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Here are all of the stories I'm presently working on, one of them is already done ^.^. Out of all of them...all of them where made just because it was late and strange stuff was going through my head. People seemed to like "The Dog, The Bean, and The Well..." it's a FMA/Inu crossover so yeah...ok most if not all of the stories are crossovers save for "One Year". That one actually was started by agent000 and I'm just co-authoring it ^.^. Please don't be too harst, flames aren't nice T.T. But I like constructive critism! ...Typos! Yes! lot's of them! It's this darn typoritus! (The Dog, The Bean, and The Well...) (Millennium Awakening) (Gates) (Hand in Hand) (Harry Potter and the Quadwizard Tournament)

Ok so the last one...I really couldn't think of a good title for that one (my title giving skills leave much to be desiered(sp?))...that and I was just board and had nothing better to do ^.^;;.

I hope they're ok!
blink.gif ohmy.gif OMG!!! Pride your not gonna beileve this!! I read the dog the bean and the well a few days back isnt that weird!!??and We just became friends today!! SPOOKY!! huh.gif laugh.gif I liked it a flaw here or there but no story is perfect I'd love to see what else you write!I havent gotten to reading the others. ph34r.gif
@.@ WA!!! That is creepy!!! ^.^ But kewl!
Yes, that actually does sound rather cool. Small world for FMA fans, right? laugh.gif
^.^ yup...
Yey! I started another fanfic! Whahahahaha! (The Dawn of Haymaker)
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