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Full Version: Where Do You Currently Live?
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Weapons Alchemist
This poll is where do you currently live. NOT where you are from.

* To post where you are originally from, please go to Where are you originally from? thread.
* To talk about your Nationality & heritage, please go to Your Heritage? thread.
* To post your racial make up, ethnicity, and other biographical information about you, please post on Tell Us Your Biography! thread.
* To post about your family info, please go to Tell us about your family! thread.

(ETA above by Tombow)

Please tell us where you live, mine is Australia,
Please tell me if there is another one of these, i didnt see one
Well... I live in Singapore, a really tiny country that is as tiny as ed. lol. I am a Japanese + Chinese as my otosan is a Japanese. biggrin.gif
Is there really others from Singapore?! YEAH!!! biggrin.gif
french wher is it?? and I'm a breton not french xD breton where is it????? ummm it's a question for all pepole xD lol ^^

I whant the breton in the survey >_<!!!!!
I thought I posted in here already... eh, must have been another thread... I live in the U.S.! In Florida.
Toronto laugh.gif
Weapons Alchemist
Cool cool.gif so far we have a range of of people covering the world.
But there are still lots of people out there
Fayth Prophecy
Texas....dullest place on earth.
Venus Alchemist
I live in Florida as well. happy.gif
On the other side of the rainbow....

No, I live in Redmond sucks I wished I lived in Japan!
Weapons Alchemist
I want to visit Japan (Tokyo), but to see all the electronics they have happy.gif
well i live in lebanon
if someone don't know it it's a smaaaaaaalllllllll country , im the east of asia
and we speak arabic there
that's why my english isn't that good
but i'm like very good in english, not like most of the people

but my dream is to go to 2 other countrues : canada (cause it's the country where i was born)
and japan (cause it's a really great country biggrin.gif )
hi smile.gif
I'm from norway and here i like it quite good
Weapons Alchemist
Cool, we have a whole range of people. (any ozzys out there blink.gif huh.gif )
(any ozzys out there )

it's spelt AUSSIE tongue.gif and i am one. yay for me. hang on, am i the only one?
my country's not listed.. yiz's from the philippines smile.gif
I live in U.S. Pennsylvania...
I live in the UK. Such a lovely boring country.
İ'm from Istanbul/Turkey the only city on the world which connect the two continent Asia and Europe. So i'm living in Asia and studying in Europe (İ figured out now that is an intresting situation:))
I live in Buenos Aires (that means "Good Airs") , Argentina. It`s a very large country in South America.Some people as a joke know my country as "The ass of the world";or for the soccer (futbol) player Diego Maradona.

And I don`t have a Comic store near my house the closest one I have is like an hour from home. I think because most of the people think that Japanesse cartoons are only for kids. But if someone put a store near by It`s gonna have very good sells.
Well If there are more Argentinians please tell me. biggrin.gif
i live in the Netherlands
Many ppl from other countries... I see!

I live in Alexandria, VA. It's where my private highschool is....

Though I'm living in US... I can speak Japnese and Korean...
I'm in America.

Residing in the wonderful state of Texas.


Someone shoot me now.
im from an island in the Philippines....
I'm from the US ... California to be exact ... we have the cheese! (or at least that's what I've been told)
i'm from finland!!! yay go santa!!! hehehe
Phex Elric
USA, California, Orange County! I live particle on the beach! Woot! laugh.gif
QUOTE(Phex Elric @ Jul 16 2006, 07:54 PM) [snapback]422579[/snapback]

USA, California, Orange County! I live particle on the beach! Woot! laugh.gif

You must be pretty small.
New Jersey, United States.

For now, I am with my freind in Korea.
well hello i am in Italy
I'm from Texas, and Louisianna. now i live in Wisconsin.

I'm from the Philippines.
I live in Spain... in Madrid to be exact...
A lot of people only know this country for the beaches (the Ibiza's island is the most known)... well.. me too xD hahah
No, it's a joke... haha
Really I like to live here, but I would like to go to other countries, to see different places happy.gif
I would like to travel for all the world biggrin.gif ... but It's a little difficult wacko.gif
I live in America, in the Midwest, in Wisconsin, in Fond du Lac county, in Oshkosh. It's really crowded here because the EAA convention going on this week. They got roads shut down and police guiding traffic.
I'm from Canada.
Newfoundland to be more exact. But most of you probably haven't heard of it. lol
Penelopa the Pegasus
Poland. Bydgoszcz. Almost in the middle of the country. ;] Dunno how well Poland is known here, but some places have a kinda pretty places to visit. ^.^
I live in Sweden. smile.gif But I am from China.
I live in the U.S.A

Aleution Islands, Alaska.
HalfAsian Alchemist
U.S.>Maine, in a small town most no one would have heard about outside the county, kinda like Ed's hometown! biggrin.gif
I'm in Minnesota in a small-ish part of the town... Where I live isnt even in the city-city parts of it, but more of the country.
alphonse elric lover1217
QUOTE(Chibka @ May 2 2006, 07:54 AM) [snapback]389351[/snapback]

I thought I posted in here already... eh, must have been another thread... I live in the U.S.! In Florida.

yay! i live in the US to! Texas.
yay! i live in the US to!

You and well over half this forum.

3 Brits aswell? Thats me, Chiyo and Le Monkey isn't it? We need more Bowler hat wearing, Tea drinkers stat.
I do believe there are others popo, they just leave in about a month of arriving. Still, glad you stuck around to Britify this place.
^^ Ha, it's kind of hard to believe there are only three regularly active brits members. huh.gif
Seems like we have lot more UK fans... unsure.gif
Then again, just how many Australians are there.....?

LeMonkey isn't on all that often anymore
Sharingan Serpent
I live in the UK in Northern Ireland in Londonderry and proud of it laugh.gif
Shadow Wulfe
I have the pleasure of living in the grand land of Texas.
QUOTE(popogeejo @ Aug 4 2006, 05:40 AM) [snapback]428901[/snapback]

yay! i live in the US to!

You and well over half this forum.

3 Brits aswell? Thats me, Chiyo and Le Monkey isn't it? We need more Bowler hat wearing, Tea drinkers stat.

Well, I work for the mafia, does this count?

Kidding. Obviously.

Like I said in the other thread, Nebraska. No stalkers plz.
Roy Jr.
I live in a third world country called the Philippines.

*Ugh* dry.gif(don't really like the title)

Aside from singaporeans, I guess I'm the only south-east asian here.

Actually I'm only part filipino coz my Mom is a Filipina and My Dad is Half Spanish, Half Jap.

So i'm:

1/2 Filipino
1/4 Espanol
1/4 Japanese
Roy Mustard
I'm the only one from China, but I used to live in New Zealand, even though I am a Chinese with little Japanese blood.

How come so many people want to visit Japan? Things cost so much. > < (Been there as well)
I'd so rather visit Australia(I did) and England ( not yet)
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