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Full Version: What Song Is Stuck In Your Head Right Now?
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right now my song is "can't touch this" for some odd reason and i havent heard it in forever!! laugh.gif
I think this should be in the Music disucussion or Spam Zone.

I have Flash Gordon by Queen stuck in my head.
Carnal Malefactor
Something I'm writing...
"Ambition" by the Doves.
Alchemy's Lover
I have one of my own songs stuck in my head right now. It is call "My Children".
Ice Blizzard
The Six Flags theme dry.gif
"Living in the sunlight" by Tiny Tim sleep.gif
Dig by Mudvayne >_> I don't know why. I don't even like this band, but I was thinking about it since I was thinking about the time my friend made me listen to it... yeah... It will go away once I listen to something else, though.
Blue, by Aqua
Rich Girls by Gwen Steffani

I freakin hate that song.

Kryptonite by 3 doors down i love that song
Now, I have Hey There Delilah stuck in my head by The Plain White T's. It is a nice song, even though it is pretty repetative and simplistic. It is just appealing to the ears to me.
I have a Cher song in my head. I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up to an informercial that had Cher on it.

The song is If I Could Turn Back Time.

Celine Deon - My heart will go on (From Titanic)
The theme music to Pirates of the Carribean.

Don't Rain On My Parade is stuck in my head, probably cause my friend was singing it all day long.
The part in Samurai Champloo from the other night that goes "Jiwa jiwa Jin, Jiwa Jin"

The I Feel Pretty Song from West Side Story. biggrin.gif
White America - Eminem. @_@
The Ben Ten theme.
Ronaldo Rodregez
"Have a Cigar" by Pink Floyd. But I usually sing it in the cover by Foo Fighters.
Oh Yeah - The Subways ^^
Fayth Prophecy
Iron Man by Black Sabbath, which could be due to me practicing it for no real reason, but to show off to my dad...
ed's numbuh 1 fan
ahhh, Bratja. it's always stuck in my head laugh.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Regret by New Order. It's been stuck in my head since I head it on the radio last weekend. Damn earworm.
The Japanese Soccer Anthem. mellow.gif laugh.gif ph34r.gif
Trot Out The Dead by Hammers of Misfortune. This song is just so catchy and utilizes both male and female vocals well in this song particularly.
Fayth Prophecy
Forografia by Juanes, ever since I founf the lyrics in one of my notebooks^^
sen ed
'Human Behaviour' by Bjork.
Pirates of the Caribbean main theme
QUOTE(ed's numbuh 1 fan @ Jun 30 2006, 02:17 AM) [snapback]418430[/snapback]

ahhh, Bratja. it's always stuck in my head laugh.gif

That song is tuck in my head too.It's such a cool song, and sad.
Fayth Prophecy
Passion from Kingdom Hearts 2
I have Lean On Me stuck in my head ... That was like the school song last year and I have no idea why it's in my head ... blink.gif
A Dios Le Pido by Los Juanes...just the chorus though *_*
The song that's been stuck in my head for like a week is the one the gypsies are singing in the beginning of the FMA movie.(I dunno the name)
barnie theme song.......i dont know i just do..
I got "Kashmir" stuck in my head. Maybe just the beat.
QUOTE(crade @ Jul 19 2006, 06:02 PM) [snapback]423435[/snapback]

barnie theme song.......i dont know i just do..

try this one. this will help cure your illness.
(sing to the tune of the barney song)

I'm like you,
You're like me'
Let's go out and kill Barney!
With a shotgun, BANG!BANG!
Barney's on the floor,
No more stupid dinosaur!

now, that one's better.

I'm stuck on Can't stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I don't know why.
Franz Ferdinand - "Take me Out"

I hate that song
My humps

I hate that song, but I can't get it out of my head.
The Ceasars - "Jerk it out"

I hate the screeching guitar
Sakura Kiss. It's a good thing I don't understand the lyrics. I'd be singing instead of humming.
All I Need Is Love from the s-CRY-ed soundtrack #1

Its driving me crazy... wacko.gif
I can't get "Welcome to the Jungle" out of my head.

It's so addictive.
" Is it any wonder?" by keane
Fayth Prophecy
Buttons from PCD w/Snoop Dogg. It's on my MySpace and I can't get Snoop's rap out of my head...
I have 'Boom Boom Boom' by The Outhere Brothers stuck in my head o_o its just so addictive...
Ramones - "I Wanna be Sedated"
Shut me up, by Mindless self Indulgence.
"It's my life" by Bon Jovi... Someone put it on my iPod cuase they hate me...
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