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Do you have any story lines that are not ready for productions? Do you want to share that with us? Then please post yours here!!

I have several ideas for FMA fan fics. Some are just a few lines long, others are more involved.

Here goes idea #1:
Just Wait Till You Father Gets Home
Hohenheim didn't really abandon his family, he was just on an extra long trip due to travel delays, having to take alternate routes due to road constructions, getting kdinapped by pirates, yadda yadda, yadda. So he comes back to find his wife dead and his two sons preparing to attempt a forbidden Human Transmuation. Both Edward and Alphonse are SO grounded. laugh.gif


Here is idea #2
The Amazing Dr. Hohenheim
AU. Based on the movies The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, and the Charlie Chan series. Plus touchs of The Thinking Machine stories. Hohenheim Elric is not 400 years old, he's a normal human with an ex wife (Dante, also normal), and a current wife, (Trisha). With Dante, he had two sons: Nicholas, and Maurice (?) (that name could change)[ in the FMA world, they were the homuculi Envy, and Greed]. With Trisha, he has Edward and Alphonse.
His divorce was amicable, he gets along with Dante, Dante gets along with Trisha - but the boys fight like cats and dogs. Dr. Hohenheim helps the police solve baffling crimes - but lately, he's had to take his 4 sons along to help because Nicholas and Maurice are tired of babysitting their half brothers. And of course the ex wife and the wife come along to because they worry about the scrapes their kids will get into. And they get into plenty of trouble due to fraternal bickering!
Their first case all together has Detective Inspector Mustang calling them in on the murder of a General (Alex Armstrong's dad) in a locked room - which no one but the General had a key to.


Orphan idea #3
Alchemy Gris-Gris
Fleeing Hurrican Katrina, cajun musician Molly Xavier leaves her isolated bayou home in Terrebone Parish and heads for relatives and safety in Lafayette. Only problem is, the main road is choked with hurricane refugees and Molly takes a chance on a little used side road. Driving her old Toyota, Musashi ,through a stand of pine woods, she drives through a spontaneous gate and winds up in - Risembool. Language barriers abound - no one in Amestris speaks cajun French, and Molly's English skills have atrophied. Winry buys her car ( which has stopped running) and Molly takes a train to Central, where she tries to make a living as a street musician. (she has brought her button accordion, fiddle, and accoustic guitar with her)

Roy Mustang is not amused when Molly takes up residence near Central HQ and he has her arrested for vagrancy. Molly insults Roy with Louisiana vigor ("Rat batard le Colonel!") while he tries to figure out where she is from so he can have her deported. One day, two tired, dusty strangers limp in to Risembool, it's the Elric brothers, home after 4 years in the machine world. They find WInry happily stripping Musashi into scrap, and after she opens the trunk, Al finds it loaded with boxes. Said boxes contain mostly old photo albums, it's the Xavier family heirlooms Molly was trying to save from the hurricane. Ed goes digging through the car and he finds a collection of road maps. Using these and the photo albums, Ed figures out where Molly is really from. He goes to Central and tries to convince Roy Molly is not a vagrant, but just another lost soul trying to find a way home.


Orphan idea #4
There are plenty of fics about Ed in the machine world, but none about people from the machine world who get stranded in the alchemic world.
Submitted For Your Approval
An early 1950s test pilot [variation: the crew of a 1950s space ship, think of all those "B" movies!] hits the sound barrier, opens a Gate, and crashes in the Briggs Mountains. The pilot escapes death via his parachute, but then has to contend with the Drachman Army which chases him to hell and gone. Once he goes far enough south, he meets up with the Armed Forces of Amestris who chase him all the way back.

Somehow, he eludes his pursuers and winds up in Risembool. Where the brilliant alchemist, Hohenheim Elric just wants him gone because he's getting too close to Hohenheim's wife, Trisha. It's a three way Mexican stand off!

What I'm not sure of is how far along Hohenheim and Trisha are in their relationship. They could be newly married, or have one or both sons already. Hohenheim could meet the pilot while on the way home from one of his long trips, or he could come home and find the man hiding in his basement. ["Trisha! You got some 'splainin' to do!"]


Orphan idea #5
C.S.I. - Maes Hughes[u]
After being murdered by Envy, Mae Hughes's soul hurtles through the Gate to 21st century Las Vegas. After coming to in alley, Maes goes staggering down it towards the bright lights of Fremont Street. Suddnely, he stumbles and falls over something soft, warm, - and wet. The LVPD, headed by Capt. Brass shows up with lights blazing just then and there is poor Maes, standing over a horribly mutilated corpse, and covered in it's blood. Jailed for a brutal murder he didn't commit, Maes Hughes needs the help of Gil Grissom and his crack team of C.S.I.s to pull his nuts out of the fire.

Yesh, I know, you think this is retarded; but it can't be any worse than all the FMA/HP crossovers I see over on! laugh.gif
I just so happen to be starting the production of a webcomic, myself, called, "Numenka."

Here's the story:

Kiri Minagawa is an energetic, clumsy, slow-to-anger girl who just wants to live a happy, mellow life with her family and friends. (Kinuchi Hiroshi, Rin Saito, and Ai Lee.) Lately though, she's been having these dark dreams that she always remembers very clearly, as if they were actual memories, of another world that's at war with itself and is basically falling apart. When two of the people who often are present in her dreams (named Rori and Kagemaru) move into her school, and she and her friends are constantly being attacked by a beautiful but frightening woman named Xeni, her happy, mellow life comes to a screeching halt. The reason why the people from this other world are after them is because they apparently once lived in their world in a past life, and possessed the power to keep the two countries in this world at peace. It is now up to Rori and Kagemaru to train them to use the powers that have been awakened in them to reach their potential and rise to the task once again.

~ My Book: "the Martyr War": I'm writing a scifi novel~

I'm writing a Science Fiction novel called "The Martyr War". Currently I have 20 chapters planned, which will make the book about 300 pages long. I'm currently working on the 4th chapter.

Here's an outline of the plot:

The Earth's Space Force, Kuiper Empire, and Proximus Centauri Republic mantained the balance of power for almost 200 years. The fall of the Kuiper Empire from the confrontation with the Varcon Resistance ended that balance. Worlds that were once arrayed in splendor became flithy slums. Shells of what they once were. Humans living in desperation, who would follow whoever filled the void the Imperial Royal Family left behind.

The Vindico vis Vireo has filled that void. They believe that E.S.F. Arche-Admiral Charon Orion is their messiah. And now, he will fulfill a 3000-year-old prophesy and unite all humans in the Vindico's force. Using his knowledge of it's interworkings, he will shake the E.S.F. to pieces.

On Earth below, seventeen-year-old Virginia Kimberly Dracos and her twelve-year-old brother, Yves, have been caught in the middle of the occupation of Europe. If they wish to protect each other and she their family again, they must lead a resistance to stop Charon's right-head-man, Malus Polaris, from taking over Earth.

And in the stars above, with the E.S.F. in disorder, Captain Rachel LaFlamme and Colonel Tyl Logos Hydras bring together the scattered remains of their allies to bring Charon down.

So, what do you guys think?
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
This will be my first attempt at a FMA fic


Guardians at the Gate
The Fullmetal Alchemist is fighting to stop the destruction of Amestris. The Crimson Lotus Alchemist is fighting to see it's destruction through bloodshed and who will ultimately win out.
A tale of brothers who are not only related by their skill in Alchemy, but in blood. They share
the same golden eyes....
Where will the lines of loyalty be drawn for the Full Metal and Crimson Alchemist, and how will the scales tip for the final battle between humankind and Homunculus?
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