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Full Version: Second Lieutenant Ross' Fanart
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Second Lieutenant Ross
laugh.gif Hello! As a long time fan of this website, it's a little freaky to finally be contributing, but it's also quite fun. (Until now, the only place I posted pictures was on Facebook). Anyway, everything here is FMA fanart, and if anyone reads the Evangelion manga, they'll recognize a few of the poses I used for these pics. (Something I often do with manga and anime is I take a pose from one character and then put another character in that pose--for example, the Winry drawing here was originally Asuka from Eva, but I changed her hair and face slightly--thus you get Winry). Anyway, I don't know that a disclaimer is necessary here, (in fact, I'm pretty sure it isn't), but since I always do it on Facebook: I DO NOT OWN FMA. REPRODUCTIONS OF OTHER ARTISTS' WORK IS JUST DRAWN FOR FUN, SO PLEASE DON'T SUE! Thanks.
Your drawings are very good! I really like them. Especially the 6th, the 9th and the 13th ^^ I love the colors you used at the Ed and Al silhouttes one. Keep up the great work!

Edit: I almost forgot to say! Welcome to the board!
Oh, your drawings are beautiful. I especially liked how you drew the Philosopher Stone Drawing! Ah, and welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing your next batch of drawings.
@Second Lieutenant Ross - Welcome to our board!! smile.gif
I'm so glad you finally decide to post your artwork!!
I really enjoy viewing those drawings!!
The are beautiful!! And, I love some of your "interpretation" works, like the one with Armor Al with Al inside, or Ed with transmutation circles, and Al's body, and Grand Arcanum in the background!! And, I also love the Winry one, and Roy & the military gang one!!
Very very nice job!! happy.gif
Second Lieutenant Ross
Thank you to everyone who looked at/responded to my last batch of drawings! I almost put these in the same post, but then I found that I'd deleted some scans off my computer, so I had to re-scan most of these. (A lot of these were done before I started using markers for most skin tones, so that's my only excuse for the sub-par colors of some).
By the way, I orderd the third FMA artbook a while ago, and yesterday, it finally came in the mai! laugh.gif So though I might not post anything new for a while, rest assured that I will be working on a lot of stuff circa the end of the anime/the movie... (laughs maniacally with joy).

Threads merged; please don't create new personal fanart threads if you already have an existing one, thanks.
I am the Only sister Elric
Hey thoes are RrRRRREEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY!!!! COOOL! And I mean that! I wish I could draw like that. ^.^ Oh and My favorite month is September.. (Thats my birthday month!)
@Second Lieutenant Ross - Those are so wonderful!!
I'm really enjoying all yur drawings!! You're so talented!!
I especially like Jan., and Roy and Riza in kimono in May!!
Awsome!! biggrin.gif
Your drawings are so good! I love them! It's cool you drew different clothing on the characters ^.^
ed's numbuh 1 fan
those are wonderfull , tthey must have took alot of time to draw! very good job happy.gif
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I liked January the most~ And your Philosopher's Stone pic is really cool! The 2nd last pic in your first post is really pretty~ biggrin.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Cool! I love all these, the drawings and colors are awesome! You draw and color really well! Keep up the good work!:)
Wow. You're good! Wonderful drawings you got there! Hrmm.. You got tons of imaginations to make drawings and poses of FMA. But for me, I had problems in drawing one. You see.. I have no idea to draw what.. I REALLY want to draw somethin' RIGHT NOW but I dunno what.. I just can't put my finger to it. It just won't come out of my mind! *sigh* dry.gif I really need help in drawin' something.. Anyway, I see you're a talented artist!^^ Good job and keep it up!
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