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Full Version: Fma Chibi Stuff!
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i love drawing fma chibis. the normalish sized ed was my first fma fanart ever, and the semi chibi roy was my sceond. i hope you like em, cos i loved drawing em XD

alchemist x
Thats really neato. biggrin.gif
@metalsnogger - WELCOME to the board, and welcome to the Fanart forum!! biggrin.gif
Love your chibis!!
Those are all awsome!! But, I especially love the Roy one!! smile.gif
QUOTE(Alchey X @ Jun 8 2006, 03:19 PM) [snapback]408173[/snapback]

Thats really neato. biggrin.gif

thankyou tongue.gif

heres another oje, its just a bit stupid XD[attachmentid=5859]
^^ Hehe, that's a cute Ed!! I like it!! biggrin.gif
Wow, I like your style! I saw one of yours at deviantART, at 'Today's Favourites'. They're so different from the style of the original characters, but they're still just Ed, Envy and Roy. Great job, I'd love to see more!
I love the first one of Ed, the one you used for your avatar smile.gif
i love your style! its so neat! its bright and colorful, and wonderfulyl chibified! i hope you keep up the great work, you have real talent!
Your artworks are great. You have a unique style of drawing.
Awww their so cute! You have wonderful talent.

P.S. Welcome to the fourms. smile.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Wow! I love your style, its very unique!:)
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