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I know people are getting tired of Highschool Fanics but i had to make one to fit with my first story to say what they did after High school.

well anyways im doing it now i might as well continue.

Name:Tender Memories
Rating: PG-13 to M( some violence, sex, drugs languauge you know the deal)
Copyright: all credit goes to hiromu Arkarwa with out her there wouldnt be a Fullmetal Alchemist.

It might have a few spelling mistakes in it feel free to share them with me.

It was the first day back and Edward Elric and His brother Alphonse were already Late.

"Damn it, it's the first day back and were already late how could i let this happen" said the slightly small blonde teen.

" Well we wouldnt be late if a certian someone had gotten up earlier, you're glad i even stayed i almost left you " exaclaimed his younger brother Alphonse.

" Shut up, my alarm wasnt working, Ms. Fukushima will have our asses for this" said Edward with the little breath he had. " There the school up ahead brother were almost there!" -Alphonse. Edward: " Yea so i wont have to run anymore"

The two brother kept there pace and dashed into the school before the school bell rang> Their Homeroom teacher looked like she was d
doing some work so she wouldnt noticed or so the boys thouught.

" Hello boy's it's nice of you to join us," the teacher said with out even looking up for her work.

"How'd you know we were here you didn't even see us walk in" Ed exclaimed with a puzzled look on his face.

The teacher looked up at Edward and gave him a good look in the eye and said, " I heard your boots screech when you slid in front of the door Mr. Elric ."

Edward's mouth dropped and he sat there with a confused look on his face, his homeroom teacher was no ordinary teacher she was different very different. Her full name was Fontine Fukushima, she taught Social studies like a normal teacher would do, but Ms. Fukushima was the favortite of every boy ,exept the elric the brothers, in the school even the male teachers liked her. The reason why is beacuse She was a very attractive teacher, or well she just had really big boobs and a great ass, this was a quote from the very popular with the females science Teacher Roy Mustang, but we wont go into his story right now. we'll finish Ms fukushima's story later lets get back to school.

The morning annoucentments had already passed but the school bell was waiting to be rung.
*sounds of school bell*

"Well you heard the bell kids off with you's" said the esatic teacher.


After everyone had shifted themselves outta of their homerooms the boys started to search the halls for their new lockers. They finally found them when a loud voice behind them and a knock on the head surprised them.

"Why the hell were you late this morning" a blonde petite girl said loudly.

The two boys rubbed their wounded head from the impact. This made Edward very unhappy it burst in a rage and shouted: "WINRY WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT !!"

" Brother calm down, Winry that hurt alot why'd you do that"

" You two jerks desevred it you guys forgot about this morning didn't you"

" what did we forget Winr..oh yeah we were all susposed to go to school together, it's not my fault its brothers fault he wouldnt get up"

Alphonse's words really didnt seem to reach the girl that much, she hung her head low and paused for a while until she final exclaimed:"thats not the point..the..THE POINT IS THAT YOU FORGOT!!" She pushed her bookes into Alphonse's chest and ran off.

"Winry wai..

" Let her be Al even if you catch up to her she wont listen to you, now lets go to class before were late again" said Edward firmly.

" Fine we'll just give her books after math class" said Alphonse willingly.

" They got a new math teacher i wonder who it'll be"

-To be Contiued-

i'll update as soon i can my finger hurt right now so im choosing to stop.
I am the Only sister Elric
Cool! I have something.. It has nothing to do with FMA but its pretty coll.. says my friend. (Oh its about love.. and stuff)
I stole his heart, a sin aginst the soul. Being forever incased in darkness.
I sat there, withered, weeping, waiting for it to end.
But he found me there. He held me in his arms and sang that song I had heard so long ago.
He whispered to me, I'll never leave. I told him to hang onto me, to never let go.
He never did.
He held on, never letting go.
Carrying me on thoes black wings.
Wer shared our love. We loved for so long.
But I started slipping away, leaving him on his own.
I've been waiting for the day when I could see my love again.
I'm still waiting.
I'll continue to linger in this world untill I can see my love again.
Wait till he comes.

Mind you that I ultered it a little. But not much. I was really bored one Wednsday.. and it led to writing that. ^.^
Please I would like to here any comments. ^.^
The brothers walked in to see a tall man with blonde to brown hair he had bold blue eyes. He was Fairly tall and a little muscular. From all the female students view he seemed to be a favorite. He turned and looked at the boys as they walked thourgh the door.

At First he gave them a stern look for being late, but after sometime he gave them a warm smile and said " You can take your seat now boys".

A few girls started to snicker after Edward and Alphonse sat down.

Their new math teacher turned and faced the board he wrote something on the board and said:" now that

everyone's here i can properly introduce my self, my name is Jean Havoc or just call me Havoc, i hate all of

that Mr.Havoc stuff it's like talking to my dad, now lets get on with today's lesson shall we?"

The rest of the math class went on like a blur filled with pointless questions about the teacher and moans of hasty teens getting homework.

After math class it was finally lunch, since it was Jean's first day he didn't know were to sit when it came to

the teacher lounge. He felt a light hand touch his shoulder, her turned around to see the face of everyone's

favorite female teacher Fontine Fukushima. She gave him a stern look and said: "well arent you gonna sit

somewhere or just stand there, you got nowere to sit why dont you sit with me?" Jean didnt answer more to

the point he wasnt even paying any attention of course he was staring at her chest. "Hello are you even

paying any attention or are you looking at my breasts?" Jean was about to say something untill a call from

a man behind them stopped him from saying anything.

" Hey Fontine are you gonna sit down or what" he said.

" I"ll sit down when i sit down dammit, Roy!" she hissed. She walked over to the table were the Science,

Heath, and Vice principle were sitting.

well im stoping here right now because im tired. smile.gif

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