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Full Version: Who's Got A Band Like Me ? What's your band's name?
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punk kirby
im the lead singer in my band the name is The Dark Angels um my band is made up of three perple Tom Me And Felix Toms the guiterest Feel is the drummer And we know what i am
Carnal Malefactor
There's already a band called Dark Angel, and they're 1000 times better than yours will ever be, so you better change your name to avoid confusion.
Celestial Shadow
I can never get enough of Bacon bits' kindness.

My friend recently watched the Blues Brothers over the weekend. So he's going around like crazy gathering everyone he could find to play in a jazz band. He said I could be lead vocals, which I'm perfectly fine with, but I'm going to be out this Thursday, coincidentially the same day of the rehearsal. So I asked my foreign-exchange friend from Japan if he can fill in for me and play saxaphone. He laughed and gladly agreed.

I provide street entertainment sometimes.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I'm pretty good in the shower. biggrin.gif
Sometimes one or both of the cats join in. We're like some kind of power trio.
Le Monkey
So, post up some of your stuff then PK so we can have a listen.. biggrin.gif
We rescheduled. We're meeting next Thursday.

Le Monkey
Well when you do, record it and post it! XD
It's our first meeting, but I hardly doubt we'll finish writing a song. Most likely goof off.
Fayth Prophecy
Kinda reminds me of my band, Josh. We sit around most of the time and goof off until someone gets an idea.
Most every band goofs off, escpecially if your friends are included. Of course, that's what having a band is all about; having a good time and creating music all of you enjoy, whether it's mediocre or not.
Fayth Prophecy
That's true.
I'm the bassist in two bands, Suicide Happy Hour and The Honorable Mentions.
Me and my two brothers are making a band. We need a name still though.
We just jammed last week. We fooled around a bit, but we're pretty serious about doing it. We've decided to do a blues/pop genre and call ourselves the Daily Yield. Instead of doing voacls, I'll be playing bass. I just hope I'm creative enough.

Good luck to us and all. wacko.gif
My friends and I created one long ago. Hect, we even got a band name, our first album's name, and a manager too. (someone who only gets 8% of our income) But, we never actually have a band practice or meeting, we just say we're gonna, but we never do.
Carnal Malefactor
~ Your Own Bands/music: Do You Have A Band? If So, Post Here And Share!, Tell us about your band and the music you/your band play ~

second song should be up this weekend
I'm at work right now, but I'll listen when I get home.

Out of your band's influences I like: Athiest, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Emperor, and Nevermore; so we'll see how your band stacks up. wink.gif
Reindeer Age
Wow... guess there aren't many band goers on here..

I might as well post my old band on here laugh.gif

Feel free to listen and feedback!
Even though it's not around anymore but hey, what the hell. smile.gif
I've got a joke band called Spaczymioty Chaosu which was meant to be a humorous grindcore project but ended up doing everything in quite ....ty way. I also have a solo project called Nezumi (newest album under this link) which focuses on dark and atmospheric electronic music - something that the most of people who don't listen deeply wouldn't like
EniviD EiraM
if you're a composer and a singer, what was (or will be, if this would be your first time writing a music..) your first song like ?
Youtube vid of my band, "EquivalentXchange"

This is a group my friend and I thought of and later made happen. And yes we derived our name from FMA because we suck at coming up with names. So far there is only one song on ths page ohmy.gif but we're coming up with more as we speak. Most of our song will be anime based songs o love songs. Also I do most of the the writing and my friend does more of the singing. Well hope you enjoy. laugh.gif
Reffer Lift
@EquivalentXchange - That was really good! I'm also a singer/songwriter/composer myself, and also write anime-based songs (shamefully so, as I was able to turn the prettiest melody nerdy with lyrics about Holland and Talho in the Eureka Seven movie. XD (But if you've seen the movie, then you know about their fate... D: )).

At one time I also had an FMA based song (specifically Royai. tongue.gif), but I never finished it. Got bored with it. I try to make the anime references subtle in my songs. tongue.gif (The Royai one was obviously Royai. XD)

You might want to try adding some drums and a bass (if you can.). I could really see this song with some, and it would sound pretty cool if you put it in the right parts. Also, the guitar seemed a bit repetitive, so you might want to change that out a few times instead of playing the same thing over and over. The melody was cool though, it was just the background stuff I had a bit of a problem with. Good job overall, but definitely room for improvement. wink.gif
well soon me and my friends will be getting our new metal band "apart from death" off the ground. yay. i'll link our facebook page soon. i'm doing lead guitarin it so yay.
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