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Title speaks for itself.

FMA: I've watched this series 3 times, not counting some of the scattered episodes I've watched 4 or more times.
Samurai Champloo: I've only watched this twice but some episodes, specifically ep. 1, I've watched 5 times.

That's all for me. I usually watch a series once, though a number of this Spring season's shows are really good, and I may watch again after the whole series is over.
I am the Only sister Elric
Wolf's Rain. I could watch that sooo many times! Itll be cooler when i watch it in english. oh and I would have to agree with you on the FMA thing i get yelled at for watching it to much.
Carnal Malefactor
I went through Texhnolyze 3 times to figure out what was going on.

Also watched Evangelion a number of times to sort through the many layers of meaning for a lot of the scenes.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I had to watch FLCL a couple of time to figure out what the hell was going on. I also have to finish re-watching Eva because I'm still a little confused.

Paranoia Agent is another one that is good to watch over because with Satoshi Kon you can't always figure out whats going on the first time around. I had to watch Perfect Blue a couple of times before I caught all the little hints of what was going on.
Wolf's Rain and Trigun
Lone Wolf
Definitely Wolf's Rain and Fullmetal Alchemist!
Pretty much my favorites.

FMA. If I ever go to check one episode for some small detail, I almost inevitably wind up snagged into watching at least the next five.

Fruits Basket. I swear, when I try to remember it, I think back on it like "Meh, it's not that great; it's gonna get old." Then of course I watch it and I get caught up every time.

Azumanga Daioh- at least the few episodes I have. Something about them is so re-watchable; and it's an awesome party anime.

I'd say Haibane Renmei, but I think that's best watched in slow, long spaces for artistic appreciation.
Rurouni Kenshin, just because I love it so much and Fruits Basket, since it´s my new addiction... laugh.gif
I am the Only sister Elric
Gahh! How could i forget TRIGUN?!!?!?!? Oh and fruits basket as well
It's one of my first animes that I luv to watch it over and over again everyday~!
Samurai Champloo, FMA, DBZ, DB. If i had to choose one it would have to be DBZ though
Kitty Alchemist
Fruits Basket
Wolf's Rain
FMA, Dragon Ball, Shaman King, and One-Piece
Ice Blizzard
FLCL....I didnt get it so i watched it about 5times
FMA, most definatly. Some inuyasha eps, too. I've also recently become addicted to Bleach... happy.gif
I would say Naruto or Hellsing.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I already watched half of the aired episodes two times. Then I'm planning to watch the whole series IN THE RIGHT ORDER.
Also, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Complete mind effing series.
I would say Fullmetal Alchemist and Loveless
I can watch InuYasha over and over again. I've already done that but to me it never gets old.

Also the same goes with Trigun. I like that anime as well.
ed's numbuh 1 fan
Fullmetal Alchemist (of course) and Trigun , oh and Furuba
Fayth Prophecy
FMA, NukuNuku, Naruto, Hellsing, or Girls Bravo.
FMA and Yu Yu Hakusho. biggrin.gif
-Fruits Basket smile.gif Shigure never gets old >:)
-I haven't even gotten close to finishing Naruto, but I'd watch it again.
-And Full Metal Alchemist is always worth watching twice wink.gif
-Not eaxctly done with Wolf's Rain either(missed a few eps in between), but I don't think I'll get tired of it.

Sailor Starlight
FMA, Trigun, Steel Angel Kurumi and Sailor Moon. But then again, I basically don't watch these all the time. But nevertheless, I probably wouldn't get sick of these in a hurry.
Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy BeBop! I could never get sick of them!
it would be fma and vandread and midori no hibi laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
FMA - I swear, I've seen ep. 28 over 50 times in the past week. laugh.gif The seires just has an overall tone that I love.

Fruits Basket - I don't have the last disk, but I love rewatching the rest over and over again.

FLCL - Always fun to watch. (Good for a rainy day if you haven't seen it before.)

Naruto - I've seen like the first 30 ep. and I rewatch them more than some other Animes.

Plus, my Wolf's Rain box set should be delivered sometime today or tomorrow and I'll bet I'll be hooked on that too. laugh.gif (Even though I've haven't seen any episodes yet.)
FMA and Peacemaker Kurogane.
Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. tongue.gif
Inuyasha or Eureka 7
The last three episodes of Samurai Champloo. I just can't get enough of how undeniably awesome they are. It's almost as if it was a movie made for television, split in three parts.

"Can you not see this box with the Shogun's crest?"
^ agreed. Esp that baseball episode too. Also, ouran high school host club doesn't get tiring after several repeats.
I would say Naruto, I like the themes, and it's also funny.
Ronaldo Rodregez
Bebop, Dokuro-chan, GTO, Tenchi Muyo, Amaenaideyo!!, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, Hellsing...

It's disgusting how much of this I watch, but after I watch it once, in a few months I get hankerin's.
Vampire Alchemist
I watch FMA over and over, the same for Chrono Crusade and Burst Angel.
I watched Fullmetal Alchemist so many times, but that's cause I got really attached! happy.gif
I also really like Gravitation and Loveless! (yaoi!!!) But they are both really good shows!
sen ed
FMA, S-Cry-Ed, Trigun, Paranoia Agent, Naruto.
HalfAsian Alchemist
FullMetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Fooly Cooly, Dragonball Z, I'd watch more, but I need more anime. sad.gif
Alphonse xOMGYAY
The only animes i thought were
worth watching more then
once were fma and Loveless i watched them
more times then i can count.
FMA, Fruits Baskets and Rurouni Kenshin. I've watched them so much suprised my dvds haven't broken yet.
well at least i have 4 anime i could stop seeing

1) wolf's very cool(3 times)
2) fma..i have see it 3 times
3) get backers...well aslo 3 times..what can i do!! i love this serie
4)full metal panic..jeje 2 times

well..hehe im adicted to anime!!
School Rumble, I need to download that anime again, I used to watch it a lot. and read the manga XD
Silly Penguin
definatly Full Metal Alchemist and Rurouni Kenshin
The Fairy-Witch Alchemist
The anime that I would probably watch over would have to be FMA since I haven't seen all of the episodes and it's
Samurai Champloo & FMA hands down. I can watch both for HOURS.
For me its gotta be Soultaker and FMP: fumoffu.

Soultaker was the anime that got me back into watching anime after i reached an age at which pokemon is retarded. And fumoffu is just too funny to not watch again and again.
fullmetal alchemist
hunter x hunter
school rumble!!
Fullmetal Alchemist, Kyo Kara Maoh and Onegai's just so cool!
Saiyuki Reload and Gunlock is awsome!! >< I love it.
Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon (sometimes I just have to watch it, but not completely. A few episodes, yes, but not all of them.) and Beyblade.
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