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Full Version: What Kind Of Fan Are You?
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The random alchemist

I an A-3 B-5, though sadly I live in the middle of nowhere in Canada so the only merchandise I really can get is the DVD and manga volumes sad.gif I also have the book "The art of Fullmetal Alchemist",

I'm hoping one day to get a paypal account and buy my dream figure of Gluttony :3
I am an A-4, B-1 type of fan.
Mind Alchemist
I'm and A4 B1, i don't own and fma merch plainy coz the don't really sell it where i live, i just have a couple of manga chap's which i downloaded of the net.
A5, B1.
I am like an A-2, and B-3.
A-5 B-0, unless you count the manga as merchandise.
Nevermind, now I'm A5, B2. I spent 50 bucks in a day.
I'm probabaly an A-4, B-2.
Im like A4 B2...I do own the that merchendise?
a crazy one i think !!!I'm sooo fan of this manga !! laugh.gif
Hammer Of The Gods
A3 Somtimes on televison and sometimes on the internet. I've seen every episode.

B2 I just orderd the limited editon version of the movie. cool.gif
A-5 and B-1 :]

i dont like to collect stuff but watching is pleasure for my eyes so its all good
A3 B1 !Oh !Look !I'm not da only one !! ^^Lol^^
Actually i'm kinda a crazy one XD I've watched the movie like 10 times and i'm still not bored, i'm still crying when i look at the last ep !°°<3 FMA°° tongue.gif
i've RE-watched episode 1-51 2 times (am i crazy ?) And still... no matter how much i look at it the suspense is still like this: OMG !WTF !OMFG !wWatch out !*snif !No !Dont do that ! wacko.gif ME Chibi_Girl29 am a LOYAL fan of FMA !It's been 1 year since i've known FMA the manga and the anime (i know that some people know fma and became a fan before me) I lOVVE FMA !! wub.gif

Yes I am a All time "Otaku"
A4 B3.

*sigh* Spending my money on merchandise will be the end of me. XD
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