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Full Version: Favorite Gundam character, fav Gundam? (from which series?)
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Fullmetal Elric
Tell us your fav Gundam character/fav Gundam (from which Gundam series?) and WHY!!

definately has to be heavey arms. he owned, his amazingly big gun was so suped up. and hten when endless waltz came out it was cool. I liked it but there should have been more fighting in it, and heavyarms looked even cooler upgraded. what do you all think?
g gundam wasn't that great of a series overall but i still liked it (maybe because of domon/rain biggrin.gif), gundam wing was cool, and i haven't watched seed. full metal panic! sort of counts cause it had mechas too. but i think i like deathscythe the best, love the weapon, colors, and pilot wink.gif maan i haven't watched gwing in years, i barely remember anything about it...
Omakase Shimasu
Gundam Wing + Endless Waltz, Heero Yuy and Wing Zero [Custom]. smile.gif I'll talk more tomorrow. Now I need bed. Good night, sleep tight and of course don' let the bed bugs bite. See me rhyme~ @_@
Fav. Show: Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz and Gundam Seed. (Well, I didn't like Seed's ending, but overall, it's alright...)

Fav. Gundams: Deathsythe Custom, Wing Zero Custom, and Strike.

Fav. character: DUO MAXWELL! biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Elric
ha! yea..wing zero did look pretty amazing custom, BUT...heavyarms cutsom, if the put him in more action it would have been amazing, he has so many weapons on him, including thos 2 gattling guns that are as long as he is tall, and he has all those rockets on him...but then again wing zero just looks breath taking....good night my.....older sister maybe?....or are you my aunt?...meh either way see you all later..KEEP ON REPLYING!!! biggrin.gif
Chibi Viki

fav series: Gundam Wing

fav gundam: Winged Gundam Zero Custom (OAV)

fav characters: Heero, Relena

so far i've only watched G Gundam, Gundam X, and Turn A Gundam... i refuse to watch Gundam Seed anymore (characters gave me a headache)
Fullmetal Elric
i did try watching the original gundam back when it was on saturdays at like 11:00 at night but i guess the combo of being tired and that i thought it was a bit boring kind of lulled me to sleep, i didn't mind G Gundam too much, the only thing that really bothered me was the whole, "whatever the pilot does in his suit the moble suit does too." i like it better when they actually have to pilot the suit. i did like the gundams in G Gundam though. i forget the name of the main character, the guy with the black hair and bandana, but when he got his gundam upgraded i thought it was pretty cool how he would like just smash their face! lol
RoyxRiza BigFan
UC Gundam series for me..yeah i am damn retro..Wing was ok but Seed was too overhyped...too much fanboyism extremist...and yeah more gay bashing...but my favs.. :rolleyes:

Seed pilot: Yzak Jule :rolleyes: , kills two steroid druggies in badss mechs with even more badss attidude, could have bag fllay :( ..but damn that kira :angry: at least he has still has an astray gal in the manga :lol: i think

UC Gundam Pilot: Char Azanable, Antangonist in the whole series of UC gundam from the beginning of the first gundam series to the movie Char's counter attack, ultra badss in a mech, suit, banging chicks in a row, not too mention hot ones too :lol: The Ultimate Chick Magnet

Camill Bidan from Zeta Gundam was also pretty badss too with his mech and some chicks he scored in the mean time, so was Amuro in the final movie.

Wing Pilot: Heero Yuy. Mechincal Badssness, no question asks, just kill, but Zechs and treize were pretty cool candidates in mechs too. And bags a spoilt princess but still bagged good :lol:

G Gundam: Domon Kasshu, Ultimate Kung fu Warrior in near Uber Mech and bagged his childhood gal :lol:

Gundan X: Well i heard this from a mech fan and have good points.. Garrod Ran the main char of this series is just an ordinary kid but stands out as a genius of adaptpility no superhuman telepathic just the quickest hand eye coordination and a good vision in his eyes to pilot a mech, defeated two telepathiec psychopath brothers in a 2 vs 1 match, an ace pilot with a souped mech gundam and a supersonic space flight gundam all by himself, pure genius prodigy.

Badssest Gundams?

Zeta Gundam: This was the first orginal movement in upgrading a gundam to transform and having those uber cannons that can level a whole city. Very Kickss Design. B)

Nu Gundam: Badss Blaster, Kickss Wing design that deploys homing laser cannons in a spilt second with powerful telekinetic abilities. Could match up with Wing Cutom Zero no problem. B) That Wing funnel design part owns a lot of other mechs.

Wing Custom Zero: Has a style over substance but works well, and hey its not everyday that a robot looks good with bird's wings :rolleyes:

God Gundam: The ultimate uber killing gundam, a glowing finger and its literally the end of the story :rolleyes:

Devil Gundam: Like God Gundam but twice as evil.

Gundam XX: Has a near earth levelling ion cannon laser firepower at its will with an ability to control remote mechs around it.

and now for my favs...the Gundam Babes! @W@

UC series: Plenty but the best lots go too

Sayla Mass- Hot blonde chick, although retro hair by now, the first real beautiful sweetie to look at really and she does have a nice figure, and less
b*tchy attidude :rolleyes: pretty 80s.

Harman Karn :rolleyes: - Hot evil b*tchy chick, the hairstyle is a turnoff but suprisingly is real hot during her pre teens...char bag her no wonder. Extremely manipulative but emotionally attached to her lovers @W@

and generally most of the ladies in the Zeta Gundam series were either badss or kewl, nearly all they had style B) those in ZZ series were more kiddy like but some were still hot.

The Teacher in War in the Pocket- hot middle age chick for a school wonder kids like her.

Christie (War in the Pocket)- Very hot red hair chick with even more kickss attidude to pilot a kickss gundam despite inexperience. Good attidude to learn. Modern Career Women

Char Nagi (Char's Counterattack)- Hot chick that amuro bagged, Skilled mechinic in making one of the baddest ass gundam in history. Suspected to be a pre model for Noir and hilde due to the hairstyle and attidude @W@

Mirai Yashima in Char's Counterattack- intially throughout the series look fruitty due a streotypical asian look but in this movie...gawd she is so hot for a motherly Wife...i pity Noa not spending enough time with her :rolleyes:

Katejina (V gundam)- Exteremely HOT, Extremely Evil b*tch but hey she has the looks of a supermodel but an attidude of an double crosser is what makes her so kickss. Killed nearly all the main char's friends in the V Seires. Suspected to be the pre model for the Wing ladies Dorothy, Lady Une and Relena @W@

Wing series: mmm not really hot but more of kewl kewl

Nearly all of them are actually A ok i mean hey it is an alternate realm setting, i don't see why so many fanisms extremist hate the women...i mean come on this not the first time anime had this sort of personalities :rolleyes: Relena was the type of lady who gives air since she is royal but at least had good dressing in the OVA, Noir was pretty cool as the tough tomboy not too mention at least she got a good boyfriend to take care of her at the end :lol:, Catherine was probably the hottest out of the lot since she is a gynamstic acrobat mmmm :rolleyes:. Hilde was a more down to earth happy go lucky gal but shes a ok too. And Dorothy had to just fufill the role of the evil bitch to give the heros something to beat up anyway :lol:

Seed BABes @W@

mmm hot one good figure, hair and clothes but attidude wise Fllay, Lacus and Cagalii are the prettiest of da lots but the Minrei lady was another exception case too. But Fllay is hot insanity bitchy char, but real realistic like Asuka from Evangelion, the other gals were rather plot devices than really something. yeah fllay..damn it.. i wanted yzak to win her over :( ..if not for that kira main char crap :angry:
Fav Show:Seed(only seen that and Wing)
Fav Gundam: Ageis(soon to be gaia which looks hella of a cool blitz+BuCow :Drool Here:)
Fav Char:Mwu Fraga(sp?) well cause he rocks close second is Issac.
Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz
Heero Yuy tongue.gif (I used to like Duo though sad.gif) The Deathscythe was my favorite Gundam though.
I really, really disliked Relena and wished she would burn in hell XD Dorothy's eyebrows scared me.

Quatre and Trowa are together my all time fave though. They're so cute :3
My Favorite character is Treize and Lady Une. There is just something about a strong miltary leader and a very strong, fighting right hand woman that just appeals to me! laugh.gif
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Oct 4 2004, 06:56 PM)
Um, I think it goes without saying that I prefer Treize with Zechs. biggrin.gif

Sadly, that is so true for me XD... although Treize and Wufei aren't bad either.

Eh Milde? You mean that girl from those Episode 0 mangas? It was more of they envied each other's lifestyles... besides that was a doujinshi, wasn't it? blink.gif
I never watched the show, but I read like 2 mangas, played the game, and owned like 8 of the models.
Models owned:
•Gundam Wing
•Gundam Wing Zero
•Gundam Wing Custom (Endless Waltz)
•Gundam Deathscythe Custom (Endless Waltz)
•Gundam Nataku (Endless Waltz) <= My favorite, totally badass
•Gundam Heavy Arms Custom (Endless Waltz)
•Gundam Sandrock Custom (Endless Waltz)

As you can see, Endless Waltz owns everything else. ^^

And Nataku is just plain badass, no question.
My fav Gundam series is Gundam Wing. Fav mech heavy arms custom of course, just sooo cool with the guns and missles and my fav character is Trowa. biggrin.gif
I Liked SD Gundam

Very funny tongue.gif

Yet, serious dry.gif
i say the best gundam series was gundam wing, wing zero kicked ass in endless waltz biggrin.gif
My favourites have to be Gundam, Zeta, Wing, and SEED.(not so much anymore). Lol, when I first watched the first episode of Gundam I found it to be quite similar to the first episode of SEED. laugh.gif
i like lacus in the gundam but i think that calligi is sort of up herself
I like Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, and Gundam 08th MS Team a lot. Favorite characters and gundams are as follows

Wing: Zects and Epyon
SEED: Athrun and Freedom (or whatever his best one was)
MS Team: Eina and whatever the main gundam was (hehe)
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