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i don't know if it's been done here before, sorry if it was! but if you need a sig or avatar, just tell me what you need and i can make it for you! you should include what you want it to say, at the least. it doesn't matter if you have a pic or not, i can probably find one if you explain what you want. and if you want a specific font tell me, too.

Thread title adjusted. :}
@Petalchaser - I don't have a siggie request, but I just thought that you might like to consider changing the title of this thread to "Petalchaser's sig shop" or something like that (you can ask Mod-sama to edit your title) so that others will know from the thread title that this thread is you taking requests for sig from members, and not your requesting others to make a sig for you. happy.gif
smile.gif Your sig is wonderful. I might have a request, but I'm not sure right now.
EDIT: After reading Fayth's post: Sorry, I posted that five days ago and forgot I could edit... unsure.gif

Fayth Prophecy
@darker_element: Please try to avoid double-posting, as it is a rule^^
I have a request. does it have to move? Cause i don't want to have it moving. but i do have a request. here are the links and and and finally.... um actully just kidding..... um I want it to say "Michael Shanks is Dr. Daniel Jackson"or... a fools Paradise is another man's hell. and I want you to play around with the colors. if that is possible.
Heyla, can I make a request? Your work is quite good and I was wondering if you could make me a black and white Full Metal Alchemist avvy and signature...please sad.gif biggrin.gif
@Sacred_miko: Uh, Petalchaser hasn't been here for almost a year ,so I don't think she can do your request. You might have better luck at one of the currently active sig shops. ^^
Oh for real? lol Opps, thanks for telling me ^^ I would've kept checking back to see if they replied biggrin.gif Thanks again *Peers in the ocean of shops* I guess I'ma off to search for another person!

<Closing the thread due to the shop owner's extended vacation. The shop will re-open when the owner comes back. ^^ ~ Tombow>
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