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Full Version: Fullmetal Miracle? (edxwinry)
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~The Silver Blood Alchemist~
Why does that bastard Colonel have to see us now of all times! We were so close to finding more clues to the stone!” An angered Ed yelled at no one in particular.

“I can just picture it now, ‘How's the search for the Philosopher's Stone going Fullmetal? Really? No progress? How long must you waste the military's money for this wild goose chase? Fullmetal? Fullmetal! Oh there you are, I couldn't see you there. What are you doing, sitting down? No? My mistake. Come to think of it, I believe that you've gotten taller since the last time I saw...oh, no wait...sorry, Ed. I'm your Colonel, so you'd better roll your eyes at me. Don't make me come down there.’ ”

Winry couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ed! Do you realize what Mustang can do to you! He could take your watch and kick you out of the military! Then you won't have any authorization to look for the Philosopher's Stone or look for Scar or anything! Now you're just going to march on in there and throw it all in his face!” Winry stated after she had calmed down.

“Hey! Thanks, Winry!” Ed said (hehe! That rhymes!) in a sarcastic remark. You've really persuaded me to give it some real thought! Hmmmm….thinking.…thinking...thinking...nope! Still gonna do it! Well, it was really nice having this conversation with you. But I've gotta go mouth off to Roy! See ya!

“Thank you, Brain,” she sarcastically said, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Winry? Are you okay?” Ed asked.

“Great, thanks. Anyways, what was I gonna say? Oh, yeah. I remember now.”

Ed stood blankly. He moved his hands in a way to motion “keep going”.

“Can I at least borrow your watch for a little while first?” Winry asked.

“And by ‘borrow’, you mean take apart and….oh, what’s the word….destroy?” He commented.

Well, not necessarily ‘destroy’, but anyways. When you last broke your auto-mail and had to come to Risembool for me to repair it, while you were taking a shower….

Oh my God did he look hot…..she thought.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know she dazed off. The sudden stop freaked Ed out. He felt a blush cover his face and his eyes widened.

Dammit she was watching! He thought.

“Winry! Anytime!”

“Oh! Yeah. Anyways, while you were taking a shower---”

“Don’t go blank on me again,” Ed said.

Winry blushed. “Right,” she said.

“---I had the urge to take it apart, so---”

“Wait a minute,” Ed said, “you had the urge to take the shower apart?”

Winry slapped her hand to her forehead at his stupidity.

“THE WATCH!” she yelled.

“Okay! Okay! Geez.”

“Brother, are you going to let Winry finish her story or not?” Al said as he came back from the store(A/N: sorry it took so long to put Al in the story).

“Hey, Al,” Winry said.

“Okay so far, when I last broke your auto-mail and had to come to Risembool for you to repair it, while I were taking a shower, you had the urge to take---THE WATCH! Not the shower!----apart, so….?” He waited for her to continue.

“So I did. And that’s when I saw the date inside of your watch and---“


“Okay fine. Never mind. Sorry,” Winry said, a little hurt. “I’m going to go now. See ya later Al.” Winry started walking away. She turned around coldly. “Bye, Ed.”

Just as she was walking, Ed saw a tear drop. Ed’s face fell. He noticed a piece of paper on the ground. On the front it read, “Property of Winry Rockbell. DO NOT TOUCH!”

She must have dropped it. He thought.

Ed knew he shouldn’t but he did. Carefully he unwrapped the paper.

(A/N: I've decided to skip the crappy poem.)

Ed folded the piece of paper up and stuck it in his pocket. “Winry,” he said. He knew what was coming.

Winry turned over in her bed…or at least what she thought was her bed. Actually, it wasn’t her bed. It was 4:00 a.m. and she was leaning on the side of her house. She opened her eyes and looked at the tree. She could have sworn that she saw someone leaning against it. Winry stood up and walked over toward the figure. Sure enough someone was. Someone she couldn’t believe was there (You can predict this).

It was Roy (Or not)

(A/N: Okay, okay, It wasn’t Roy. I’ll start over)

Winry stood up and walked over toward the figure. Sure enough someone was. Someone she couldn’t believe was there.


The blonde haired boy turned around, tear-stained face and all.

It took him by surprise.

Winry looked over to where his coat was. It was hanging over a grave that said “Trisha Elric”.

“Winry! I was just, um, ya know, It’s no what you think! I wasn’t crying! Really! I’m okay. Let’s go back inside and I’ll make you some tea. Then we can go back to---“

Ed blushed. Winry’s arms were around his waist and her head was against his chest.

“It’s okay, Ed. I miss her, too.”

Ed couldn’t help himself. He put his arms around her and the surprise made Winry blush.

Winry smiled, but not for long.

She could hear Ed trying to stop the tears.

Winry cried and buried her head in his shirt. And somehow, Ed knew she was giving him permission to cry, too.

No, gotta be strong. Gotta be strong for Winry, He thought.

“Are you sure?” Ed managed to say.

Winry shook her head.

“Thank you, Winry.”


Winry turned over in her bed…..or at least what she thought was her bed. Actually this time it was her bed. She looked up at what she thought was the sky, but turned out to be the ceiling.

I’m inside, she thought. She got out of bed and noticed that she was in different clothes.

Where was I last night? she thought again. Then it hit her.

“Oh, that’s right,” Winry said, “I was outside with Ed.”

Winry looked down at her clothes again. “Oh my God!” she squealed.

Winry ran down stairs and to her surprise, saw Alphonse washing dishes and making breakfast.

“Al! Where’s Ed?” she panted.

“Oh he’s outside by Mom’s grave. I told him that I would wake you, but he told me to let you sleep.” Al said.

“Oh thank God,” Winry sighed.

“What’s the matter?” Al asked her.

“Huh? Oh. Oh nothing. I just have to go see Ed.” And with that she was out the door.

Al turned around with a confused expression.


“Ed!” Winry yelled.

“Yeah?” Ed asked.

Winry squeaked from the sudden surprise.

“Okay, I have a question,” she started.

“Okay,” he said.

“Did you dress me last night?” Winry asked straight on.

Ed smiled.

“Calm down,” he said, still smiling, “Aunt Pinako did.”

Winry sighed in relief.

“Why?” he asked, suddenly interested.

“Oh, uh, no reason,” she said.

“Okay,” Ed said.

“Oh, by the way,” he said, pulling something out of his pocket, “I think this is yours.”

Winry’s eyes widened. She snatched it away from him.

“Did you read this?” she asked, her face completely red.

“Well, um, not exactly read it,” he said.

More like memorized it, he thought.


“Okay, well, yeah, I read it. But Winry! I, I just had to! You know I have that habit!” he said.

“Dammit, Ed!” Winry yelled.

She sat down on the ground.

“Dammit, Ed….” she repeated softly.

“Winry, I----”

“Why do you do this to me! Yesterday you yelled at me for telling something that you apparently didn’t want to hear, you’re always keeping secrets from me, now this! What more can I do Ed?” she cried.


“Look, if you really want to know why I wrote this, fine. When I was 9 or 10, yes, I was attracted to you. I wrote so I would always think of you. I took it with me everywhere. One day I let my best friend read it. She loved it and wanted me to write her one. She told her friends and they wanted one. So I made them some. It was just because I was stupid and I let my feelings for you get to me. It drove me crazy. I stopped after two weeks of making them. It’s no big deal. Don’t take it seriously, Ed. I was little and stupid and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“But if you got rid of all the other ones, why did you keep mine?” he asked

“I don’t…I don’t know. I just did,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Winry said.

“Well, it matters to me. And ya know what? I’m sorry that I ruined your life. That I’m the reason for your misery.”


“But ya know what else, Winry?”

A small tear fell from her cheek and landed on his shoe.

Ed walked up to her, grabbed her wrist and pulled her lips to his. Winry’s eyes widened (A/N: that word is really getting annoying).

The kiss only lasted about a second before he pulled back and harshly jerked her wrist away.

“You want me gone so badly? See ya.”

Winry was speechless. Finally she made words out.

“Ed…” she whispered.


But he just kept walking.


Chapter two:

Winry walked in the door.

“Hi, Winry!” a cheery Al said.

“I made a sandwich for you. It’s your favorite! Turkey and cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and onions. I even trimmed the crust just the way you like it!” he said, handing her the plate.

“Thanks, Al,” she said.

“At least someone still cares,” she muttered quietly.

“What was that?” Al asked her.

“Nothing. It was nothing,” she replied.

Al just shrugged. He picked up the knife he was using and continued chopping the steak.

“Hey, Winry? Where’s Ed? I made him steak. He loves steak,” Al asked.

“I don’t know, Al,” she said. A tear slid down her cheek.

Concern filled Al’s voice, “What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Just like I said,” she repeated, “ ‘I don’t know’,”

“He just…left,” She said.

“What do you mean ‘he just left’? Why?”

Winry was quiet.

“Winry, what did he do to you?” Al walked over to Winry.

“He…he didn’t do anything to me,” she mumbled, just loud enough for Al to hear.

“WHAT HAPPENED!” Al yelled.

Winry looked up. “You really want to know?” she asked.

Winry stood up.

“He kissed me, Al,” she said coldly.

It was quiet for a moment.

Winry ran upstairs and slammed the door. She sat on her bed and pulled out a knife.

Winry took a deep breath.

“This one’s for my parents,” she said. She sliced her arm about two inches away from her wrist.

Winry winced in pain. Tears streamed down her face.

“And this one’s for Ed,” she cried. She engraved in her arm the letters E and D. Then she pushed the knife as hard as she could into her wrist. Then she pulled the knife as fast as she could…..


Al stood up.


Chapter three:

Damn Winry,” Ed said (heehee! There’s the rhyming again! Get it? Ed? Said? Okay. Enough of my unfunny humor.)

The thought played over and over again.

Ed walked inside East Headquarters.

Ed smirked when he saw Roy.

At least I still get to mouth of to the colonel, he thought.

Ed pranced up to Roy.

“Hello, Colonel! How are you today?” he asked in a nails-on-a-chalkboard voice.

(A/N: Sorry if that made you shiver a bit. I hate that thought, too.)

“Why hello, Fullmetal!” he mocked in the same voice, “my day was just peachy! How was yours?”

“Oh just lovely! But I was lonely, so I figured I would see my favorite Colonel and keep him company!” Ed said (A/N: rhymes!…gotta quit that)

“What are they doing?” Riza whispered.

“I think they’re actually getting along, ” Havoc whispered back.

“You really think so?” Riza asked.

They looked at each other, looked at Mustang and Ed, and looked back at each other.

Both of them burst out in laughter.

“YEAH RIGHT!” Havoc said between laughter.

The colonel and the state alchemist looked at the two.

“I think there mocking us,” Ed said. (A/N: Must…not…laugh…)

“I know! How immature of them! But don’t let them interrupt our conversation!” Roy replied in the stupid voice.

Ed had a what-the-hell-there-laughing-at-us-do-something look on his face as he glared at his soon-to-be former Colonel.

“Right,” Roy said.

“Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye and Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc!” Roy yelled.

“Per—per—permis---sion to speak—sir?” Riza asked, stifling her laughter.

“Granted,” he replied. (A/N: I’m not sure if Roy actually says that, but as far as I’m concerned that doesn’t matter—I am the author. I could make Roy run around in a pink miniskirt and declare his love for Riza through out the building if I wanted him to.

Roy & Riza: HEY!

Shut up. I’m the author.)

“Future apology, Colonel,”

Riza cleared her throat.

“Why hello, Fullmetal! My day was just peachy! How was yours?” she said in a mocking voice of Roy, who’s face was covered in a blush.

Ed couldn’t hold it in. Riza and Ed laughed at the sudden gesture.

“Permission to speak, sir? Havoc asked.

“Fine,” Roy said.

“Future apology as well, Ed,”

Havoc put on this cheesy happy grin.

“Oh just lovely! But I was lonely, so I figured I would see my favorite Colonel and keep him company!” he said in a you-know-what kind of voice.

Ed’s face was also in a blush.

Riza and Havoc were laughing insanely.

Just then, the military doors burst open.


“Al? What’s the---“

Ed’s red-from-embarrassment face turned pale.


Chapter four:

“AL! ANSWER ME! Winry’s losing blood by the second and your just gonna stand there and wait----”

Al punched Ed in the face. Hard.

Everyone was speechless.

“Colonel, I’d like to speak with my brother alone,” Al requested.

Roy nodded.

No one budged.

“ALONE!” Roy shouted at them.

Everyone panicked and scurried everywhere.

“Thanks,” Al said.

“Hope she’s okay. If you need me, I’ll be---”

“We aren’t going to need your help!” Ed yelled.


“---In my office,” Roy finished.

He walked away.

“Al! Why the hell did you punch me!” Ed demanded.

“What did you do to Winry, Ed?” Al muttered.

“What? I didn’t do anything to her!” Ed snapped.

“Apparently you did! Look at her arm, Ed!”

Ed looked at it for a quick moment and looked back at his brother.

“I’m not blind! I see it! She cut herself!”

“I said look at her arm! That’s her wrist!” Al shouted to match Ed tone.

Al stormed out of the room and headed for the Colonel’s office.

Ed was silent. Then he spoke.

“I’ve been punched,” he said.

“Apparently you did! Look at her arm, Ed!”

“That’s right, her arm,” Ed said (A/N: Don’t’ you think the rhyming is hysterical!….Again with the unfunny humor…gotta work on that…)

Ed rolled up Winry’s shirtsleeve.

A tear rolled down the side of his face.

ED was cut in the middle of her arm.

“Winry,” Ed whispered.

Al burst the door open.

“I need the nearest----”

Roy and Riza were on top of his desk making out.

“AH! My eyes!” he yelled.

Immediately they stopped. Roy and Riza blushed.

“I was kidding.” He said, amusement in his voice.

“Colonel. I need the nearest hospital, and fast.” Al hurriedly said.

“Well I wouldn’t call it near,” Roy said, “you couldn’t walk on foot. Too Far.”

Roy thought it over. He sighed.

“I’ll take her down there. It’s the least I can do for her. After all, I did---” (A/N: this is a spoiler)

“You killed her parents,” Al finished coldly.

“I was doing my job,” Roy stated in his own defense.

“I’d sacrifice a day’s worth of paper work----”

“I’ll take the Rockbell girl,” someone said.

Roy stood up and saluted. Al did as well.

“Fuehrer Bradley, sir! I wouldn’t want to stop you from handling what we’ve collected about the Philosopher’s Stone. Please, let me take her!”

Dammit, Roy! Of course you want to stop him! Don’t blow this! He thought.

“I’ll take him. Stay here and do what you must. That’s an order,” Bradley said firmly.

“Yes, Sir,” Roy gave up.

“Now, Alphonse. Where is this girl?” Bradley asked.

Another tear streamed down Ed’s cheek. It landed on the E cut in Winry’s arm.

Just then, Ed felt a sudden BANG! against the back of his head.

“What the---?”

“You were bruising my leg,” Winry said.

“Winry!” he half yelled.

Ed lifted Winry up and put her head to his chest. (A/N: Ed was bent down on the floor and Winry was on the floor.) He rested his chin on her head.

“What is your problem?” Winry asked.

There was a pause.

“I saw your arm,” he mumbled.

“My arm? What’s wrong with my---”

Winry looked at the ED punctured in her upper left arm.

Winry’s eyes widened.


“This one’s for my parents…”

“Wait a minute. You TOOK. APART. MY. MILITARY. WATCH? MY. STATE. ALCHEMIST. WATCH? Oh, and I thought you just peeked inside.”

“Did you dress me last night?” Winry asked straight on.

“Calm down. Aunt Pinako did.”


“Oh, uh, no reason.”

“Did you read this?”

“Well, um, not exactly read it.”


“Okay, well, yeah, I read it. But Winry! I, I just had to! You know I have that habit!”

“Dammit, Ed!” Winry yelled.

“But if you got rid of all the other ones, why did you keep mine?”

“I don’t…I don’t know. I just did.”

“Well, it matters to me. And ya know what? I’m sorry that I ruined your life. That I’m the reason for your misery.”

“You want me gone so badly? See ya.”

“Hey, Winry? Where’s Ed? I made him steak. He loves steak.”

“I don’t know, Al.”.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Just like I said. I don’t know.”

“He kissed me, Al,”

“…And this one’s for Ed.”

End of Flashbacks

“Winry? Are you---”

Winry slapped him just as hard as Al and in the same spot, obviously making it hurt worse.

“How could you do that to me?” she yelled. (A/N: If you’re wondering why that’s familiar, I copied that from one of my favorite shows on ABC Family called Wildfire.)

“Winry? What the hell---”

“I can’t believe you! Why did you do that to me? Why!” she yelled.

“Do WHAT!” Ed yelled back at Winry.

It was quiet.

“Why did you kiss me?” she said, upset.

Ed’s angered face fell.

He couldn’t answer. No way he could tell her now. It was too soon.

There was a huge silence.

The door opened.

“How’s Winry feeling? Is it safe to come in here?” Al said hiding behind the door.

“Yeah, Al, it’s---” Ed paused.

“AL! WHY DID YOU EAVESDROP!” Ed yelled at the metal armor.

“I wasn’t eavesdropping!” Al protested.

“If you weren’t eavesdropping, how did you know that Winry regained consciousness! If you weren’t eavesdropping, why did you ask if it was safe! You could have thought we were…well…doing…stuff…”

Winry and Ed blushed at the comment.

“…and that’s why you asked!” he finished.

“I, uh….” Al said, knowing his brother was right.

“Never mind. What do you want?” Ed asked, giving up.

“The Fuehrer Bradley volunteered to take Winry to the hospital. But seeing as she is conscious again, I guess that won’t be necessary,” Al stated.

“Thanks for the offer, Sir,” Ed said to the Fuehrer.

Bradley nodded and walked down the hall.

Ed saw his brother shifting uncomfortably.

“Was is PG-13 in there?” Ed asked the shifting armor.

“Yes! Oh my God! Ed, they were sticking their tongues down each others throats!”

Winry and Ed glanced at each other, but quickly turned to Al again.

“You guys didn’t---”

“NO!” they both shouted at once.

Al sighed. “Roy can be quite a pain,” Al said.

“Welcome to my world.”

Chapter five:

“Well,” Ed said (heehee!), “I’ll be on my way now that I know you’re better…”

“…Not that I care,” he mumbled.

Winry heard it, too. She placed her head between her knees.

Ed turned around. “Bye, Al!”

Al looked at Winry.

“Aren’t you going to say good-bye to Ed?” Al asked.

She turned to Al with a smile.

“I’ll pass,” she said. She turned to Ed.

“Not that he cares,” she repeated his phrase.

Ed’s face filled with hurt.

Winry got up.

“LAY DOWN,” Ed demanded.

“Why should I listen to a pipsqueak like you?” she asked.

He had the urge to yell. He walked over to Winry and towered above her by an inch.

Winry mentally slapped herself.

Just had to say pipsqueak. He’s freaking taller than me! she thought.

“Lay down or I’ll plant your ass on the bed myself,” Ed said firmly and slowly.

Winry could feel his breath against her cheek and she blushed slightly.

“Make me,” she threatened.

Ed ignored her comment and walked over to Al.

“Take it,” he said handing Al a small wrapped box.

He threw hers at her. It hit the ED in her arm and she squealed.

Blood stained the box.

He glared at her, but as he turned around he muttered a sympathetic “Sorry”.

Winry opened hers immediately. It was a gorgeous diamond ring.

Winry was speechless. Her eyes widened (A/N: really getting annoying here.) with tears pricking at her eyes.

Al opened his.

It was everything they needed.

Roy, Riza, Havoc and Bradley came in.

Al lifted up the present in the colonel’s face.

Roy’s face turned pale. Everybody’s reaction was the same as the all yelled at the same time.

“A Philosopher’s Stone!”

Author’s Note: Sorry about the short chapter. I don’t really have a summary for the next chapter (I’m running out of ideas here, anyone got any advice on what you’d like?), so I just want to say that I’m adding in fighting scenes so don’t go thinking this is just some crappy love story. By the way, if you have any suggestions on how to make the story better, email me at Any ideas are welcome, so please send some in! (If you don’t want to email, send a review on it.
This was a good story and it had a good plot, and i liked it, it was interesting. Roy and Riza were a little out of character ( there is almost no way they would be making out on the desk like that) but the story is good so far.
Try not to stick all those mini-authors notes in there, it kind of takes away from the quality of the story. try more to pile them up at the end in one big hapy A/N.
Keep up the good work!
~The Silver Blood Alchemist~
QUOTE(Nil-chan @ Apr 15 2006, 07:46 AM) [snapback]381041[/snapback]

This was a good story and it had a good plot, and i liked it, it was interesting. Roy and Riza were a little out of character ( there is almost no way they would be making out on the desk like that) but the story is good so far.
Try not to stick all those mini-authors notes in there, it kind of takes away from the quality of the story. try more to pile them up at the end in one big hapy A/N.
Keep up the good work!

Hehe sorry about that. that story was origninally just a story between friends, but my cousin insisted that it should be posted so i didn't have enough time to take those bits and pieces out. (and the RoyXRiza parts were my friends writing). but thanks for the constructive criticism. at least you were being honsest. future chapters are coming up if you're still interested.
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