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do I have to put all art in one topic? 0.0 anyways, I'm putting here my drawings.. I'm also working on a crossover doujin (no FMA used yet, though ^^), but I'll need to translate it into English..

oh, well, here you have two pictures.. please copy and paste ^^
(maybe I'll make a background for this one...)

I also need to finish a studying Edward.. you'll get it this week (I hope)

and oh, I take requests ^^ (because of lack of ideas and for the fun tongue.gif)

ciao, -Nailbiter
LOL! That Winry one is bloody brilliant! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with, Nailbiter.
looks really good, you are talented, Nailbiter happy.gif
looking forward to more of it wink.gif
yes, they look really good, Nailbiter!!^^

are you the one who argued much about GOd and the world?
uerhm.. yes ^^'
Good job! Though I personally don't like colored pencils, you have the talent for them...i'm more of a CG guy.
I can't see it. It says 'Remote Access to this object forbidden This file cannot be directly accessed from a remote site, but must be linked through the Brinkster Member's site. ' sad.gif((

did you copy and paste as was prescribed? tongue.gif

@Prinz Zoist: your *ggggg scares me o__o'''''
@Prinz Zoist: your *ggggg scares me o__o'''''

no, i am pleased to have met your person! laugh.gif

P.S.: Your signature is very interesting...
ow, yeah, I didn't think clear when I wrote that, and according to descartes, I didn't exist then tongue.gif

-that's not what the poor descartes meant though, but oh... XP-
QUOTE(Nailbiter @ Oct 7 2004, 07:52 PM)

did you copy and paste as was prescribed? tongue.gif

@Prinz Zoist: your *ggggg scares me o__o'''''

Yup sad.gif It's all properly done, still I can't see the pic sad.gif
>.< !!!

well, I guess it can't be helped... hmm, I'll try putting the comic and those drawings on my site this weekend....

oh, yeah, you guys can rate the lay-out:
it's made by my sister who also has the site

I guess I'll go translate the comic -.- (the dutch version can be found on up to 027.jpg , but its better if you wait till there's a understandable version XD)
RoyxRiza BigFan
looks like those early 90s style manga anime..hehe got potential, hope to see the doujinshis, the propotions look a ok for now
I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!!! Take a bunch of your favorite animes and draw a bunch of characters from them and dress them in Halloween costumes. I already did that last halloween and it turned out pretty good,then I lost it.^^ (Draw chibis)

I have a lot of fav characters 0__0'' -this is gonna be some job-

but, that's a pretty good idea smile.gif I'll see if I can find some theme where I can put some animes together.. i'm not sure wether I'll draw chibi's, but we'll see smile.gif

thanks! ^^
0-0'' ik can't find the delete-button, so I'll be double-posting..

I made a little drawing with water colours yesterday.. although it didn't come quite the way I wanted it to be:

(copy 'n paste)

(those legs are really weird XD)

and sorry that I haven't translated the comic yet.. >.< I'm feeling a little sick this week...
this is a nice drawing...!^^
RoyxRiza BigFan
you got a good strength in doing the background effect
I hate you! u can draw so good!!!
question: wht paper did u used to water colour?
not the right one: simple paper from the printer tongue.gif that's why it has such nice rimples (looks a little foggy)

but if I don't want that fog effect, I'll just use aquarelpaper of thick sketchpaper...

edit: made a non-FMA drawing today (sunday): (copy 'n paste lalala)
wow!! nice shading.
very well drawn^^^^, Nailbiter
thanx ^^

and today, I present you yet again a non-fma drawing (sorry, but don't worry, I'll try to finish up a studying Edward soon ^^)

(do the copy and paste ritual)

edit: I just found out that I have a few technical problems.. 0__0 I'll fix it later.. (I'm not at the right computer to do that)

edit2: fix~ed! ^.~ -dakki imitation-
wow this one looks nice too.. it's sanosuke, right?
yeah, sanosuke with his zanbatou--> zanza the streetfighter cool.gif

I really enjoy the style used in the rurouni kenshin manga, I think I'll be able to learn some l33+ inking skillz from it ph34r.gif


aww, someone maybe some requests apart from that halloween thingy? (I'm still going to do it... wink.gif )
RoyxRiza BigFan

just work on the face a little more! the propotions are great already!
nice.... how u draw so good?
I'm not that good.. still practicing a lot and getting frustrated with hands, eyes, proportions and whatever... though it's getting better lately.. guess it's because I practice more by drawing a fancomic (that demands discipline >_>), and I'm yet again studying the style of some authors.. right now I'm learing some from Watsuki as you can see smile.gif

new one made today:
the link wouldn't work.... sad.gif
muhu, I'm alive!!

the link didn't work because da brinkster was down... long ago... exactly around halloween, to be precise.. en this site was down too... so I went down to and didn't finish the halloween request... -long sigh-

anyway, boredom made me make this today:
don't take it seriously please XP it's just the tension before the translation of chap.42 en the fact that hohenheim has annoyed me up till now XP

so, haven't I done anything useful? well, you might click the banner in my sig to find out ^^ (put comments on the christmas cards and site here if you like)

~grtz, Nailbiter ph34r.gif
laugh.gif awesome!! the animation rocked. i'm impressed that you didn't use the eraser at all; i'd try making my own but that would involve struggling to draw lines with my spastic mouse XD

well, you actually can't see wether I've used the eraser or not..... I used it here and there when my mouse malfunctioned...

I feel like make making more ^^ (thizzisfun)

note: U.B.O= Unindentified Buried Object

lol, Niea_7 is cute ^^ :
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