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Leo Elricnardo
[b]Slaughter, Massacre, and Encounter

Edward Elric, a blone short body who is a dog of the military stepped into what seemed to be a meeting room.

"Ah, fullmetal your here. Good, now sit down"Roy said solemn voice. Roy was a black haired handsome man who was experinced in flame alchemy.

Ed sat into a chair in the far left and looked around. Everybody was there. King Bradley, Roy, Riza, Armstrong, and other state alchemists.

"Now, you are here because you are bests of best"Spoke King Bradley. King Bradley was a fuhrer of the military and experinced in swordsman ship.

"Somewhere outskirts of Artemis, many soldiers and alchemists were found...slaughtered. When I mean slaughtered, I mean it as in mutilation. Soldiers were gutted, skinned, and body parts scattered"Explained King Bradley. "Those who reported it, radioed us that they were experiencing the slaughter themselves. No contact happen since"

Edward including others gave some uncomfortable grunt.

"You are assigned to check it out and search for survivors. Fuery will come to contact us when you have reached the are. You are dismissed"King Bradley said as he stood up and walked away.

Others including Elric walked away. As Roy headed for the office, Elric ran up to him.

"Mustang, when are we leaving?"Ed inquired.

"Now"Answered Roy calmly.

"What? I haven't told Winry OR Al yet!"

"Falman will tell him. Now get ready"

Ed gave him a nasty look, sighed, and walked away.


Green haired teen walked around in a bloody area. Body parts were scattered, bloods were everywhere, and stomachs were gutted.

"Nice..."Envy said as he kicked some arms.

Envy was sent out here by his leader, Dante who wanted the knowledge of what happened.

"Hello Homunculi"A deep voice said out of nowhere.

Envy just calmly looked around.

"Who said that?"asked Envy.

"Over here"A deep voice said once more.

Envy turned his head calmly and the same time, lazily. He spotted a black cloaked man whose cloak was bloody. His face and his whole body was covered by the cloak.

"Who are you?"said Envy as he cracked his knuckle.

"Cracking your knuckles? You think you'll kill me? HAHAHAHHAHAHA"The man bursted in laughter.

"Fool, I am Envy"The man said.

"Wha? I'm sorry, but theres a mistake, I'm Envy. Now your getting on my nerves"Envy said lazily.

Instantly, Envy ran toward the man in fast speed and threw his fist at him. But in lightning, the man catched it.

"Oh I'm sorry. I mean't to say...Im the Real and the Original Envy"
Maelyn Elric
O.O 2 ENVYS?! now that's interesting!
Fayth Prophecy
So awesome!!! I love it! 2 Envy-san's!! Seems interesting. Can't wait til you update!!!!
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