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Full Version: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Apocalypse
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strike chaos
It has been nine-years of peace since the end of The Second Bloody Valentine War. Kira Yamato is the General of The Zaft Army, married to Lacus Yamato who is The Supreme Chairwoman of the PLANT Supreme Council, and has two kids Ale(Seven-year old spitting image of his father and born April 28, 76 right before his sister) and Kairi(Seven-year old spitting image of her mother and born April 28, 76 right after her brother) Yamato. Athrun Zala is the General of The Orb Union, married to Cagalli Zala who is The Head Representative of The Orb Union, and has two kids Hayner(Five-year old spitting image of his father and born Febraury 12, 78) and Sora(Three-year old spitting image of her mother and born March 16, 80).

5:36 A.M. in The Yamato Mansion (Formally The Clyne Mansion)

Ale/Kairi: (jumping on Kira and Lacus's bed)Wake up we're under attack!

Kira: We're not under attack.

Ale: But Mobile Suits are out side!

Lacus: I believe that ZAFT and Orb are doing a Mobile Suit show today.

Kairi: But I never seen that Mobile Suit before!

Kira: Describe it to me.

Ale: Black, aleast twice the height of normal modes, and has a round thing on it's back.

Kira/Lacus: What!

Kira: That sounds like Destroy.

Kira rushes to look out the window and sees twenty five Destroy's.

Kira: Hurry lets get of here before it comes here.

The Yamato's rush to The Aprilius City Military Base. Kira gets in his Strike Freedom while Lacus and the kids wait safely. The moment Kira engauges all of ZAFTs troops in this battle are destroyed and the Destroy's they surround in a perfect circle. Then they start shooting him. Kira dodges there fire then counters by firing at the destroy's. Kira then take out his beam saber and attacks one Destroy. But it dodges and all the destroys attack him at the same time. Kira realizes that they attack in perfect harmony. Then a Destroy makes it right behind Kira and shoots him and right when the rest of the Destroy's are about to finish him off.


(Athrun in The Infinite Justice, Cagalli in The Akatsuki, some more ZAFT troop and the Orb Union join in the fight)

Athrun: Kira are you okay.

Kira: yeah. Be careful these aren't normal mobile suits.

Athrun: Huh?

Kira: They attack in perfect harmony as if they can read each others mind.

Athrun: Thats good to know.

(After a magnificent fight)

Cagalli: Those mobile suits were abnormally tough.

Kira: I know.

Lacus: How so?

Athrun: They were in perfect harmony.

ZAFT Soldier: General Kira Yamato we found something weird about the Destroy's that were defeated. They had no pilot or cockpit.

Kira: How is that poss...

Hayner: whats that...

To Be Continued

Tell me what you think. But remember this my frist fanfiction, remember more to come, and don't copy.
Le Monkey
You know the fanfic section,
Its in the Fullmetal alchemist section you know.. XD

And To be semi on topic, I dont like the way your fic is like a script rather than a story.
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