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Full Version: Where Do You Currently Live?
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Australia! Near Melbourne. If anyone is coming down under i will help show you
But we seriously need more Aussie's here.
Belgium. ^^
In the north, that's called Flanders.
Dutch/Flemmish speaking people anywhere?
America. In the awesome state of New York. smile.gif
I love Winry
I'm from Brazil! Is there any other brazilian here?
I live in South Dakota, USA - a town with a population of 194. Screw the big city crap, we don't even have a cop in our town.
yUme Of LiGhT
I live in Philippines..^.^
Envy II
I'm living? o_O

Oh, yeah... sorry about that.

America... I think. XD
hell yes!!! a filipino!!! i happen to love filipino people!
i live at the zoo with the pandas!!! jk

USA i wish i was outta here

@Sweety Pie: theres your edit... i do live in the USA... i'd rather live in heaven, cuz earth can't compare
[space is not cool for living --- to lonely]

theres your edit... XP
QUOTE(BabaAsinSheep @ Feb 3 2007, 11:44 PM) [snapback]500662[/snapback]
hell yes!!! a fipino!!!
i live at the zoo with the pandas!!!

USA i wish i was outta here

Please type in complete thoughts, and grammer next time.

What is a 'fipino'?
Do you live in the US? If so, why do you wish to be put of the there?

I live in the US, Arkansas. I hate where I live, it is boring, and our Governor sucks.
I live in Minnesota, US right now. It's alright, but I want to get out and travel. I'm going to Japan next year for school...Osaka here I come!

Oh, and I represent the Pinoi pride right here! Filipino/Hawaiian
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Somewhere in a small city...
Canada is where I live smile.gif
I'm in the lovely (sarcasm) state of Ohio, in the U.S. of A.
I live in Finland. In Vantaa, a city right next to Helsinki which is our capital as you all know? ;)
And if you don't know where Finland is, just in case, it's between Sweden and Russia.
Indignant Judgment
I live in the now freezing state of South Dakota, which is better than North happy.gif
QUOTE(ArmouredSoul @ Feb 26 2007, 06:37 PM) [snapback]509954[/snapback]
I live in the now freezing state of South Dakota, which is better than North happy.gif

HEY! XP I live in North Dakota!!!
Well...the North Dakota/Minnesota area (I'm right on the border ^^; )
Don't dis the North, man =P wink.gif
New York, USA.

I don't live in the city though. I prefer towns tongue.gif
Las Vegas Nevada smile.gif Still waiting to turn 21 yrs old.

<The "other country" with 42 votes are up to this posts. Added additional countries as poll choices. 03/06/07 ~Tombow>
Poll choices and tallies updated, up to the above post. smile.gif

ETA: March 19, 2007 by Tombow
As of March 4, 2007, up to post # 129, slayeralchemist's post
Other Middle Eastern/Arabic country: 1 (Lebanon 1)
Other Western/eastern Europe: 4 (Italy 1, Norway 1, Poland 1, Turkey 1)
Other North, Central, South Americas: 3 (Puerto Rico 1, Brazil 1, Buenos Aires 1)

This poll is where do you currently live. NOT where you are from.

To post where you are originally from, please go to Where are you originally from? thread.

To talk about your Nationality & heritage, please go to Your Nationality/Heritage? thread.

To post your racial make up, ethnicity, and other biographical information about you, please post on Tell Us Your Biography! thread.

To post about your family info, please go to Tell us about your family! thread. smile.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Hmm it's weird I have to pick a choice to go up against in the poll. I'm currently living here in Manila, Philippines.
I'm in New Delhi !

No one from Korea or Japan ?
thats weird
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
We have a lot of Koreans here in our school. I only know two who can speak English clearly, though not fluently. There's even one who can speak English, Korean and Filipino perfectly. But the rest are crap. They fail in most of the subjects because the medium of instruction here at my school is English. tongue.gif So don't really expect people from Korea posting here.

Regarding the people from Japan. They aren't so adept at English as most of us know. Everyone in this board speaks in English so I doubt if they'd even dare join here, they won't be able to communicate.

BTW, I've never met someone from India. At last, someone. XD No offense Amol but I heard that in New Delhi, if you trip or fall, the crowd won't care and you'll be trampled to death. ph34r.gif Is this really true?
Well Ratzenheich, you know where I live its not like that , my colony is bit on the extreamy civilized side , but yes the general India is like that !
You fall down you get trampled, its not the case in New Delhi , but its so in other place like Mumbai or Calcutta , I'm not like that though.

There is more than a billion people there , they are mostly middle class people !

But there is more to India than that , I really like the country , there are really bad things here , but you see we'er improving and that too really fast ! I'm sure that in a decades times or so , we'll be good enough !
India is a young country , we've got our freedom like some 60 years ago , so we'er still having much to do here biggrin.gif

But I"m sure you'll see a changing picture , soon ! biggrin.gif

@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - Sorry about that... Poll fixed now (I hope. biggrin.gif )

BTW, I think "people trampled to death" thing could happen anywhere where a large amount of people congregate, be it at the National soccer match, or at Mecca during the pilgrimage week, and so on. smile.gif
or even when Osama bomb Times Square during mega sale... laugh.gif

When humans are in huge fear, all they have in mind is "Run for your life!!! Nothing else is more important"...

THE END...sorry for the minor conversion....
To keep it on track, I repeat, I am living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia...
I was born in the United Kingdom, but I am currently studying in the United States. This summer I will be studying in Spain and hopefully attending Graduate School there. (God, I feel old...) I really wish that I was back in Europe right about now, because it is freaking freezing here. Then again is it probably just as cold where my hometown is.
I live in California in the United States.
I'm living in North Carolina, USA right now but I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I might be moving back to Korea, though.... o_O
I live in Australia smile.gif
Little Washu
I live in the U.S.A. Right here in New York.
People from New York and Zurich have been said to the most well mannered and courteous people in the world, according to a survey!!!
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
@ Amol

Yeah! I think I read that one in Reader's Digest. Their study also shows that people from Asia are the least courteous. sad.gif
The Mad Bomber
Eastern Finland, Northern Karelia
Lessee....I live in Houston, Texas. I hate Texas.
@baKa-neKoh: I knew it because in your profile it said something like u lived in a desert, which sounded like Australia. So that gives us 5 active aussies altogether.

PS, im from Melbourne.
at the moment i live in Australia and i liked my birth place better because it is too hot here
I live in Reading in Berkshire, England.
Shadow Wulfe
QUOTE(ゆきえい @ Mar 20 2007, 01:11 PM) [snapback]519949[/snapback]
Lessee....I live in Houston, Texas. I hate Texas.

Psh, it's not so bad in Houston. Mosquitoes, psychotic drivers, constant thunderstorms. There are some decent stores here though. tongue.gif
I live in a village in the west of Germany.
EniviD EiraM
anyone living in the Philippines out there ?
I would love to meet every single Filipino here in the forum .. smile.gif
Lived in Finland whole my life biggrin.gif
Katya Martin
Originally from Illinois by way of New Jersey; currently living in Frozen Wasteland, Pennsylvania. (The city's not actually called that, but it is one.)

I reside in the USA happy.gif

Illinois to be exact.
A Pierrot's Aria
The UK. : D

Calderdale in the North of England to be a little more exact. : ) I've lived here ever since I was born.
The land of rain, rain, and more rain, aka Seattle, WA.
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