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Full Version: Chibis Of Ed
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IPB Image
Yeah, I know his pony-tale sucks. I forgot to put it in the scetch.
IPB Image
It should be bigger ><
A bunch of fangirls saw the other picture, and planned doing things to him, but then Al came, and they ran away. I guess he decided to just leave him there wink.gif
@Seamus - Welcome to the board, and welcome to the fanart forum!! smile.gif
Your Ed is so cute!!
I'd love to see more of them!! biggrin.gif
O.O CHIBIS! I <3 Chibis! Good job! Their so cute!
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Aww Chibis! Hopefully one day I will learn how to draw these myself...(lol) Anyways your's is awesome, I love the first one with him laying down, so cute!
Nice job
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Chibi! Chibi! They're adorable!
i luff chibis! These are good! keep it up!
Thanks, everybody. I really apreciate it [My friend says I'm obsessive about it, and stuff dry.gif ].
I can post more things that aren't fanarts here, right? Or is it for other places?
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Your greatly welcome, and I believe you can post other non related fma arts as long it is in your post smile.gif
Cool ^^
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Those are very nice and yet cute!:)
Oh, the kitties!! I like the one on the right bst!! biggrin.gif
All the chibis!! They're soo irrisistable and cute!!!
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