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Full Version: Edward-'s Art ^w^
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Hi i hope no one minds me having my own little thread thing with my art. smile.gif
Mine aint that good so watch out unsure.gif

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

I put my art work up on Deviantart.
If anyone wants to look at the other things ive drawn their here
You can request if ya wanna wink.gif
Hope everyone like them ^^
@edward- - Congrat for opening your own art collection thread!! biggrin.gif
I love your Ed pics, especially the first one with collection of Ed drawings!!
And, your Winry + Den pic is very lovely!!
I like it very much!! happy.gif

(BTW, the second pic is bit oversized to be posted as image, and it's stretching the forum page sideways. Could you kindly change it to posting plain link, or to using the attachment?? Thank you!! happy.gif )
I love all of your work! They're good! Really! I like it! ^^ Congrats too ya!! ^^
Cheez_n_ Maeve
very good. you might want to work on proportion and the movement of clothing and hair. Otherwise very good.
i suck at painting.
And please dont bug me about his hands i know their way off!!
IPB Image
As Tombow said, your pics were stretching the thread a bit. This one is stretching it a lot. Please link to it or make it an attachment or resize it so that it doesn't stretch the page.

Actually, I like your painted Ed better than the other two... they were good, but the foreheads were a smidgen high.

I wub.gif the Winry, though. You drew her very nicely and in your own style- it seems as though too much FMA fanart is simply based on making the characters look like they do in the manga/anime, and not enough people represent the characters in their own styles...
QUOTE(edward- @ May 19 2006, 04:03 PM) [snapback]397795[/snapback]
i suck at painting.
^^ @edward- - No way!! You're very good at painting!! Thta's a nice painting of Ed!! I think it's showing the strong charcter of Ed nicely!! smile.gif

Oh, and when you have a large pic like that, could you post it using attachment function, OR, you can post the link, not the pic itself, like this:
and that way the oversized pic wouldn't strech the forum page sideways. smile.gif
ok all my pictures have died so i'll stick them up again. Be nice tongue.gif
Click them to see tham nice and big! smile.gif
Theyre older pictures and ive improved since then.
@edward- - Thanks for reposting some of the ones that got lost!!
Oh, and, I really like the last one!! I think it's very nicely done!! biggrin.gif

(BTW, next time, you can edit that into your privious post. happy.gif)
This is naruto.. I painted him. <3 hes soo cute!
I admire your coloring skillz
ohmy.gif Wow, I love your paintings! Keep it up! Can't wait to see more. happy.gif
ohmy.gif Man! You rock! I envy the way you color! I can't color half as good!
Wow, that is a nice Naruto painting!!
I agree with Untitled!! I love the way you color!! happy.gif
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