I had an idea for a Father's Day pic (to sorta go with a drabble I've written), and another of the FF.net authors, Sarif (author of "Fire And Light: A Sequel to Conqueror of Shambala"), aka sable-sama over on DeviantArt, very kndly drew this nice pic for me. It is Edward with his first child, Trisha. Here is the link:

Father's Day

Ed's got kind of a stunned look on his face, but I think first time fatherhood does that to a lot of guys. (In the fic, Ed is married to Winry, and they have a few kids. Trisha has inherited his talent at alchemy). Also take a look at that left arm, is Ed buff or what?

Baby Trisha: Daddy! What a big bicep you have!
Daddy Ed: All the better to hold you safe with, my dear. *snif* (did I really help create this beautiful child?)