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Ouran High School Host Club (桜蘭高校ホスト部 Ōran Kōkō Hosuto Kurabu?) premiered April 5, 2006 on Japan's Nippon Television network. The series was directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido, while the character designer and chief animation director for the series was Kumiko Takahashi. It also features a different cast from the audio dramas, with Maaya Sakamoto starring as Haruhi Fujioka and Mamoru Miyano portraying Tamaki Suoh. Ouran High School Host Club finished its run on September 26, 2006, totaling to twenty-six episodes.
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List of Characters

Plot Summary: Haruhi is a poor tomboyish student at a school for the ultra-wealthy, able to attend because of a scholarship, and unable to even afford a uniform. One day, she stumbles across the decidedly peculiar but very popular Ouran Host Club. She tries to leave, but accidentally breaks a vase, and unable to pay for it, she's told that she'll have to stay and do odd jobs. That is, until they decide she would be more valuable as a club member. Not realizing she's female due to her appearance, they fix her up and give her a male uniform. She's an instant hit, so they decide to have her keep up the charade even after they find out the truth. Haruhi, being average almost to a fault, doesn't know what to make of the unconventional activities of the Host Club (or of the even more unconventional members), but having little choice, she plays along. Before long, real bonds are formed, friends made, and Haruhi finds herself accepted in a way she could never have been otherwise in this affluent school.

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, slice of life
Themes: bishounen, crossdressing, host club, male harem, parody, school, twins
Episodes: 26
Age Rating: Older Teen
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This kind of anime isn't normally up my alley, but. But after the 8th episode I just cant help it. Kyoya's smile just makes your heart melt doesn't it?
This anime is so endearing sometimes. Like a rich-bastards version of Fruits Basket. I agree with Thieves about Kyouya.

And I just have to say . . . Haruhi is such a conventionally unconventional girl.
I'm in LUV with Ouran Host-bu. I watch it everyday and I just can't stop!! >_<

The story really surprised me at the beginning. And instantly, I was obsessed.
Though in a way, it kinda seems that they poured their budget on the first three episodes and started to back off from there. Cause in the beginning, I prefered the anime. Now, the manga seems way better.

I really like the detailed backgrounds and the clear, simple art. (really different from the manga style;;)
It's just so beautiful!!

From the characters, Honey is just too much like Momiji from FB (fact that they even have the same VA), but his dark side is TOO DEADLY that I wub it~ The twins just amuse me with their tricks and schemes. happy.gif
Tamaki's personality is just too hilarious!
Renge on the other hand, is starting to annoy me everytime she appears....... dry.gif

I heart Ouran, such a wonder~ ^^
I haven't watch the anime but i have the manga volume 1. it's so cool! biggrin.gif
[attachmentid=6550]oooh. i LOVE Ouran .. .

it's SO funny. even though the plot is kinda pointless. It's SO good happy.gif
can't get enough of it! I wish the fansubbers could fansub faster O_o

hah! can't wait 'til episode15 comes out, rolleyes.gif

I love all the characters! x]

Tamakis personality is so funny. he's so silly,dumb and loud! but so sweet at the same time. - and I love his way with Haruhi. SO overprotective.

the twins are hilarious. it kills me everytime they flirt with Haruhi to make Tamaki jealous. And there way of making the girls shriek everytime they pull their Twincest thing! XD
, and I love Mori! He is SO nice;] *grrr*
tall&strong - *sighs*

and Kyoya. indeed, his smile really makes you melt.. he is so evil sometimes XD
and Hunny-kun! so kawaii! adorable little cutie!
I don't mind that he is so alike [in every way] Momiji from Furuba. Since I love Furuba/Momiji to! ^_~

can't get enough of Ouran High School Host Club. It's really one of my favorite anime so far.. biggrin.gif

Tamaki&Haruhi <3 ;]
Ouran High School Host Club is great. Soooooooooo cute!

Where do you guys see the anime? I only own the manga...
It hasn't been licenced I suppose there's no problem to look for it and download smile.gif
Lunar-Anime is releasing the episodes really fast...

I just started watching it three days ago, and I really like it! ^^
QUOTE(kittygirl @ Jul 16 2006, 07:25 AM) [snapback]422335[/snapback]

Ouran High School Host Club is great. Soooooooooo cute!

Where do you guys see the anime? I only own the manga...

I think that youtube has it.. but I'd dl if I were you. Since the quality can be very poor sometimes on youtube. Kasumi_lvgd is right. Lunar is fansubbing it fast,(yaay! biggrin.gif) go with that! ;]
Nice to see some FMA parody in Ouran.

Up till now, the anime is keeping a good pace trying to fit as many as possible into the 26 epi series. We won't see all the good stuff in the anime the manga provided, but it's interesting to see such a fancy-fied anime. The next epi that will come out is the Haruhi and Hikaru date one.... AND HARUHI DOESN'T LOOK GOOD WITH THOSE BIG PINK EARINGS!! >_< (it ruins her cute pigtail look! T^T)
I gotta say, episode 8 is still my fav. One main reason is Kyoya. I love the way haruhi said that that he doens't really gain anything from molesting her. Ahaha. And learning what s&m is.
aaah! that one is cute! one of my buddys showed me the manga, and i loved it. happy.gif
Haruhi is funny.
I just started watching this anime out of curiousity. Now I'm hooked tongue.gif It's soo cute! How often are the episodes release? I can't wait to see ep. 16!
Up till now, Lunar is the fastest subgroup for Ouran Host. The anime is aired every Tuesday while the sub comes out around the weekends.
Ahh! I didn't even know this thread existed till now. I love this anime. I'm freaking crazy about the Hitachiin twins and Kyouya. Ep 17 was my favorite Kyouya experience smile.gif. That was my fav chapter with Kyouya in the manga. But this is another one of those animes where I like just about every main character. I'm starting to love Renge more and more. She has the most pimp entrances I have ever seen. I need a platform like that. tongue.gif
I need to watch episode 19.... o_o Lunar hasn't released in a few weeks. Seems like one of the subbers is moving into a new house.
I started watching Ouran High School Host Club, and I was immediately hooked!!!!!!!!
I like all the characters except Renge. She annoys me. -.-
My favorite characters are Nekozawa and Hikaru. They're so cool. Even though I like the anime, I prefer reading the manga. But yeah, Ouran High School Host Club is frickin' awesome. XD
^DustStorm - Hikaru and Nekozawa are my favorites, too! But o' course can't forget that without Kaoru, there wouldn't be Twincest. >.>

I found a bunch of Ouran anti-drug banners. If you take, remember to credit This wonderful person

Link to banners
One of my favorites! It has that fun lightness similar to Fruits Basket, but has more comedy and funnier characters. (IMO)

It's so much fun for me. ^_________^ I LOVE it.
Twincest is scary! I am a twin and even hearing about it always makes me shudder.
I decided to catch up on some Ouran that I missed and I think I just split a rib. Never has there been an anime that makes me lol through the entire series. I'll be really sad to see it end, but this one anime I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again. At least I found something to do when I work 3rd shift tomorrow.

Kyouya/Hitatwin's FTW!!!

EDIT: mad.gif I'll pop a cap in Lady Elair and Granny's ass!
The ending was touching^^
QUOTE(edsgirl @ Sep 30 2006, 12:14 AM) [snapback]453145[/snapback]
EDIT: mad.gif I'll pop a cap in Lady Elair and Granny's ass!
I hear ya, Rainy. At least Granny's useful in building Tamaki's tragic past and makes the contrast to his current attitude all the more striking...but the girl...ick.

Then again...[spoiler]she's making Haruhi re-evaluate her relationship with Tamaki! She's getting Haruhi jealous! ohmy.gif[/spoiler]

I don't want it to end, but to have it drag on forever and ever would be even worse. At least there's still the manga. happy.gif
Sharingan Serpent
I like the anime, it made me laugh, I like the twins their hilarious laugh.gif but I like Karou more laugh.gif
I just saw the last episode. Great ending! Of course it wasn't as lol as the other episodes--the humor was toned down a lot--but it's fitting. I loved Kyouya before, but now I love him even more! <33

The series was nicely wrapped up, but not so much that there's no hope for a sequel or some other kind of follow-up. One can only hope!
There just 26 ep right?
Yes! Ep. 26 was recently released by Lunar.
happy.gif yes, I'm happy lunar did this one^^ I will actually put this anime up front. and how much of the manga???
I think there are 28 chapters out...I'm not sure, though. I think I saw some sites that have chapter 40-something but not any of the chapters between 28 and 40-something, so I haven't bothered getting that 40-something chapter. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong--I'd love it if there are actually more chapters out right now. happy.gif

EDIT: Volume 7 (chapters 28-31) is available! ohmy.gif
thank you mei^^

Wow! What a good ending. Take that Lady Eclair and Granny!! I hope that burn felt good! I got a little choked up, and that hasn't happened since Grave of the Fireflies. I just don't want to see it end, but at least we still have the manga! That's it! I need a Kyouya siggie to stare at when I come here.
Aw, Ouran's finished but what a great ending! I'm surprised they fit all that into just one episode.
Arg!!! I want this torrent to be done now!!!!!!
Ouran is soooo funny. Hunny-Sempai is my idol!

I like the artwork of the anime better, but the manga is better written (even though the anime is very faithful to the manga). Bisco Hattori's extras in the manga make me laugh so much that my belly aches!
Blah. It ended. It was coming sooner or later...but I reeeally wanted it later. Nevertheless, I liked the way it ended. Meanie Lady Eclair (isn't that a pastry?) got what she deserved >D I was hoping for a kiss between Haruhi and Tamaki, too tongue.gif Asking for too much I guess.

...did anyone else tear up?
I demand OVAs !
The ending left a little more to be desired for me. However, I don't think they could have wrapped this up any other way. I am still interested to see if [spoiler]Tamaki will actually get to meet his mother someday.[/spoiler]
I suppose that'll probably be placed in the manga or in another season, if they decide to do another.
I just watched the final episode last night, and it almost made me cry. Its just one of those animes that has every genre one could usually expect in an anime; humor, romance, a bit of action...
Ouran is my favorite anime by far!

its so random its great, and then u get so attached to the characters!

i cried at the end it was so sad, poor thats an oximoron haha

hey does ne1 know if they did a continuation of this series cuz i always wanted to know who Haruhi ended up with.

OH well lulz!
Too bad the series ended with only 26 episodes. They also left some cliffhangers for the viewers too.

Overall, the series was really good.
and....I could finally tell which one was Hikaru and Kaoru tongue.gif

Let's all pray for a 2nd Season...O_O
My Anime Club actually showcase the whole season. Hilarious. Actually got some of the music lodged up in my brain.

And of course, its always nice to tack a romantic comedy at the end of a list of dark and philosophical shonen series when writing off favorites.
This was a lovely little series. Normally I don't like romantic comedies that much, but something about this just worked, mostly with the blatant mockery of the rich/fangirls, not to mention the digs at fandom in general.

The episode with the yakuza guy getting 'made over' was hilarious. When Renge claims "at last a 'real' one!" [spoiler](Kasanoda can't tell Haruhi he likes her without giving away her secret, causing the customers to assume he's gay - and promptly fangirl about it) [/spoiler], you just know someone is behind the scenes sniggering at us slash fans.

Tamaki irritated me at first, but I got used to him being so totally oblivious - in the end, the joke's on him.

I got to the end of the series and *still* couldn't tell on-sight which twin was Kaoru and which Hikaru.
I heard this was an excellent anime.
I have to watch it.
Or read the manga.
Or something. huh.gif
yUme Of LiGhT
LoL..this anime makes me laugh a lot..especially when Haruhi says "rich bastards"..and the host club are so cute..including Haruhi..she's my fav character in there..
Elise Elric
I am ADDICTED to this anime. I love it! It's so cute! I just started watching it the other day out of curiosity and now I can't stop!
ahhh ouran :]
this anime is completely addicting...and Tamaki is so adorable it's not even funny!
((well...maybe i little lol))

i finished watching the anime around november...but i'm getting into the manga. i enjoy the manga more...probably because it has a lot more detail to it.

but it's a MUUUUUUST see.
I'm really addicted to Ouran, but I've only watched, like, the first three episodes. I've read maga 1-5, though. It's my favorite anime now I think (I don't usually watch anime, but my friend's brother convinced me to watch it). Hunny is so amazing!
Amethyst Sunset
Finished the anime not too long ago. happy.gif It was a nice ending, though it left me wanting more. I'd like to know what happens to Eclair next...and if Haruhi will really be staying with the Host Club and continuing to masquerade as a boy...

Anyone know where to find good scanlations of the manga?

Oh yes, Kyouya is my favorite host. biggrin.gif Although Tamaki comes at a very close second.

TamaHaru FTW. <3 XD

ETA: July 24
I'm so sorry for the double-post...but I must bump this thread with an important Ouran-related announcement...


By Funimation! XD

And since they have proven their worth with the excellent FMA dub (among others), I am curious as to how this will turn out. It will be released in 2008, btw.

<That's what we call "double posting with reason." ^^ Posts merged since the thread got more reply posts. ^^ 07/24/07 ~Tombow>
FunI working on another BONES anime, eh? XD I have a suspicion that the voice actor of Winry, Caitlyn Glass, will be casted as Renge.


Anyways, I've fallen in love with Ouran. <3 I underestimated it at first, but realized "hey, this really IS good. o.o" The twins are hands down my favorite. The two of them are just so awesome. I hope they find a good voice actor for them, because I just love it when they talk in unison and hope whoever gets casted as them can bring the same feel for scenes like that.
A long time ago, a friend tried explaining it to me, but what I imagined was A LOT different from what was in the manga. So also a while ago, I borrowed her number 1 and began it, and liked what I read, but returned it without finishing it. Recently, though, my friends all have been getting hooked on it, and remembering my short-lived fondness of it, I recently purchased number one, finished it, have read number 2 and have kept going, and I really like it! I'm sad, though, that I hadn't gotten hooked on it the first time.

WHOOT for FUNimation!

Hurray for the twins! Also my hands-down favorite! We need more twin fans. I would also like a good voice actor for them.
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Jul 24 2007, 04:11 PM) *
FunI working on another BONES anime, eh? XD I have a suspicion that the voice actor of Winry, Caitlyn Glass, will be casted as Renge.


As long as they don't use Vic. Guy who did Roy could pull off a good Takami I guess. Hughes dude can be Haruhi's dad, just for laughs.

I'm thinking it would be an average dub in all. Nothing bad but nothing great. I just can't see American accents pulling it off well. The Japanese was fine because I have no idea what an eloquent accent sounds like in that language but American accents (especially the ones that crop up in anime) sound to run of the mill. You really need some posh New England accents or Upper class London accents (like our very own Chiyo's)

Jamaican accents will be fine though...
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