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Current Version: Pre-Alpha v1.2 (2 updates since release xD, that means 2 days since p-a release tongue.gif )

The "on-webpage" client doesn't work right now, download the client (and tell a friend to also) and make an account (tell your friend to also laugh.gif ), create room, start game.

It has (as of now):
-Working client to server connection
-Game waiting room
-Working Game Room Creator powers (double click to kick)
-Working chat and in-game chat
-2 character's gfx
-2 maps with gfx
-Health and Energy Bars
(please correct me if I'm wrong, what is the FMA's source of energy? Gate-soul-power?)

Attacks ARE NOT WORKING, Health IS NOT IMPLEMENTED (only energy is, because there's nothing else...)

Attacks are: A-kick, S-punch, D-transmutate (heal energy in my case), A+S-Melee skill (ed uses his metal-hand sword thing), S+D-Ranged skill (For ed, I found the sprite, but I'm not sure it was a real attack)

Shops+leveling up
- Shops sell "power jewlery" that give additional of some stat... and that's it as of now, suggest something!
- Leveling up, no doubt, levels up a certain stat permanently

Punch+Kick+Transmutate+5 skills
- So far, there's already Melee+Ranged skills, I'm planning to do "item spawning" and stuff like that
- Maybe more ranged skills
- different skills for different characters

More characters + maps
- Maps are easy to make, I don't need too much help, besides, I make up maps, I don't have to base it on anything, not even laws of physics xD!
- More characters, get me sprites please!

Etc. Suggest something!

What I need:
- Right now, I'm focusing on making attacks, so I need sprites... And all I have is the full set of sprites for Ed, and that's not enough for this game! I need sprites for Al (I have the GBA walk gfx for Al), Scar (I have something for him), Roy (if you can, my friend already tried), and others (like gluttony and lust, which I have, but I need attacks!) It'll be the best if I can get a sprite artist!
- More ideas!

Known bugs:
- When you move around, the other people move around 10 pixels out of place in the direction you are moving, and when you jump, same thing. I'll fix this problem if I know where the problem was in the code , the thing is, it'll be a huge problem for ranged attacks because when ranged attacks hit the wall, they go away, and if you jump and when you're coming down, the dood goes into the wall (down into the floor, basically) and the attack disappears on your screen, but on their screen it hits you (but it won't hit you because the "damage checker" will be on your comp) and you don't lose hp.

If you can find bugs, report them please.

Thanks so much for reading this xD! I hope you enjoy the... pre-alpha v1.2 and look forward to the game to be done! Testing right now has no limits, anyone can join. BUT when attacks+damaging is done, I'll put it to closed-alpha, when more stuff are done, open-alpha, then closed-beta when the game is complete, just need bug testing. Then open-beta, then release. Hopefully, all before school starts again! xD! (btw, I started this project around 3 days ago...)
Hey, I'll try the game right now, see how it is, and report back what I think wink.gif thanks for it^^
this sounds like it kicks the shit out of my game

you need to have a jump animation for ed and more frames of animation for it
i am not going to tell you about the lvl cause i know you are not done with any of that
Pretty nice but there are a few problems::
Like Ed-Elric said u need jump animation fro Ed & Al. Umm the shadows for both of them stay on even when they're jumping. They jump way too high/slow and also land way too slow.
The moves look good, and I think thats about it.
Thanks for the criticism biggrin.gif! So glad some of you looked at it!

Well, if I get more sprites/drawings/etc of them, I'll put the jump animation on. I actually wanted to do a jump animation :/.

And about the jumping too high and too slow, I thought so too. I'm gonna make them fall faster but the height, I don't know if I'll lower it too much because in this game, the maps aren't that huge and I want constant action, kinda. So, if they jump higher, they get to places faster and can keep on fighting. But I guess I'll lower it a little.

More updates coming. (But not today, because I'm going to be celebrating last day of school laugh.gif )
Well, I was planning to do this all by myself except for getting images, but forget that. I'm recruiting artists!

I'll be recruiting Artists, sprite artists and rippers to help me get images for the game.
Right now, I already have all the images I need for Ed.

If you want to help me and join my little group, be prepared to get these images: (I want full sets from one person, I don't want a sprite for walking and a drawn piece for fighting, it'll look arkward)

- Alphonse (armor version) (GBA fighting sprites needed or full set)
- Roy
- Scar
- Lust
- Envy
- Hughes ^
- Armstrong ^
- Hohenheim of Light * ^
- Alphonse (Movie) * ^

^=not required, best if you can get it though
*=bonus characters (not in choice, but if you choose Random char, you have a chance to getting it)

If you want to get recruited, leave a little message. I really need a team right now, but I don't want it too huge. And I basically need just images right now. Later on after alpha, I'll get a team to rip sounds. And it should be done.
yo thous are going to be a b*tch to get well most of them are

i figuer out realy the only way you can get thought sprites but if you do you might need to swith ed just so i twill look better but that is just me and i am not trying to tell you how to do any thing but the DS game has great sprites and if you can mange to get the FMA DS sprites then you can have pretty good sprites i think the DS has all the charters you named

if i can get some other charters would you put them in there too

and i have some expericane (i can not spell worth a shit) doing this so could i be on the "team"
It's a .exe file...

Sometimes, I hate my mac and it's incompatability problems.

But, then I hug it because it's just so adorable...

I hope that you'll get the online version running soon so that I'll be able to use it (and reserve my prized alias. I'd hate to be 'MonsterEnvy98' or somesuch.)
I'll be fixing up the online version, somebody on the other forums found out that hotkeys work on the client one :/, so if hotkeys work, it'll cause some trouble (rewind, fast forward, etc works... ctrl+r)...

And surely, ed-elric, you're on the team xD!

I'll be making a forum on the site so, we'll talk there, most likely. Hopefully, this gets bigger xD!

//ok, we got forums, chat there about FMAo
i tryed to sign up but it says "The confirmation code you entered was incorrect"

and i ask you why
QUOTE(Ed-Elric @ Jun 29 2006, 07:45 PM) [snapback]418187[/snapback]

i tryed to sign up but it says "The confirmation code you entered was incorrect"

and i ask you why

fixed it, it was a template issue.
Ill keep my eyes on it, it looks a bit too plain for me as of now, but i'll be sure to try it once you get the lvl and item shops done ^^

Btw, when would it be done?
hey i didn't try it out yet ( i will in a sec) but i am willing to be a sprite artist! uhhh i guess pm me if you want me to do anything?
still good biggrin.gif
Hey how do u supposed to download it from the website? It said "The page could not be found" When I tried... I would like to play >.<

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Looks cool! I registered on the forums, I'll download the game later, though, when I don't have so much homework! (gag)
Le Monkey
*Just noticed*
*Ish downloading now*
Ooooh...Can I help in any way? I don't know how to make games, but I can draw pictures. Here's my gallery, with my drawings.

And I tried to download the game, it didn't work... sad.gif
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