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Full Version: Happy Halloween!! Are you dressing up? If so, what are you gonna be?
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I personaly am not going to dress up or ask for lollies, people around town have been saying its too american for australia but i still think kids will ask for my fizzers laugh.gif
Seasonal "bump for justice." tongue.gif

Anyone planning a costume for Halloween/ Halloween party? Would you like to tell us what you're going to be? biggrin.gif

Note for non-U.S. members, etc... In the U.S., Oct. 31 is Halloween, and although it originally came from more meaningful stuff, like ghost spirits visiting our world on this day, blah blah (for more meaningful stuff about Halloween, please Google it. laugh.gif) currently it's more of the day for kids to dress up in costumes and go door to door to collect candies, and for adults it's becoming a great excuse for the costume party. biggrin.gif
I'm so excited for Halloween! My roommates and I are going to dress up and pass out candy and then I'm probably going to a friend's party after that. My budget is low this year, and so I'm just going to be a doctor...I already have a lab coat, stethoscope, and other medical things for school, so I'll just put them all together and be a doctor tongue.gif
I had the option of going to a Halloween party at a frickin' MANSION with one of my richer friends, or a smaller party with one of my closer friends, and I of course, picked the smaller one. More my style.

I'm dressing up as a court jester this year, if all goes as planned. biggrin.gif
*sigh* I'm spending most of my Halloween this year at a math competition, but I do get a really cool Halloween T-shirt tongue.gif I'll be home by dinnertime though, so maybe I'll help pass out candy to the little kids happy.gif

@Tombow: I like your new Halloween themed sig! biggrin.gif
For Halloween I have two scary movie weekend nights to go to. My friend and I will be trying to dress up as 21 and 24 from Venture Brothers.

Sadly I have never given out candy on Halloween. No one goes down my street. Probably because it is set in the wood, with no streetlights, or sidewalks.
I haven't dressed up for Halloween since the 3rd grade. So I normally just carry a pillow case around to put all my candy in and wear my black hoodie with the hood up. smile.gif

Or I just sit at home and eat all the candy and watch scary movie marathons on TV while my parents go to this "BooBash" thing at their friends house. You have to be over the age of 18 to go, so you can pretty much guess when I'm 18 I'm totally going.

Also, to get all the kids away from my house, I turn off all the lights and put a For Sale sign on my front lawn and park the car in the garage to make them all go away and make them think nobody is home. I also eat all the candy I'm supposed to be giving out. The reason why I'm on candy duty this year, is because last time I went trick or treating, I put on a scary clown mask and stole all the little kids candy while I was scaring them.

I wish I was allowed to go to the Haunted Hoochie, or else I would be going to that instead.
We don't really celebrate Halloween on the same scale, the minority have ruined it for the majority and trick or treating just became begging, you'd have teenagers on your doorstep in a mask asking for money. It's a shame, considering it started over here.

Still I'll watch a couple of scary movies and prepare for November 5th instead.
(What is on November the 5th?)

We celebrate Halloween even here, in Germany.
Me and my little sister ( I need to accompany her. She is too young to walking around late in the night all alone) gonna go together from house to house. Not many kids make it here. Last year we went as "cat ghosts".
I guess, this time we will be vampires xD. But well, I have to admit that I won't put on a costume. I just watch out that nothing happens to her and in the end I will get a share of the collected sweets >D
Snows of Yester-Year
I haven't decided what I'm going as this year.. D: Since I only have a few days to throw a costume together, I assume I'll just take the easy route and be a pirate again. -lazy!-

My workplace lets us dress up :D It's exciting.
QUOTE (black~hayate @ Oct 26 2009, 03:42 PM) *
(What is on November the 5th?)

In England, November 5th 1605 was the day Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the Houses of Parliment but was stopped at the last minute. He and his co-conspiritors were hung, drawn and quatered. We call this incident the Gunpowder Plot. On 5th November we light Bonfires, traditionally with a "guy" as the stake (basically a scarecrow to represent Fawkes). More than Bonfires though we have fireworks and if the weather is good break out the BBQ's for one last burger before winter.
I'm being Monikka. (she's from youtube)
She's one of those popular comedians on there. xDD
Akane Yokutsu
I was cosplaying as Tenko Kuugen from Wagaya No Oinari-sama for halloween. It was awsome!
It's that time of the year, and Halloween is upon us (the Sunday week after)! biggrin.gif

For the ones who are in the part of the world that celebrate Halloween, are you planning to get dressed up in costumes? What's your Halloween plan? Tell us your Halloween stories! ^^

This year, I'm probably staying put and handing out candies to "trick or treat"ing youngsters. ^^
Fairy of Darkness
Yeah, I'm gonna be dressing up this year, I have a costume, but I have no idea what it is. What I mean is that the costume I have was my sister's, and she had since she was 11(she's 18 now), and I was only 6 when she had it, so I never actually learned what it's supposed to be. :\
I'm definitely dressing up, and going trick-or-treating! biggrin.gif I'm 17, so I'm still technically a kid. Never too old for free candy. XP

I'm going to dress as Toki Wartooth from Metalocalypse. And I might even have time to get his concert make up, which would look a lot more Halloween-y. biggrin.gif
I'm staying in and watching a few good horror films, but my sister is dressing up as a Ringmaster for a party she's going to.
QUOTE (Razzy @ Oct 24 2010, 02:43 PM) *
I'm definitely dressing up, and going trick-or-treating! biggrin.gif I'm 17, so I'm still technically a kid. Never too old for free candy. XP

I'm going to dress as Toki Wartooth from Metalocalypse. And I might even have time to get his concert make up, which would look a lot more Halloween-y. biggrin.gif

Oh my uhgod..... I love Toki..... makes sures yous posts pictures I's wants to sees.....


I'm not going to be dressing up, well if I manage to go to work that day, I'll have my cat ears on but theirs only so much you can do in a dealership lol...

Envy's Lady
I dressed up in my Slytherin student outfit. It was too cold to dress up as Envy(unless I were to just stay indoors).
Happy Halloween! (U.S. and where celebrates ^^)

I'm opting for no costume-partying this year, but I hope everyone has a fun time! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Happy Halloween everyone! To be honest, I completely forgot about it. laugh.gif I have a towel wrapped around my head (after washing my hair) and I'm wearing an FMA T-shirt...does that count as dressing up? tongue.gif
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