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Full Version: Winry fans! Thread for all Winry fans to talk about Winry!
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Note to Anti-Winry fans:

This thread is set aside as a "safe-harbor" thread for Winry fans where they can enjoy posting all kind of things Winry and enjoy being Winry fans WITHOUT being interfered by anti-Winry fans. Therefore, we ask Anti-Winry fans to kindly refrain from posting any anti-Winry content on this thread. ^^ Thank you so much in advance for your understanding. smile.gif
~ Board Staff

biggrin.gif This thread is for all of Winry's fans to gush! I'm seriously a fanboy for Winry, she's such a sweetie!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

I did search for a winry thread, but didn't find any, so here ya go!!!

Go Winry!

At first, didn't think much of her, but as time passed, grew quite fond of her--being an uber-skilled automail mechanic totally adds to her appeal.

...Although, not really an Ed/Winry shipper, or even Al/Winry.
hmm.. I luff winry, more so in the manga cause in the anime, she sort of gets annoying... dry.gif but in the anime she rocks my world. happy.gif
Yup count me in! laugh.gif She had to grow on me but now I like Winry!
(Don't like her dubvoice though, kinda gives me a headache dry.gif)

I hope she and Ed hit it off soon laugh.gif
* is a great EdxWin supporter
I have the bad feeling this thread is gonna turn into an EdWin one...I hope it won't but still.
I'm a EdxRose supporter. That way Winry's available! *dreams of one day building a device to transport me into FMA world* wub.gif

[/fanboy rampage]

EDIT: Yeah, I agree, this thread should just be for Winry, there are plenty of other EdWin threads out there... biggrin.gif
QUOTE(SinLuxuria @ Apr 18 2006, 11:40 AM) [snapback]382928[/snapback]

I have the bad feeling this thread is gonna turn into an EdWin one...I hope it won't but still.

Don't worry! wink.gif I won't be mentioning it anymore, since it was kinda offtopic happy.gif

Oh, no, don't worry, it's fine! It's just that a fifth EdWin thread would be a bit too much, 'tis all.

Anyway, I'll be happy to join the club. Winry is an awesome and hot character. I don't feel like explaining why, let's just say that she's different from most girls in anime.
Hooray!! It's about time Winry gets her own thread, and not just treated as a love-interest of Ed, or Al, or whoever... !! biggrin.gif
(I'm fine with pairings, but I still like the idea of Winry having her own thread!!)
I think she deserves it!! happy.gif

And, @Damascus - Love that Winry pic!!
yeah, she does. She's so much fun, a wrench-wielding-automail-fixing-just-plain-fun-girl sort of person has to be pretty cool just based on that, lol. I love it when she beats up Ed, tongue.gif its just kind of funny.
Winry's cool, count me in. biggrin.gif
IPB Image

Yay for fanboys.
just a wee bit obsessed, are we? lol
Agreed! laugh.gif
* is kinda suprised there wasn't an all Winry thread yet

Awh that's cute happy.gif I'm guessing you made this Damascus? (just a wild guess)

Favorite Winry moments anyone?
Personally I love the part where she hits Ed with a chair *Wack* It breaks the wrechhabit nicely
I just got a winry pic and spray-painted a heart yeah... (fanboy till the day i die). I'm a fanboy b/c anime girls can't hurt you if you like them. sad.gif

Fav winry moment: when she was blinking the light on and off when ed was on his way home... she is such a sweetie!! :3 wub.gif
QUOTE(Damascus @ Apr 18 2006, 06:39 PM) [snapback]383064[/snapback]
Fav winry moment: when she was blinking the light on and off when ed was on his way home... she is such a sweetie!! :3 wub.gif
That was a touching moment!! happy.gif
And, thanks for more cute Winry pic!! Nice!!

I like all the young Winry-Ed-Al playing together moments. They are so cute!!
fanboy till the day i die

You should stick that in your sig.
Some winry pics: smile.gif

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

And I just thought this was funny! laugh.gif
IPB Image
Full Metal Elf
Yay Winry!! I love Winry..she's so sweet and such a good friend. And we know Ed and Winry love each other..happy.gif. Ed was forced to admit it by Winry admitted to cute.

Yay! Winry is one of my favorite characters. ^^

I always love it throughout the anime when she expresses her concern for the Elric brothers. I think it shows the strong bond between them... as friends. (Even though I'm a huge EdxWin supporter... BUT that's not what this thread is about...)
I adore Winry. She's an excellent character in both the anime and the manga.

As long as it's slightly relevant, I am a supporter of Winry/Rose, Winry/Shezka, a little bit of Winry/Ed or Al. And Greed x Tiedup!Winry
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Apr 20 2006, 06:18 PM) [snapback]384134[/snapback]

And Greed x Tiedup!Winry

*takes out knife* how dare you!! My beloved Winry! But it was Envy anyway, so that would have been funny. laugh.gif *heh heh envy would have hated greed even more...*
Winry's such a great character. I don't understand how people hate her.
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Apr 20 2006, 04:18 PM) [snapback]384134[/snapback]

And Greed x Tiedup!Winry

Heh, that part in the OVA made me open up more about my secret leaning toward that unconventional couple; then Envy had to go and ruin everything at me, but it is what he's best at. rolleyes.gif (Granted, it was still incredibly funny as hell when it turned out Winry was Envy, and ALL of them--Greed, Ed, Al--ALL of them share in the freaked-out feeling of disturbance.
QUOTE(Sydney @ Apr 21 2006, 07:37 PM) [snapback]384547[/snapback]

(Granted, it was still incredibly funny as hell when it turned out Winry was Envy, and ALL of them--Greed, Ed, Al--ALL of them share in the freaked-out feeling of disturbance.

laugh.gif I know. He had the best 'Hoshit!' look on his face. Like '... damn. Does that make me gay now?'

Back to Winry; Um...

If it really was Winry there, she'd have figured out a way to tie him up. wink.gif
QUOTE(vfdj42 @ Apr 21 2006, 09:44 AM) [snapback]384352[/snapback]

Winry's such a great character. I don't understand how people hate her.

People hate her because she can reeealy get on one's nerves, especially in the anime. She's also been described as 'a bit slutty.' She's often a love/hate character, though not so much in the manga. Personally, she annoyed me in the anime, but I think that she's a great complement to Ed and Al and useful as a subplot in the manga. They are quite different...
^^ what he said.

@Toby-chan: Lol, tied him up and beaten him with an excessivly heavy wrench, lol/
^^ I agree. Manga Winry is getting deeper character, I think.
Tho, anime Winry is cute, too!! biggrin.gif
HalfAsian Alchemist
Yeah Winry! I love her! Though I'm pretty sure I'd get violently beaten by both Ed and Al if I made any move on her. Oh well, I do support EdxWinry.
Alphonse xOMGYAY
yay winry =]
I, of course, am a Winry fan, and especially her character in the manga. Considering she lost both her parents she didn't go off the rails like she could have. If she was sickly sweet, I don't think the Elrics would bother with her so the violence is good.
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Apr 21 2006, 07:58 PM) [snapback]384549[/snapback]

If it really was Winry there, she'd have figured out a way to tie him up. wink.gif

After reading your Winry Facts, I have to agree.

I'm a Winry fan, like a few here, I like her more in the manga. But I still like her a lot in the anime and movie.
HalfAsian Alchemist
I was just rereading this thread, and I had the perfect thought after reading what Damascus said about building a device to go to the FMA world. I'd use that, only I'd "steal" Winry and have her all to myself! biggrin.gif Oh and I'd probably stay long enough to figure out the basics off alchemy, just to see if it could be done here...
I'm a Winry fan. I like her more in the manga, but I still like her in the anime and movie. biggrin.gif

Sometimes, I just don't understand why people hate her.
The list of reasons why I love Winry is wayyyy to long to count. wub_anim.gif
edo little kid
I like Winry so much
But I don't love (( EdxWin))

I like her long yellow hair !!!

and this my drawing about Winry

bay for now

Winry rocks. She is cooler than her haters xD!

and this my drawing about Winry

It's really amazing ohmy.gif
I love Winry, she's one of my favorite anime characters and up there as Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin. I always wanted Ed to get with her ever snice I first saw the anime and was pleased the manga is going in that direction athough I'm very disappointed with the first anime and movie with that not being the only reason.

Winry like most famous manga female characters will have her own group of haters. It's like a rule especially among yaoi fans.

I can't help but think she's hot, her personality, traits, history and her story is so appealing.

atleast Edwin is very popular especially in the japanese sites I posted in the Ed Winry thread.
Full-Fledged Alchemist
Well, as an EdxWin shipper, I can fully say that I love Winry! She's spunky, she's funny, she's cool...and she's not a freaking Mary Sue like a certain pink-banged girl who like's to live in ignorance...but, that's beside the point...

As a whole, I think it's awesome that she's a female in an anime, and she's not constantly shouting help! I mean seriously, I love Kagome from Inuyasha, but she sure needed saving a lot...

But yeah, all but one female character in FMA have a lot of good traits. Most of them being strong, independent, and realistic.

But seriously, who has bangs in the 1920s/30s?

Okay, I'm done...GO WINRY!
I didnt like her after watching the Anime, but after reading the manga i started to love her more and more.
actuallythe manga did that for alot of the characters, it goes more in depth with the characters.
but anyway, yah Winry is one of my favs now.
I adore Winry smile.gif She hasn't been in the manga for SOOOOOOO long!!! It REALLY bugs me. I also LOVE EdxWinry smile.gif biggrin.gif happy.gif
Well ya know what? Winry is cooler than her haters and the reasons they have for hating her. Because there are WAY more reasons to love her, and too many people don't give her the credit she deserves.

1. She's not a damsel-in-distress
2. Or a Mary Sue
3. She's bright and intelligent
4. She's strong, independent and confident
5. She has serious GUTS
6. She's spunky, funny and sweet
7. She has maturity and wisdom
8. She keeps a level head when things get crazy
9. She steps up to the plate when she's needed
10. She's not afraid to (literally) knock some sense into people when they need it, especially Ed and Al wink.gif
11. On the other hand, she's also very caring and sensitive
12. She is fiercely loyal
13. She cares very deeply for Ed and Al and wants what's best for them
14. She does everything in her power to support them and keep them going, both physically and emotionally
15. She's tomboyish, but she has a beautiful feminine side too
16. Going hand-in-hand with that, she's very cute and pretty <3
17. She has flaws...which is a good thing, because it makes her a realistic, well-rounded character
18. When she makes mistakes, she fixes them and learns from them.
19. When she does something wrong, she apologizes.
20. She's not afraid to cry or express her emotions...and whenever she DOES cry, it's for a good reason
21. She's an ordinary girl who doesn't have any special powers or status...but that doesn't stop her from kicking butt and being awesome.

And each and every one of those reasons has solid canon proof behind it. I could cite manga chapters and keep going, but I have schoolwork to finish.

Which list did you say was longer, again? rolleyes.gif
<Note: The post below has since been moved to "Reason why people hate Winry?" thread.
~ Board Staff>

QUOTE (Superninja @ Nov 12 2009, 01:37 PM) *
QUOTE (Cece @ Nov 27 2008, 04:49 PM) *
The list of reasons why I love Winry is wayyyy to long to count. wub_anim.gif

I have to say the list of reasons why she shld be hated wld probably be longer.
for starters
1. shes a gold digger
2. she has an annoying obsession with automail/ed
3. asks people stupid questions eg. have you ever shot anyone? asking this to riza who is cleaning 1 gun and has 3 more visible guns on her person
4. she is a man beater
5. she sleeps with spanners(look at opening 1 if u dont believe me)
6. forgets to do the simplist things(like putting in a screw) which lead to ed getting hurt
7. she has a terrible dress sense (she wears a black bra on most days)
8. she abandoned pinako to go to rushvalley
9. she gets in the way (when she nearly got herself killed by trying to kill scar)
10. she is so full of herself thinking that she is the best.
11. she is too VIOLENT for such small matters
12. she believes she is the best automailist in the world
and there are many more exept i have to go

I think that Superninja is in a wrong thread (this one is for fans), and mixing up Winry's characterization from the manga and the first anime, which are quite different from each other. And exaggerating.

(I'll only talk about the manga/Brotherhood version, mostly manga, since it's been a long time since I saw the first anime and am not very familiar with it anymore.)
Winry is interested in automail because it's what she wants to do for living, and what she is good at. And she cares about Edward (and Alphonse), because she is their close friend.

If we're talking about the scene in the manga flashback, Winry was still a kid when she asked Hawkeye about that. Besides, I think it was more of wanting some kind of confirmation than "asking stupid questions". People ask things like that a lot, really, and it just does not seem like a reason to hate a character, or even dislike them.

The "gold digging" and "man beating" I think are more like comedic aspects that are not meant to be taken as literally as the more serious parts of the story. Other "do not take completely literally" elements in the manga include Al stabbing people's foreheads with the horn on his helmet, etc... I think those things are not meant to have as much emotional emphasis as the more serious moments.

I don't think forgetting the screw was a simple thing: Automail seems quite complicated to me. Besides, she had been pulling all-nighters because Ed wanted to have a new arm as quickly as possible, and Winry was nice enough to sacrifice her free time and sleep for that. Besides, the arm malfunction actually led to Ed not getting as hurt as he could have otherwise. Envy even says that thanks to the automail malfunction, the homunculi don't have to beat him up worse than that.

Never thought her fashion sense was terrible. I personally wouldn't wear miniskirts like she does, but that's mostly because I happen to have ugly legs.

Pinako herself went to study in Rush Valley when she was young, and actually encouraged Winry and was proud of her when she didn't come back once work got hard. Lots of people move away from their families to study or work. I'm currently living away from my family because of my studies. Never thought I was a horrible person because of that.

Winry's interactions with Scar were, in the end, a big part of what made Scar able to let go of his revenge and learn to endure what the Amestrian military did to his people. Additionally, about "getting in the way", I think Winry was really smart in the way she got out of the way as soon as she found out she was being used as a hostage against the brothers. It was really mostly Winry's own good thinking that got her out of that one.

Again, I'm only really familiar with the mangaverse, but I never got the idea that Winry thinks she is the best automail mechanic, or is particularly full of herself. She wouldn't want to be an apprentice of a better automail mechanic if she thought that. I think Winry found Dominic to be the best (or one of the best) automail mechanics; Winry herself is gifted, and very good for someone her age, but she is perfectly aware that older, wiser mechanics, who have been making automail for a long time, know more about it than she does.
LOL, I love how both of you have excuses of why you can't put more on your list. biggrin.gif
I'm sure you DID have more though, right? wink.gif
As for me, I like Winry. Lots of people say that she's annoying, but really? Are you seriously feeling annoying while reading script on a page? Are you reading the manga and thinking, "Wow, this book annoys me so much!" Or even when watching the show. I mean, to insult Winry is to insult Arakawa's work. And pretty much, like, whole 1/4 of the series. I mean, if you don't like her, I'm not gonna start yelling at you or whatever, but I really just don't understand your logic. confused.gif I've had characters in shows that I don't really like before, because I don't approve of their actions and behaviors, but I've never really been irritated by one before. Guess I'm just not getting into it as much as others.
@Ropespinner - im not saying that you are a horrible person for leaving i am just saying that she left her grandma all alone with no one to look after her.

And I dont seem to recal Al EVER hitting someone he liked with his horn, i thought it was only in fights, no cause he got pissed of because his friends had come home, or done something stupid.

and im not saying that people should im just expressing my own opinion. and just because i dont like one character doesnt mean that i am insulting the author. i think that Arakawa has done an amazing job with this manga and i hope that it doesnt end any time soon
<Program Note>

@Superninja - I moved your the other post with "reasons why people should hate Winry" to... "Reasons why people hate Winry?" thread, as what Ropespinner has stated is correct, and this thread here is NOT a debate thread between Winry fans and anti-Winry fans, while the above mentioned "Reasons why people hate Winry?" thread IS the thread for this kind of discussions. smile.gif

And, since I see that you have already stated that you are an anti-Winry fan, and this thread is a FAN CLUB thread that is set aside as a "safe-harbor" thread for Winry fans where they can enjoy posting all kind of things Winry and enjoy being Winry fans WITHOUT being interfered by anti-Winry fans, we ask you to kindly refrain from posting any anti-Winry content on this thread, and continue this discussion of "Why people should hate Winry" on the above mentioned "Reasons why people hate Winry?" thread. ^^

Thank you so much for your understanding!! biggrin.gif


To regular posters (Winry fans) of this thread:

If you get other similar "I hate Winry" posts, please follow this process....

1. Kindly remind the poster about "Note from the board staff to anti-Winry fans" on the first post of this thread that's declaring that this thread is a "Safe Harbor" thread set aside for the Winry fans,

2. Then, courteously redirect the poster to "Reasons why people hate Winry?" thread.

Thank you!! biggrin.gif
She needs love smile.gif
Winry's a big topic of debate these days, eh? I have trouble saying negative things about FMA, especially about its awesome characters so here I go...
Although I find myself relating to Hawkeye more, Winry is still a respectable person who can be both sensitive and strong without appearing false. I remember when I first watched the FMA1 anime with my friends and we all rather disliked her, but then we watched Deathnote and deemed Misa-Misa the whiny gal of the moment, and that made Winry all the much better towards us. I guess we grew up and realized we were being irrational, and Winry was actually someone to look up at and admire. Lol, so that is my story of how I ended up liking Winry.

Oh, and not to mention she's super pretty and skilled. I mean, who has such long and naturally blond hair these days? She and Edward make the perfect super-long-blond-awesome-hair-team! I wish I could play with their hair... girl_in_love.gif

I made this picture of her using Hiromu Arakawa's art and some photobucket magic...

For full details see here...
EniviD EiraM
Winry !

Are ya kidding?? Why would someone hate her ?? She's smart, kind, nice, gorgeous,
loving, understanding, naughty, funny, and adventurous....

haha I adore this girl to no end. She's cute, chic, spunky and kind-hearted. Who doesn't like her? biggrin.gif

My favorite scene has to be the part when she hits Ed and Alphonse pretends to put his soul back. HAHA laugh.gif

I feel her sadness when she asks something along the line, "Why is the only thing I can do is wait..." Aw!
Sometimes, I wish she practices alchemy too. That would be cool. But I like her auto-mail obsessed nature more.
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