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yeah, I'm at the same place as you paca.... ;;

Did you guys know Laurie has a british accent?? I didn't know til some time ago.. biggrin.gif

Laurie has a british accent?I didn't know that XD oh well.I love how House is very sarcastic.It's hilarious!
QUOTE(~Kurenai~ @ Sep 28 2007, 01:46 AM) *
Did you guys know Laurie has a british accent??

Well he is British so one would expect that. Go look up "Jeeves and wooster" and "a bit of fry and laurie" to see just how British he can sound.
The man has very good control of his voice.
'Hugh Laurie is British' should never have to be a piece of information given out, and just for the record so is Angela Lansbury. And damn you all for using the term 'British accent', there is no such thing!! Blackadder (series 3 or 4) would also be a great place to find him, and wasn't his accent his normal one in Stuart Little? Its been years since I watched it to remember...

Season 4 won't be over here for a while yet, but my guess is the whole team (or at least 2 of them) will come back together...though I suppose State side you know by now? I just wouldn't think they'd risk a whole new trio even if House himself is still there. Then again, maybe they're happy enough just having Wilson, Watson to his Holmes as it were.

House is Sherlock Holmes by the way, the clues are there.
haha kumar from the harold and kumar movies!

chase and cameron are back! At least on the show, not back on house's team....yet. Not sure if house really saw foreman or if it was the tequilla
only 3 episodes left for season 4!


FOX will close the books on "House's" three remaining episodes over an eight-day period, press materials from the network confirmed today.
Here's a list of said installments:

"It's a Wonderful Lie" (Tuesday, January 29 at 9:00/8:00c)
"Frozen" (Sunday, February 3 at approximately 10:00/9:00c)
"Title TBA" (Tuesday, February 5 at 9:00/8:00c)
Finally, tonight the new series starts in the UK. I have actually only seen one advert for it, I thought they'd be screaming it from the rooftops.
New House episode (ep 13) aired this past monday!!!
anyone else watch? :x
QUOTE(asunder @ May 3 2008, 12:19 PM) *
New House episode (ep 13) aired this past monday!!!
anyone else watch? :x

I missed it;;

to make up for all the House eps. I've missed, I've recently started watching Scrubs.
Anyone else following the latest episodes of Season 4?

Ep 15 aired last night! It's ends on a cliffhanger!

CTB is dying

IMO, The first two post-writer's strike episodes (13 and 14) felt very rushed.
Last night's episode, however, was very well put together. (complete with cuddy as a stripper )

Any thoughts on what happens next week ohmy.gif
No idea where we are in terms of number....b*tch and the other girl were just fired (though, other girl is coming back?). The ep with the rocker anywho. Still watching it and will do to the end
Season 4 just ended on this side of the world.
Last episode wasn't as good as I hoped, but it sets some serious changes in store for season 5!

Let me guess, Cudey(sp?) says he no longer has to do the clinic but instead has to read to blind children. In House's usual style he decides to read them H.P Lovecraft and other horror stories.
Also, Conniving Lady Dog is actually a man.
Well I'll find out next week as its the final episode of season 4. Shame I'd read the spoilers and knew it was Amber on the bus. But to me it still seems dumb Wilson hadn't worried about her beforehand. It seemed they were together nearly all the time so if she vanished why did he just brush it off?
New Season starts tomorrow

Summary of first ep of season 5:
Title: Dying Changes Everything
In the aftermath of personal tragedy, Wilson resigns from the hospital... and from his friendship with House. Meanwhile, Thirteen struggles with her personal medical problems while helping treat an executive assistant with a similar personality to her own.
Airs: Tuesday September 16, 2008

my thoughts on the episode:

outrageous ...bordering on preposterous case.
ectopic pregnancy which could reach the vagus nerve (the vagus runs down from the brain until the left colic left portion of your large intestine....)
also amyloid in a 37 year old with no chronic disease???
Everyone was useless without House...
and House finally apologized and showed a moment of vulnerability to Wilson. Wilson responds by hurting House in theworst way he can.
dun dun dun

Can't wait for his return biggrin.gif

A patient with an illness/personality/lifestyle that hits a little too close to home for one of the staff....what a UNIQUE idea.

But perhaps I'm being snippy because I won't get to see this series for a while.
It was actually pretty good and she wasn't actually that similar.

An organ donor's organs are responsible for the deaths of several patients, and the team work to save the last two recipients. Meanwhile, House hires a private detective to keep tabs on Wilson.

My 2 cents:

mediocre episode ... and don't like the added PI guy to the show. too gimmicky. ,-,
Love House!! T-T But I've missed a lot of episodes!!
Love it, but I started late in season 3 and 4, mixed episodes from USA network and this las 2 ep from season 5 in fox, i have to see it from the beginning.

About he being British I would have never guess(sp?) and I found a clip in youtube that without this bit of information I would have thought he was faking the accent XD
*sigh* I have every episode of Jeeves and Wooster, but certainly it wouldn't have worked without Fry AND Laurie.

Series 4 of House is out on DVD Monday, it'll have to do while I wait for series 5 to air (probably about next March at a guess)
why not watch it online? on fancast or on

Well I wasn't that keen on series 4 so haven't got as much umph to really try and see series 5...waiting till it'll be on television is the easiest option.
house is my fave show smile.gif

wilson for the win!
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