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Full Version: Not Exactly Fma Art.
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The Full Metal Pianist
<Since this is said to be original fanart, moving from FMA Faworks forum section front to FMA Fanart sub-forum. 03/07/07 ~Tombow>

Just a funny little comic I did, with my love for FMA. It's kinda funny, I guess. The characters are dull.. I'll fix that next time.

Click to view attachment


<Edited to switch the posting of 1 oversize pic from Image posting to Attachment. 03/07/07 ~Tombow>
@The Full Metal Pianist - biggrin.gif Did you draw these characters also?? That's nicely done!! smile.gif

Tho, I'm thinking... since this is the original artwork (if you did that drawing), and not the manipulation of graphics, this thread should be more appropreate (and probably get more responses) in fanart forum??

BTW, that comic is bit too lage for the page, and streching the thread page sideways, could you make it into an attachment?? or, could you switch that to posting the link instead of actual comic??
Like this:
Or, like this: My comic by using "Insert Link" function (the one that looks like Earth) smile.gif

<Edited the pic and changed to Attachment.
Also, moving the thread from FMA Fanworks forum section front to FMA Fanart sub-forum. 03/07/07 ~Tombow>
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