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Full Version: What Is Good Crossover Candidtae For Fma ?
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Ok, I don't know if this actually falls under this catigory but if it does then good! And sorry if it doesn't T.T I don't like confrentations....

But anyway,

What are the best/worst FullMetal Alchemist crossover fanfics whatever...? What are your opinions? What crossovers haven't you seen? Stuff like that!
This has scared me:

Envy: You'll DIE Fullmetal Pip--

Zatch: Hey, are you a mamodo?


FMA/Zatch Bell
FMA/XXXHolic is pretty awsome.

Since XXXHOlic uses the equivalent exchange thing and all. (but they neva say the word, they just go, "Everything you want comes with an equal price or I shall grant your wish, but you must pay an equal price.") XXXHOlic is also a crossover with many other CLAMP titles, so the crossovers with XXXHOlic works best. It's full of suspension, so FMA kinda fits.
For some reason what comes to mind is >>;; harry potter... (you know. al-harry, ed-ron, winry-hermione) or something....idk. that's what comes to mind when I think of trios. (and it doesnt work for fruits basket)

you know what would work? anyone know the jak and daxter videogames? ed-jak, winry-keira. both females are mechanics! oh em jee...


ok. I'm done ._.;;
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