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Full Version: Building A Custom Fma Case, Wheels, Etc.? Would Like To Have Some Feedback Input?
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~ Building A Custom Fma Case, need help on some ideas ~

ok so i got into modding computers and now that i am out of college for the summer i plan to use this time to build a FMA themed computer case. Now the question is can you guys help me find some pics some things like the pocket watch, and the army symbol (thoses are going to be fan grills). Now on the case i might go glossy black with a trans mut. circle etched on the window its a bit sloppy i did it in PS.

Or i was going to go red but a got a razor copperhead witch had a blue glow to it. Anyway any ideas or piscs i would be very greatful. BTW my mod blog can be found here i should be getting the cases sometime next week> you can also im me with idea @suddenhehateme that my aol im.
slate alchemist
you should have made it red it would look cooler.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I have several colours that I would recommend:
Blue for military and Silver for Metal XD
Why not make the sides of the case dark red, and the alchemy array glowing blue, like slate alchemist's avatar? That would be cool. And a pic of Ed and Al on the other side ^^ And the logo of FMA on the front.
QUOTE(Galorfilinde @ May 4 2006, 11:36 AM) [snapback]390418[/snapback]
Why not make the sides of the case dark red, and the alchemy array glowing blue, like slate alchemist's avatar? That would be cool.
That would be soooo cool!!
And, if the case has any small place where the maker logo ususaly gets placed, put the State military's Chimera logo (the same chimera on the pocket watch)??
yay the computer version of ricers...
Sin Of Envy
Cool, but I have to agree that it would look better with glowing effects...
Fayth Prophecy
Awesomeness^^ But you should make it red and black, or something. But it looks good!
ok guys you win. The case will be red and the inside will be black. Also i will make a top window with a picture etched in it. I just got to find a good picture and the wires will all have chrome wire covering on them and the psu will be spray painted gunmetal gray with the words "Dont forget 3 oct. 10" etched on the top so you can see it thru the top window. I not sure what else to put on or in it any more suggestions i'll be glad to take them and run with them.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
That'll be cool! When you've finished, can you show it to us?!
i well be glad to share it with you i just hope you guys wont be to hard on it after all it is my first modded case soon as i get it done i will post it till then here is my work log for the case
Frozen Ice Alchemist
Promise we won't!
mala alacran
~ Trying To Finish My Fma Computer Mod - Need Some Help ~

hi i am modding my computer to FMA the computer is built and the case is modded lots of lights and etched windows everything is red or black - have the opening song first season on start up and the ending song on shut down. i am trying to make icons for windows xp. does any one know how to attach and assign them? and what is the big building at central with the banner on it called, i want to use that for my computer icon.
@mala alacran - Hey, this sounds interesting. biggrin.gif I'm going to keep this thread here for a while so that you might get more help with your project, and then later I'll move this thread to Fanworks forum where other FMA related "art" projects, like this FMA themed computer case, are posted. :)Meantime, I would love to see the pics of what you have done with your computer so far!! biggrin.gif

Thread merged. smile.gif
mala alacran
i'am building a FMA case this summer too! last summer i built a little lan case.. FMA also... i am going all red you should change out the blue leds for red! in your heatsink.... im going to have to do that on the heatsink i want ....cause its blue but my ps is red i'm going to etch an all acrylic mid tower with a transmutation circle and al's blood mark
currently i am looking for a place to laser cut acrylic for custom fan grills.

you can get ED's watch off amazon for like 20 buck thats where i got mine

also search fullmetal alchemist case mod on youtube its kool it might give you some ideas

HI EVERYONE!! I do now have some cool pics!!!
My FMA motorcycle is complete and on the road so I thought I'ld post some pics here, as well as posting my finished tattoo on FMA Tattoo thread later. Believe it or not I only just had the final touches done last night. Tatt picks are on their way for FMA Tattoo thread.

Front view

Side view, closeup

Side view

Rear view

Tank closeup
Kursed, that is so amazing! Well done!
oh maaan that's just so freaking awesome!! O__O when I get my own car I'll definitely do something about it. biggrin.gif
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