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Full Version: Rough Translation Of The Chibi + State Alchemist Ova
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... don't kill me for the not-so-accurate translations please... I tried...

And sorry for double posting if someone has already posted similar things before. I didn't check old entries.

EDIT: Uh... ._. I am still constantly editing this *didn't notice some translation errors after I posted it* so... don't save this...

Edit 2: Stopped editing as of April 9th 7pm Pacific Time...

Armor: Thanks for the hard work!
Armor: It was so tiring...
Armor: Yea...
Armor: I even fall down from the sky... so painful...
Armor: How was it possible to stand back up right away?!
Armor: The director was so evil.
Armor: Our bodies were strong enough to endure that though.
Armor: Ah whatever. Enough of that.

Riza: By the way, such thing should not happen right? Such thing.
Roy: My power can only hold up...
Roy: That... That was cool, right?
Armor: The first lieutenant is a popular character...
Armor: She had so little screen time in the movie...
Armor: The director is an idiot...
Riza: Hmph.
Roy: What the? What was that laugh about?
You can't do that...
Armor: Can't he give more screen time... that director...
Roy: I understand... I understand that too!
But it was the director's order... I couldn't help it!
Armor: How should I put it... the way I walk...
Roy: I thought that was strange too! But during that situation... it can't be helped... you understand that, right?

Hughes: Look! Look! It's my daughter! Isn't she cute? Cute~ Elysia-chan is so cute~
Havoc: Your hair.... cute....

Envy: Hey~ This sign is pointing at the wrong direction~

Havoc: What seats? Isn't it nice over there...?

Envy: Is that so?
Ah~ It was so hot...
Ed: Envy? You were inside?
Envy: Of course!
And Edward-san, you sure hit me hard! It was painful~
Riza: Alright.
So what's going on...?
(The Party for celebrating and ranting about the Hagaren movie shall start! ---- this might make more sense haha)
Al: Nii-san! The atmosphere here strangely rose a whole lot!
Ed: Oh no!
Al: Eh?
Ed: Since those guys didn't get much screen time during the movie, I don't know what kind of things they are going to say...
Al! We can't let them have the mic!
Al: I get it! Nii-san! Let's go!
Riza: Thanks! Good job, Black Hayates.
Breda: Since when is there so many of them...?
Falman: And they all grew so big...

Riza: Then let's try again.
Riza: Let's start with me.
It is something that I must mention between me and the Colonel.
Roy: Alright! First lieutenant! Just say it!
What a creul thing it is that they took away the beautiful romance between me and the lieutenant!
Riza: I can't say how much I need to thank all the staff.
In the last episode of the TV version, the "hermit" type of lifestyle that was planned for us
I didn't want to do that at all!
But good that we have a movie version.
So from now on I think I will go search for my own happiness.

Armor: and so...
Ed: Uh it was kind of bad for the extra characters...

Al: Scar-san! Lust-san!
Ed: This is a party for celebrating the success of the movie though...
Lust: We did participate in the movie!
Scar: But we had too little screen time! So we were forced to be one of the armor extras!
Ed: Ah... that must've been tough...
Scar: You bastard... DIE!
Gluttony: Ouch. That hurts.
Lust : Gluttony-san...
Gluttony: Ah it sure is hot at this time...
Ed: Well Gluttony-san... maybe you should relax and take off your costume too?
Gluttony: Recenly I have over-eat too much! I got a tummy now~
Breda/Kain/Ed/Al: It's the real thing!

Envy: AND SO~
Ah~ People at this table are all so quiet~
[the sign on the table says: Dead people team]
Ed: Heiderich!
Al: It has been a while, Edward-san.
Ed: Wa you can speak! Cool~ It's Ventriloquism!!
I really need to thank you for taking care of me for so long!
Al: Yea that's true.
Edward-san always need to eat as much as 3 bowls of rice!
And you always just toss the bowl aside and leave the house.
So I had to wash the dishes everytime.
Whenever I whine about it you pretend that you are in a dream.
You do nothing! Exactly which side do you like better? This side or that side?
You do like that side better but you still came back to this side...
Ed: Al~
You little brat...
Winry: Isn't it "You little brat"?!
Ed: Winry... san?
Winry: What do you mean by "Winry-san"?!
By the way, WHO is this?!
Al: Roze-san...?
Winry: WRONG!
Winry: WHO, is THIS?!
Ed: Ah that girl... uh how should I put it.... her name is Noa... Noa...
And she is a Gypsy girl.... In this time period...
Winry: I am not asking about those crap!
WHO is this girl to YOU?!
Ed: Eh nothing! Nothing happened-
Winry: Then... what is this?!
You bastard! While I was worried about you you were doing this and that...
Ed: Uh I said... it was a misunderstanding...
(Winry: This and that and this and that........)
Winry: Stay there and I shall punish you!
You bastard~!!
Ed: Gluttony-san~ Please eat me~!!
Envy: Eh? I don't want to eat a chibi like you!
Winry: What are you trying to do? Trying to run away?
Roy: AH! What are you guys doing?!
Gluttony: Aww so cute! Look Look! He really is a chibi!

***(for some of the lines I used the Chinese subs I found as reference because they talk too fast/I have no idea what they said...)***

Do not reuse these translations please. No permission will be given (since these translations are crappy, really, seriously.)

Please feel free to correct me. ^^

(Please scroll down further for the State Alchemist OVA trans)
Wow, big hugs to armor-alchemist for translating Chibi-OVA!! happy.gif

My Intennet connection is so slow at the moment so I can't go to YouTube and double-check it, but the "gist" of it sounds very right to me!! Thanks again for doing this!! smile.gif
Ya! Translations! *hugs to death* Yea! 0MG you rock my world! I finally know some of what they are saying! Thank you so much!
Yeah, happy! Thank you armor-alchemist! Very nice. It's funny how they poke fun at the lack of a Riza/Roy relationship and the whole Ed-doesn't-know-where-he-wants-to-be thing, which were two of the main problems fans were complaining about. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Ok,I'm going to be nitt-picking so I appologise

Ed: Since those guys didn't get to appeal during the movie, I don't know what kind of things they are going to say...

Should this be "appear"?

Riza: I can't say how much I need to thank all the staffs.

The plural of of Staff is Staff.No "s" on the end.

Thats all I can find apart from some odd gramma but thats the problem of Translatoin I guess...

Good work Armor-Alchemist on it though.*Claps*
Thank you for the great translation, but couldn't you have posted this in the Hagaren OAVs thread instead?
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@Tombow: You are welcome and plz let me know if you can make some corrections! biggrin.gif

@popogeejo: No... appear is not the exact word... I can't find the right word for it... but it means is like "did not get to appear a lot (ie. like Ed Al and Roy)" Do you know the right word for it? biggrin.gif

@SinLuxuria: No, because most people wouldn't want to read a topic that is over 10 pages (ie. me) unless they have already been after that topic for a long time... If the mods don't like a new topic for full translations, then they can lock it for all they want and I don't care.
@popogeejo: No... appear is not the exact word... I can't find the right word for it... but it means is like "did not get to appear a lot (ie. like Ed Al and Roy)" Do you know the right word for it?

No idea sorry.
^^ How about "screen time" ?? unsure.gif
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QUOTE(Tombow @ Apr 11 2006, 11:53 AM) [snapback]378255[/snapback]

^^ How about "screen time" ?? unsure.gif

... o_o *goes edit the trans*
Thanks a lot, armor-alchemist! happy.gif Finally I can understand what they are talking about
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State Alchemist OVA (find the raw on yourself.)

(Translated straight off the Chinese sub... don't have time to edit by ear. It's final exams period for me... Please excuse any grammar/spelling/inaccuracy...)

It's a good thing that this OVA is not as lame as the Live Action OVA.

Roy: The 5th laboratory, which should have been locked already,
We have already investigated and proved that someone had broke in there.

All: o_o
Roy: The ones doing inhumane experiments there
are those called "Homunculus".

Havoc (?): "Homunculus" are those... right?
Roy: Artificially created human.
It is _impossible_ for human to transmute creatures that are the identical as they are.
However, our enemies are those "Homunculus".
And they obviously have some special abilities that ordinary human doesn't have.
Then we have now confirmed that one of them
has been hidden in Central.
There is no doubt about it.

Roy: Silent.
Even though we don't have a confirmed number of our enemies
But we must not drop our guard.
Hurry up and get ready for battle!

Roy: You are a new State Alchemist, right?
Even though you just joined, you will have to enter the battle too.
If you are chosen to be in my team...
usually you are considered unlucky.
This is for you.
There is no time for you to draw transmutation circles on the battle field.
Be alert.

Kain: I heard that the Homunculus have hostages.
Havoc: About that "hostages"...
You knew?

Roy: Sneak in according to plan. Arrest the Homunculus first.
Havoc: But the hostage is "that person"!
Roy: Well, that person is a State Alchemist too.
He definately won't seek for my assistance.

Gread: How did it felt?
Greed: Would you like me to help you?
Al: Nii-san...
Greed: Sure is a tough one.
But well, if I do THIS, do you think you still can say those words?
Winry: Don't worry about me!
Greed: Shut up.
Since you are a hostage, you should stop struggling.
Stop saying useless/unrelated things.

Greed: Well, it's actually a really simple trade/deal...
I want you affix my soul onto an armor, like your brother's.
I will let you go if you do that.
Winry: Why exactly would you want that?
Greed: My name is GREED.
Which means greediness. (lol, I can't think of another word that has the same meaning as greed... avarice?)
I have always wanted a body that will never die.
Greed: I am jealous of you. This body...
won't feel tired without eating and sleeping.
It's immortal too.
Ed: Stop joking.
What do you mean by "jealous"?!
Al: Nii-san...
Ed: My brother, whose body has became fleshless, with only a soul remaining...
what kind of emotion does he carry to stay alive?
In order to get his body back, what kind of misery has he faced?
A bastard like you will never understand!
Greed: Yea. I don't understand.
Ed: If that is the case...
I shall tell you!
Greed: Is this all you have got?
Ed: I am not done yet!

Ed: Eh?
Winry/Envy: It seems that the military has arrived.
Heh. We were that close.
Envy: Even though I really wanted to see you little shortie get beaten up by Greed,
we didn't have enough time for that.
Ed: Envy!
Greed: You bastard...
Since when have you....
Envy: You wouldn't have gotten any hostages if I didn't disguise myself!
You should thank ME!
Greed: I am dying...

Ed: Where is the real Winry?
Envy: Winry?
She has never been to Central in the first place!
Ed: Wait up!! You...

Bradley: The Elric brothers, Colonel Mustang's team and Greed,
It's a great chance that these annoying bunch are all grouped together.
Go get them! Homunculus!

Bradley: The ones that will obtain the Philosopher's Stone...
shall be us, the Homunculus.

Roy: Are you alright? Fullmetal?
Al: Colonel!
Envy: Ah, you figured me out.
Al: Wow Nii-san!
You figured out that he is a fake!
Ed: ... so he was a fake?
Al: o_o;;
Ed: No matter how you get in our way,
we WILL obtain the Philosopher's Stone!!
Envy: Then you shall...
Lust: Long time no see.
Fullmetal boy.
Wrath: Do you still remember?
This arm, as well as this leg, are yours.
Do you want them back?
Try getting them back then!
Gluttony: Can I eat~?
Envy: If you like to, go eat ahead.
Gluttony: TIME TO EAT!

*Lust is so cool~*

Ed: Dammit!
Oh crap!

Roy: Uh?
Havoc (?): What's wrong? Colonel?
Roy: Did you guys heard anything?
Havoc: Uh... nothing.

Roy: Are you alright?
Riza: I am okay...
Roy: Let me handle it!
Why did you do that??
Riza: Since the enemy is a water monster, the Colonel is useless now! Please get out of the way!

[Caption obviously says "Useless"... or we could use "incompatible" XD]

(But I think... Roy could use flame to make Sloth evaporate, no?)

Riza: Colonel! Just leave here to us!
Hurry and go find the Elric brothers!

Wrath: I won't let you get away!
Lust: We got you!
Roy: You guys are still alive eh?
Looks like the tables have turned.
Al: Colonel!
Wrath: Dammit!
Gluttony: AHH IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!

Ed: I don't remember ever asking for your help.
Roy: If I didn't come the Homunculus would've killed you.
Al: Colonel!
Ed: Envy!
Envy: Did you think you could defeat all of us in just one round?
Ed: Then we should beat you until you fall!
Roy: Let's go.
Envy: Sloth?
Armstrong: Elric brothers, Colonel Mustang.
We are here to help!
Al: Wow! The State Alchemists have united!
Kimberly: Sweet... It has been a while since I had let out any fireworks!
Armstrong: Go for it!
Ed: Don't lose to them, Al!


Roy: What's wrong? What the heck are you doing there?
Hurry and show everyone your power!
Falman: Colonel!
Roy: Hurry up! Use Alchemy! Hurry!
That is...
Armstrong: ...He has overdone it.

Terminator!Archer: It seems that the Homunculus have all ran away.
Roy: Too many of the team got injured. Let's retreat for now.
But sooner or later, we will capture them all.
Al: Colonel.
We have to leave now.
Havoc: Eh? Already?
Ed: Our journey has not ended.
The journey for retreiving what we have lost...
Al: Farewell.
Ed: You were awesome back there!
Well then, See you later!

Do not reuse translations please.
Yeah, thanks armor-alchemist! I was wondering what all they were saying. Now I know what they said on all the OVA's.
halelujia!! that made me so happy! thankyou thankyou!
@armor-alchemist - Thank you soooo much for the translation!! You rock!! happy.gif
Ha! My hunch was right! I thought it was "useless" floating by Roy's head. I thought it was because his gloves were wet. Thanks a lot!
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@ All: You are welcome ^__^
Sin Of Envy
Great jod, armor-alchemist! Thanks a lot! :] *Envy's cool*
thanks for the traduction!!

Fayth Prophecy
Ah. thank you armor-alchemist-san for putting the translations up^^ It's really helped me with watching the episodes^^ *Which I'm watching right now!! -Squee-
i think armor alchemist needs a medal....
here you go!

aren't i such a good artist on the compy?
Fayth Prophecy
Better than me that's for sure^^ But yeah, I agree.
Lust not Luv
Yay! thank you armor-alchemist biggrin.gif
thank u for d translations^^
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