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Full Version: Clothes, What Type (and Color) Of Clothes Do You Usually Wear?
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My style is my own. I don't follow others or magazines or 'whats in' types.
My shirts are rarely t-shirts. Their either blouses, v-necks, blouses, button ups, or collared.
They always have the whole punk theme or goth theme to it. Never preppy. I manage to make the preppy clothes I own look grunge tongue.gif .
My bottoms are either styled pants, business like pants, plaid pants, skinny jeans, tore jeans, jeans, skirts, plaid;chained;punk;school.
I rarely wear sweatpants... thats when i wake up in a VERY off day.

My colors are never really 'flashy'. Meaning 'colorful'.

Mines a mix with Harajuku meets grunge meets prep(ish) meets punk, meets goth, meets school girl (rarely).

I don't dress up to 'fit in'. I dress in my own way to feel good in what I'm wearing.
Uchiha Kimimaro
QUOTE(Ninie @ Oct 6 2004, 07:47 PM) [snapback]24159[/snapback]
Okay, what type (and color) of clothes do you usually wear?

(Yes - useless topic~)
i wear black clothes and other colors from hottopic
Well, I'd have to say anything. My colors and style vary from day to day.
Neon(: gotta love the brightness<3
I usually wear any colors but I hate anything beige brown or grey usually.
I hardly ever wear pants or shorts pretty much only skirts.
I usually wear long sleeve for some reason even when it's really hot in the summer bc I don't get hot easily xD
and I just like how long sleeves look better than short sleeves.
my favorite store is Hollister even though it's so expenisve but they just have such adorable things!! <3_<3
EniviD EiraM
I just wear anything that I like to wear tongue.gif

I'm usually in big t-shirt and shorts ...I usually wear black and I am uncomfortable with mini skirts and dress .... At night, I'm in big pajamas laugh.gif
I tend to wear blue jeans with band shirts or black mens shirts...most comfortable since they are big... and i"m not that small of a person... laugh.gif

I really like wearing my Detroit Red Wings memorabilia... when it starts to snow outside I just might take a picture wearing all my stuff... happy.gif
It depends on the day, but mostly, jeans (sweats, or flannel pants when I'm at home/in my dorm), a comfy t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt or sweat jacket.

As to the colors, I don't like neon, nor do I particularly like orange, brown, yellow, or even much in the way of white, and I'm not big on crazy patterns, but pretty much anything other than that goes. I seem to have a lot of blues and purples, and a good amount of green, as well.
von Hohenheim
Plaid shirts. Or sometimes ones with squares. Or nothing on them. I also like golf shirts. I like wearing drab colors like dark blues, gray and khakis. Sometimes red is okay, but I don't like gaudy, flashy colors.
QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Sep 10 2010, 06:35 PM) *
It depends on the day, but mostly, jeans..., a comfy t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt or sweat jacket.

As to the colors, I don't like neon, nor do I particularly like orange, brown, yellow, or even much in the way of white, and I'm not big on crazy patterns, but pretty much anything other than that goes...

This pretty much describes mine also. biggrin.gif
Kale Mustang
Dress code at work is casual, so I mostly wear jeans. Shirts range from short to long, formal or not, and all variety of colors (though I tend to favor blues, grays, and white). I tend to layer my shirts a lot when not wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

Sweaters also are a staple of my wardrobe as well as a variety of sneakers.

Occasionally, I wear a hat and scarf, but that's every so often.
I wear whatever I randomly grab out of my drawers. laugh.gif

Most of the time I'll wear random or cartoonish T-shirts (Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, tokidoki, The Office, etc.) and jeans, with my grey Converse sneakers.

When it's cold, I wear UGG boots instead of sneakers, and a wide range of crazy socks (my favorites are my black-and-white striped socks, my Murderface socks, and my ATHF socks XD). I almost always wear my Dunder Mifflin hoodie, which is falling apart due to being overworn. ^^;;;

When I feel like dressing decent, I wear black leggings with a dress, or a skirt (and a T-shirt). With that, I usually wear my tall fake UGGs, or those fancy flat shoes that always give me blisters.

As for colors, I always like to wear colorful clothes. Yet my friend says I always wear grey. I dunno. XD
Envy's Lady
I usually wear dark colours more often than not. I have golden blonde hair naturally and if I wear all white or all light colours I tend to look more washed out. Darker colours just contrast better with my hair.
i wear zip-hoodys, a t shirt and jeans

and i too dull? laugh.gif
I used to wore green-color shirts together with jeans/pedals and formal outfits. I also fond of wearing vest just to add some style :). I'm the type of girl who puts together dresses to make it better than it was before. I have a fashion sense :D.
I usually wear pink. Or green. Or purple. BLAH, I love colour!!! biggrin.gif
For me it nomaly Knee langth shorts and a short sleave shirt(i dont care what colour)
Jeans is an absolute must in my case. And I especially love blouses with a passion. Usually short-sleeved, but long, ending just below my knees and with a belt in the middle. :3 As for the colour.. Uh. Hang on. Green. Usually. Green, sometimes white or cream. XD
My outfits usually vary between casual, professional, and punk xD

Except right now, since it's so cold outside I've been left to a lot of sweaters and whatever other warm clothing I can find =,=
A Pierrot's Aria
I usually wear tunics (with a long cardigan on top) and jeans. smile.gif I like flat shoes, but I also like to wear big clunky boots (flat ones). laugh.gif

I usually buy black or very dark blue jeans, and my favourite colour is green, so I have quite a few green tops/tunics. biggrin.gif

Also, this is an accessory, but I always have headbands/Alice bands with little bows on. I have lots of colours, but I particularly wear green the most! My head feels naked without them!
Lucky Lucy
I usually wear blue clothes...that's my favorite color.
Anyways, for summer, I just love dresses and for winter anything fluffy would do biggrin.gif
I also like skirts and jeans...pleated skirts are my favorites, and also high-waist ones.
I really like 80's fashion biggrin.gif
At school, I like wearing something that resembles a Japanese school just makes me feel better biggrin.gif When I don't wear that, I wear cardigans.
I'm a mom and I work from home, so I usually wear stained pants and T-shirts. There's not much point in replacing the stained ones unless they get torn, because after one or two wearings they'll be stained like the others. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, and even with an apron they still get stained. I have some nicer clothes that I put on if I'm going into town to shop, and for church, but I don't wear them every day so they don't get stained as much.
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