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Full Version: Question About Morphine
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I've been working on a fanfic which calls for Winry to inject Edward with a drug which will ease the pain of an automail sugery, and put him to sleep. At first, I was going to use morphine, but then I remembered it's only an analgesic (pain killer), which doesn't cause sleep. It just eases pain so sleep is possible. I did some looking online, but couldn't find the information I needed - maybe I punched the wrong words into the search engine.
The ideal drug - I would need it's generic, (not brand) name, would also lower Ed's inhibitions about speaking honestly to Winry about his feelings for her. So for a bit I was thinking about scopolamine. It's most often used as "truth serum", but I think it's also used as a sedative. I just don't know if it's also an analgesic. Advice appreciated. Thank you.
Ummm... a fanfiction with an author that gives a damn about facts? Doesn't that vi0late the definition, in a way?

Really, you could just use morphine. It'd make more sense to your audience, and no one would really mind. You could also just call it a 'relaxant' or 'pain killer.' It doesn't have to have some wierd name, even to make it more realistic.

Sodium pentothal is probably what you're thinking of.

i don't think most people will associate morphine with 'truth serum'
Novacaine is an anestic. Also (spelt phoeneticly) Cue-rar-ee, possibly spelt Cuariee, Clorophorm or Ether were other ways to induce sleep/pain killers.

Morphine is used for procedures profromed on concious paitents.
OK, I'll just go with morphine. If anyone notices, I'll just plead ignorance. laugh.gif Anyway, it goes with the chapter title "A Cure for Pain". Which is also the title of an album by a really good band called Morphine (R.I.P. Mark Sandman. sad.gif )
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