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Full Version: Full Metal Alchemist (the Next Series) Plot
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I got this idea a while ago and was wondering what people thought of it?

It was a day that started like all that had preceded and would ensure from it, but what would happen on this day, tragic for most, glorious for some would be forever etched in history.

An alchemist known only as ‘Scar’ after years of work and hundreds of thousands of lives, hours and tears created it, the holy grail of alchemy…of the whole universe.

The Philosophers Stone.

The desert sun sent down its glorious luminescence onto the fine grains of sand that stretched across the city of Lior, but spouting like a geyser from the flaming golden grains a crimson light, the energy of the transmutation bathing the dunes a blood-red.

Far away, past the city of Central in Amestris, over the Briggs Mountain range the region know as Drachma went about its daily routine, unaware of the massive loss of life suffered by its neighbor’s army. Drachma is a region very different from that of Amestris, once hostile towards its neighbour, travel over the Briggs Mountain being too much of a hassle and far too much bloodshed has led to a shaky treaty between the countries, Drachma is militarily powerful, it has ruthless bands of mercenaries at its disposal and infantry ranks that reach into the tens of thousands but a fair and equal rule that isn’t about provoking war. Alchemy does not carry as much fervor as it does in Amestris, not outlawed like it is in Ishbal, but not smiled upon. Myths about philosophers stones are mere speculation, no-one believes in its power.

That day, things were different.

“A beacon of ruby light” cried the townspeople, civilians ran to their rooftops, trying to look over the Mountain Range that sprawled in front of their city. Behind it, a light of scarlet sprang from the ground, nobody knew where from though.

Far from the city in the lush forest walked Margareta and her husband Benjamin, hand in hand. They did not know of the curious light that their fellows could see, the forest blocked the city out, the only light there was from the glorious sun above the two. It had grown quiet all of a sudden. Birds no longer sang, the wind no longer moved. The Earth itself was at a standstill.

Benjamin smiled, he ran to the lake ahead of his sweetheart, Lake Pandora. As he grew closer, something strange occurred to him, the Lake was frozen, never in his entire life had he seen this lake frozen, never in his father or his grandfather’s lifetimes had they seen this lake freeze? He tested the surface and ran across it, he ran to the centre, amazed at the sight of the body of water solid now. He leant down; maybe he could see a frozen fish or something.

There! Among the ice, a figure of something, something pink, with limbs?

A human!

Benjamin cried to his beloved, “Gather the villagers, tell them to bring fire and axes, now!”

That day was three years ago…


Scar creates the Philsophers Stone, the same day Benjamin and Margareta discover a mysterious person under a lake.

Three years after this, we see Benjamin and Margareta with their son and daughter, Vincent and Miranda. Vincent is sent to Amestris to pick up some odds and ends for his mother, he receives a day pass which is required for any Drachma citizens to travel to Amestris.

Vincent is amazed by Amestris, but dutifully gets his mothers things; it begins to rain, heavy at first, but then settles and stops, just as Vincent arrives at the train.

Before he can board Vincent is assaulted by three thugs, they snatch his pass, Vincent doesn’t wish to fight back (if he does he could be in serious trouble from the Government) he is pushed around for a while.

At this time Brigadier General Armstrong is leaving HQ, spotting the boy in danger he rushes over (getting his muscles out along the way)

The thugs then grab his mother’s things and smash them, Vincent looks down in shock, his family wasn’t rich, his mother needed those things. His body suddenly stiffens. Brigadier General Armstrong stops in shock, the settled rain water jumps all around Vincent, some kind of alchemy; it circles around his body then rushes to the thugs, encasing their bodies, the water freezing solid. Vincent passes out.

Armstrong takes the boy back to HQ and reports the boy to the elected democratic officials, he reports the boy transmuted not only without an alchemy array but without any sort of knowledge, it just naturally occurred. They demand an investigation unanimously, all but General Roy Mustang; he has no interest in “child prodigies”
Armstrong calls the boys parents in Drachma, asks them about his mysterious transmutation, they tell him there is something he needs to know about Vincent, the conversation is not heard.

Vincent wakes up panicked, he is calmed by Armstrong who asks if he has ever studied alchemy, he says his read some books but isn’t interested. Armstrong asks him to join the State Alchemists; he refuses and goes home the next day.

Vincent’s parents sit him down and tell him that two years ago he was found under Lake Pandora, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t eat, he was externally a human but internally a beast. Some said he should be killed, but Benjamin and Margareta did not give up and they raised him as there son. Vincent asks who knows, everyone does, the entire village is in on it, his friends all know he wasn’t part of the village. In a rage he denounces his family, and leaves.

Vincent walks from Drachma to Amestris, in the middle of the night, starving he arrives at Armstrong’s house, he lets him in, he has decided to become a state alchemist.

Vincent studies at the Alchemist Technical College, a pre-requisite for all would-be State Alchemists. He is going to major in the manipulation of water.

Vincent passes his written and just barely passes the interview after harsh words from Mustang.

On the day of the practical, Vincent is put in the water arena, he is planning to use the water, fire it into the clouds and produce rain. But another alchemist does this, Vincent is confused and upset, the boy walks past and whispers that he saw his alchemic studies and stole his idea, no hard feelings.

Vincent can’t believe it, he’s going to fail, he’ll be a laughing stock with no routine, he’ll disappoint his mentor Armstrong, his body shudders again as it did with the thugs, he puts his arms in the air and a flash of light expels from his body.

Everyone opens there eyes to see the rain drops frozen, sitting in the air; this is not only in the stadium but across the city. Vincent opens his eyes and drops his arms and the raindrops hit the ground, exploding into water once again.

Armstrong smiles and looks at Roy who walks away.

Vincent is accepted into the State Alchemists as the (I am not sure yet this is very important any suggestions something to do with ice!?!) Alchemist.

Vincent trains under the Bolt Alchemist who is Armstrong’s sister, Vincent falls for her whilst she trains him (comedy double-meanings ensue)

This relationship climaxes (pardon the pun) at Vincent’s room one evening, they go to bed together, two guards walking past the dorms spots a window that is crackling with electricity, the window is also frozen. He says that alchemists that are put under extreme situations can inadvertently cause alchemic reactions, like in extreme sadness, or in extreme pleasure, he jokes to his fellow and says wait, when the alchemy “climaxes” the room should freeze, they wait, but instead the entire dorm freezes. The students are taken to Mustang who forbids them to see each other or they’ll be disbarred, Armstrong’s sister goes off saying that he should stop punishing Vincent for being so lenient with his last young alchemist as to let him slip through his fingers, Roy, enraged slams his desk, the candle lighting his desks flame jumps up violently next to him, the students fearful run out of the room. Roy is left alone, pondering Ed’s disappearance in CoS.

The next day Vincent is sent on assignment to the desert.
(There will be sub stories all the way through this part is coming soon sorry)

Vincent encounters a chimera with human traits, it is perfectly fused, human bodies but animal traits, like the Lab 5 chimeras but more powerful. One stabs him, licks the blood, he exclaims his found one and that his master will be happy, he skitters away. We see him arrive at a large alchemic lab, he shows a robed figure the blood, the figure takes it and places it in a small jar, next to it are four identical jars, one other is filled with blood two others are empty.

Eventually the chimeras come back Vincent is dragged to a large lab, the robbed figure appears and sheds the robe, it is Nina Tucker.

Nina states who she is, Vincent remembers reading about her father, Shou. Nina informs Vincent that Shou was so driven by his passions that he sacrificed her darling mother, and then Nina. Eventually using the Philsophers Stone created two years ago, her father resurrected her body, but not her soul. Nina’s soul eventually came to her body, her first act, vengeance on her mutated father. She killed him, but before it using the knowledge her father had imparted to her and what she’d recovered from the Gate, implanted his mind in her, stealing his knowledge. She planned to use his power to bring her mother back.

She smiles, she says that a Philosophers stone requires massive human sacrifice, the souls of the people are imprisoned and their energies are transmuted in the array, and sure enough the souls solidify and a stone is formed. Scar created the stone from the lives of the soldiers of Amestris, but the lives of all those extinguished in the Ishbal war. That’s thousands, possible a hundred thousand lives. She states that the amount of souls dictates the size of the stone; human lives have a weight in the creation. Now the stone Scar made was imbued to a suit of armour, the soul attached to that armour. The 7 ft armour complete melted down would produce a relatively large stone, but not in comparison to the lives inside, and since energy cannot be destroyed, the remaining stone energy fragmented, and separated. They became the only things they could, elements, the elements that are combined to create a stone, fire, air, water and earth. Since the stone is made up of human lives, the elemental stone fragments took human vessel shells to protect them. Vincent is the element stone fragment of water, he is not human, and Nina Tucker plans to use him and three others to create her philosophers stone.

© April 29, 2006…Benjamin J. Clark

That is all I have, what does everyone think?

I would like some help in naming Vincent (giving him his Offical State Name)!!!

I am not one to use this, but I really would like people that actually have an interest in Full Metal Alchemist to read this post. I believe it is a real go-er. If I am wrong, I am happy to take criticism also, but I'd just like a response
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