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Full Version: Drama Cd Translations
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Found another link for the radio show! Not sure if it's the same as Mikage_Elric's find, but here it is:

Meanwhile, I'll be keeping an eye out for the translations. Having the radio show, but not knowing what they're saying sucks.
Japanese guys don't care about us, FULLMETAL FAN !!!

damn it
@Menelvir: Thanks!!! That helps a lot!! Nearly all the pages I had found and saved as fav. are now down >.<!!
QUOTE(FMA4ever @ Jun 28 2006, 11:50 AM) *
Cool! My computer is finally letting me download those Drama CD's faster. YAY! biggrin.gif

Does anyone know where to find Drama CD Lyrics? I've been trying to find some, but I've got nothing.

ohhh... where did you download it? and yeah... finding the translations is giving me a head ache!
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