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Full Version: Episode 13 Versus Episode 37
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I say 37, it centered around the characters that didn't get much attention (Armstrong, Roy's subordinates) and it made me laugh much more than 13.

Which did you prefer?
both are equally funny... but i prefer episode 37 a little more, since Roy Mustang was the main feature there... XD
in episode 13, i like the parts where Roy fought with ed (he almost won =( aww~) and when hayate peed in the office...
37 wins by several miles.
Episode 37 is the funniest episode in the whole series!!
13 has some serious parts so it's not entirely funny, like 37 is.
Wow, I think that we have a unanimous opinion for once. Shocking.

Again, 37 wins easily. 13 was way too jokey and silly, and then tried to further the plot. Ick.
37 all the way!
I love the two little stories, Havoc really cracked me up! laugh.gif And then he stayed like that throughout the entire episode.
I like 13 out of a fangirlish piont of view (Roy fighting and ofcourse the miniskirts laugh.gif) But overall I like the 37 better
Ah no... you're making my brain hurt. laugh.gif

I say.... ummm.... ummmmm........... yeah, 37.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
37 by a landslide. biggrin.gif

While 13 was also really funny the whole thing with Armstrong in drag puts 37 way ahead.
Wait, episode 13 is "Flame vs. Fullmetal" and episode 37 is "The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Leiutenant, & the Mystery of Warehouse 13," right??

Let's see...
Yap, ep 37 by landslide!! That whole Havoc - Armstrong's sis story is a FMA classic, IMO!! biggrin.gif
Emerald Alchemist
I agree with everyone who said 37.... It's funny! laugh.gif

13 is funny as well, just doesn't measure up though.
37 was funnier, hands down!
Weapons Alchemist
i have no clue what the ep is but i would know it, someone please tell me
@Weapons Alchemist -
Ep 13 - "Flame vs. Fullmetal" and
Ep 37 - "The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Leiutenant, & the Mystery of Warehouse 13"

If these titles do not ring the bell, then you can read the episode summary
(scroll down, and click on episode 13 and episode 37.) biggrin.gif
Weapons Alchemist
QUOTE(Tombow @ May 18 2006, 03:57 PM) [snapback]397020[/snapback]

@Weapons Alchemist -
Ep 13 - "Flame vs. Fullmetal" and
Ep 37 - "The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Leiutenant, & the Mystery of Warehouse 13"

If these titles do not ring the bell, then you can read the episode summary
(scroll down, and click on episode 13 and episode 37.) biggrin.gif

Oh....thanks Tombow, i i know what the ep is just not the number. Hmmm its so hard to choose there both sooooo goooood unsure.gif
37 is teh' best! 13 was good too (I loved Al keeping the kittie in his armor! So cute!) But episode 37 gave attention to the character we don't nomally see! (Who doesn't love seeing more of Roy's subordinates!?!)
Fullmini Alchemist
Yes 37 is much funnier than 13. How did those guys make it into the army? laugh.gif
Ep. 37 for me, because of the whole sequence concerning Amrstrong's rather strange family.
My, my, episode 17 has no votes.

Oh well, Iīll go with episode 37. Itīs very easy to make me laugh so 37 made me crack. Seriously, my parents came to my room because they thought something was wrong with me. Canīt blame them.

But episode 13 was very good too. I liked the Ed doll when Ed and Mustang were fighting.
Aww man..

Ever since I watched them on You-Tube, I love both of these episodes..

But I'll have to say.... episode 37... poor poor Havoc laugh.gif

And the story of the mysterious 13th warehouse was sheer brilliance ^^
I agree with Becca-chan(and basicly everyone else.). 37 was better.
I love 13, but my fav is 37 ^^

It's just too funny xD It was brilliant, to gather all those Gaidens in a single episode *_*

37 is pure crack ^^
Well....this is cruel! You just happened to pick my two favorite episodes to compare! Hmm....I suppose I'd choose 37! For two reasons. One because I love Roy and an episode revolving primarily on him is genuis! Also, I have seen 13 so many times becasue I have it on DVD I watch it almost everyday!
Nobody likes episode 13 including me...

37 was classic. We had to get a break from Ed&Al for once..

absolutely 37.
i couldn't get that picture of havoc thinking out of my brain for days!!
13 was very funny until the ending then it got serious. 37 was goofs all the way through.
I voted for episode 37. I liked it better than 13, but not by a lot.
The moments with Havoc in episode 37 were priceless. laugh.gif
37 was hilarious! laugh.gif I really loved it!!!!!!!!!!! tongue.gif

13 was more like action though not comedy....tongue.gif
37!! 13 wasnt THAT funny to me..
Amethyst Sunset
Let's put it this way - 13 and 37 were both funny and if you put them together you get 1337. L33T. XD

Ep. 13 got very serious near the end, and had several serious moments that opposed the hilarity, which means it was all canceled out, which was a shame because it would have won over 37 with the miniskirts, Roy dancing with dogs, Al's kitty fetish, and the duel between Ed and Roy (which, I might add, is a gem for either yaoi/shounen-ai buffs or Roy vs. Ed rivalry junkies like me). Plus, it gives us a chance to see the two most popular characters of FMA duke it out and see who's better.

However, ep. 37 was pure hilarity, and if there were some serious moments, they were probably overcome by the funnies such as Armstrong's family, Havoc's date, Black Hayate, and Roy absolutely goofing off. On the funny scale, ep. 37 would really beat 13 by a long shot. It also focused on characters who don't normally get a lot of attention in the series, like Havoc, Armstrong and just about all of Roy's subordinates.

I pretty much just summarized everything, didn't I? XD

But both episodes are great. They're my top two faves.

QUOTE(Melydragon @ May 23 2006, 06:40 AM) [snapback]399580[/snapback]

My, my, episode 17 has no votes.

Well, technically, we're comparing 13 and 37, but you have to admit, episode 17 (House of the Waiting Family) was also hilarious in a way, but there were some dramatic moments too. Also one of my fave episodes - and I'm sure EdxWinry fans will agree. wink.gif
37! what with the havoc fiasco and all. hahaha.. pomato! and that "stakeout" for the warehouse where mustang b*tchslaps fuery on the head.. classic. XD

13 is funny with roy's miniskirt dream and the black hayate bit, but roy was being a bit emo at the end and the last scene gave the royed shippers something to dream about... so there.

however, who here agrees with me that both eps didnt have enough royai? (does any ep ever? tongue.gif)
Barrythechopper rocks
37 by several miles! It was pure comedy and gave us a break from ed and Al and all the seriousness. I loved how Havoc was shot down by Katherine and how his face was all weird throughout the entire episode. That was my favorite episode. Everyone needs a funny break from seriousness at some point. But 13 was also funny at some points like Roy's miniskirt speech. laugh.gif
Gah... My two favourite episodes XD But I say 37... Just because it's exactly how Mustang's office is. Completely insane... But they're my favourite bunch of characters too so that helps.
37. xD It was awesome.
Episode 37!!!! I almost died of laughter when I watched it. I thought the funniest parts were when Havoc was writing in his journal, and at the end when Mustang and everyone else find out that Black Hayate was burrying the bones in the ground laugh.gif .
Triss Hawkeye
37 was the best!

Roy's procrastination....window cleaning, there's something I ought to try when I want to put off something important! And poor Havoc - bet he can't wait until Roy and Riza are a couple, means he'll be able to keep his girlfriends once in a while. And Riza's dog burying the bones was hilarious - although I have no idea why the colonel thought it was a human bone. laugh.gif
Not even Roy is an alknowing person...

37 all the way!
That episode is hilarious. And it isn't Ed who makes the funny moments.
You really get to see the other side of the military.
Normally they are all serious but now: XD
And Furey was cute. =3
Amaya Hawkeye
I love 13 to death, but I do have to say 37 is much funnier. I remember seeing 13 then talking to my cousin and saying that 13 is the funniest episode ever and he said "no its not, just wait" and then when I got home I was watching the rest of the show and I noticed it got progressively more depressing and I was like "how is it gonna be funny?! What was he talking about!? then I saw 37 and laughed myself silly.
Mind Alchemist
37 definatly funnier, got most of my fav charaters in it.
I totally confused myself on the "funniest episode" thread. So the assesment is a different episode, hmmmmm. I really cannot choose. I know that ep. 37 I can was independetly (sp) from the series, whereas ep. 13 gives us insight into Mustang and the Ishbal "rebellion."

Soooo....I'm undecided.
If you think about it, these two episodes are almost identical. They both mostly revolve around Mustang and his team. In each of them, there is a small shot of drama around Mustang :in thirteen it's when Mustang's flashes back to where he kills an Ishbalan; in 37 it's when Mustang stops at Hughes's house. Both of these episodes give Black Hayate most of his air time. Though both are comdies, neither end on a high note.
But I would say 37 is funnier, mostly because of how Mustang gets so pissed off at his team's "Warehouse 13" business.
Still, to me, the funniest point in the episode, perhaps in the whole show, is where they're all digging furiosly for the dead soldier. Then the dog walks by, minding his own business, burries a bone, and then walks away. Everything is quiet as Mustang just watches the dog walking away. Then he just turns back, not helling, and mutters: "Well I can't say I expected that."
seen and hefted
of course 37 is funnier, and the run needed it at that point...but 13 is ridiculously better. 13 puts together everything that made fma good. ambush comedy, massive pathos, and not only character exposition but also character development. anyway i'll tap out now.
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