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este es mi primer fanart... esta a nombre de mi nick codiciosa del foro FMA de miarroba
IPB Image
Oooh! Well, I don't speak spanish (I think this is spanish) but I think this extremly cute! I just think there's something about your way of drawing chibis! wub.gif Would make very original icons also!
I don't speak spanish either, but I love your drawing! They're all so cute! I really love the Winry and Envy ones. Great job!
¡Su fanart es tan adorable! Adoraría ver más. biggrin.gif
^^ Yeah, those are adorable!! biggrin.gif

@SweetSong_Alchemist - Welcome to the board!! smile.gif
These are soooo cute!! I love them!! biggrin.gif
Awh! that's just too cute. happy.gif I like the Greed-in-love chasing Envy! It really mad me laugh. laugh.gif

They are really good for a first attempt! I like the way you draw your chibi's, simple yet effective.
I'd love to see more!
Adoro cómo usted dibuja su chibis. ¡Envy y Greed se ven bien chistosos! Espero ver más de sus dibujos. laugh.gif
I am the Only sister Elric
la Envy... uhhh nevermind...... I'll do it in english (tried 5 times to get it right in Spanish ut quit because it didn't work) *discuraged* I thought I'd let all of you know (if you dont) That Envy is a guy.. and so is Greed.... So it dosn't wrk if they're in love. But I love thoes chibis! ^.^
QUOTE(I am the Only sister Elric Posted Yesterday @ 08:41 AM)
That Envy is a guy.. and so is Greed.... So it dosn't wrk if they're in love.

She certainly already knows that and drew it for humour purpose. And to your information, EnvyXGreed is a popular pairing.
Ed-Al-Win Fan
This is very cute! I love the style!:)
Estan muy buenos y graciosos, me mate de risa . Sigue asi tongue.gif biggrin.gif
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