soujiru Seta
These are very good!! biggrin.gif
All your drawings have such a loveable style!!
I like them very much!! biggrin.gif
i adore them, biggrin.gif there so cute!
Is that a chibi of Ed because I really like it biggrin.gif
these are awesome possum! i like the 2nd one best! but all of em kick butt!
Silly Penguin
@ Tombow:
cool! thanks! happy.gif laugh.gif

@ HavocGirl:
happy.gif thanks!

@ lemonbuzz:
yeah tongue.gif thanks!! laugh.gif

@ Edroxmysox:
lol, thanks!: laugh.gif
Ed's #1 girl
I like them!!! They're cute!!![attachmentid=7371]
Silly Penguin
QUOTE(Ed's #1 girl @ Oct 22 2006, 12:18 PM) [snapback]463236[/snapback]

I like them!!! They're cute!!![attachmentid=7371]

Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
I really like the screaming Ed in the first pic! XD But I don't like the Ed with the deformed face. But I do love the coloring!
The chibi ed is so good, Nice work you are so talented
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