The war of Ishbala, so terrible and frightening that people in th military, emotionless and cold-hearted as they may seem, still can't live the images down. They're haunted by the disturbing images if the people that they were forced to slaughter, but even people who weren't involved in the war have been affected by the war, espically Winry Rockbell.
Ed and Al got up early in the morning and took a train to their home town. Ed's usual automail checkup was coming up, and he wanted to go and get it over with. He wasn't trying to avoid Winry, or the checkup. Well, maybe he wanted to avoid the checkup, slightly, but he didn't want to go to the country. It wasn't because he hated it. It was simply because he thought that he was getting closer to finding the Phlisopher's Stone.
The train ride stared out normally. Ed and Al sat together staring out of the window, watching things fly by. After fifteen minutes, maybe more,of riding in the train andcontinous staring out of the window, Ed and Al watched as the always busy city started to change into the small and quiet countryside that they knew and loved. Seeing the country made them realize that they were almost 'home'.

Suddenly, the train jerked to a stop, causing a very confused Al to look at a just as equally confused Ed.

"Wht did the train just stop?" Al asked knowing that his brother was just as clueless as he was.

"I-I don't know, Al." Ed responded, standing up and then stepping out into the isle of an almost empty trian. "Why don't we go and take a look?"

Ed didn't wait for Al's reply, knowing that it would only be a protest. Instead, he walked toward the front of the train, and, of coarse, Al followed. Ed and Al slowly walked to the operation room, where the engineer would normally be operating the train and it's controlls. Ed and Al, both, were fixing to ask about what was going on, but they never got the chance. Both of the Elric brother's looked out of the front window and saw the problem.

Laying in the middle of the train tracks was a girl. She was young, thirteen at the most. Her hair was blonde, almost to the point that it was silver. She was wearing a blue summer-dress. It looked like it would go to just above her knees when she was standing up.

She was laying face down on the tracks, so Ed and Al couldn't see her face. Her hair was sprawled out all over the place, and since it was long, really long, it covered most of her body and was all over the tracks. It looked as if she had tripped and fallen onto the tracks causing her to get knocked out.

Ed and Al ran out to the unconscience girl. They tried to wake her up, but, after failing to get her up, Ed looked up at his brother. "Well, Al, it looks as if she's going to be knocked out for a while. We might as well take her back on the train with us."

Al looked as if he were about to protest, but Ed continued. "We need to go ahead and get going you know Winry will get upset if we're late, and the only way we can get going is by taking her on the trian with us."

Al knew that his brother was right, so he carefully picked up the girl and took her back on the train. Al layed her down on the empty seat next to him, and then sat down himself. Ed was back on the train in the following minute. A couple of minutes laterthe train started back up and continued on its way, and Ed and Al started up a conversation this time.

"What do you think happened to her?" Al asked, curiosity getting the better of him, but he couldn't help it even thoughhe knew that Ed didn't know.

"I-I don't know. From how she was laying it looked as if she had passed out, or, maybe, she tripped and got knocked out. Either way, we'll have to ask her when she wakes up."

Some of the answer was unexpected. Usually, Ed wouldn't care. He would normally just help the person, ask them about the stone, then move on. This time, however, Ed seemed extremely curious about this person. It was almost as if he knew her. Al never got the chance to ask, though, because as soon as he attempted, the girl woke up.

The girl bolted upright, causing Ed and Al to stare at her. Her eyes were wide in bewilderment. She was confused as to where she was at. Ed and Al continued to watch her, and then, finally, Ed decided to try and calm her down.

"It's okay," Ed told her, hoping to calm the girl down a little. "You're fine. We, my brother, Al, and I, found you on the tracks a ways back and brought you onto the train." Ed continued to talk with a little gesture to his brother. "I hope that you're alright."

To the brothers' own surprise, the girl's surprised look only increased.

"A-A train!" The girl spoke for the first time, her voice sounding so familiar that the Elric brothers almost didn't notice it, but they did. And, Ed, being Ed, had to say something about it.

"By the way, I've introduced you to my brother. My name's Edward Elric... The Fullmetal Alchemist! It's nice to meet you. What's your name?"

The girl only looked at the two brothers. The shock was now gone, but it hed been replaced by a thoughtful look. She deep in thought at the question that was asked.

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