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Full Version: Fanart By Edwinluvr
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Hey, i'm a newbie to the forums but have been to this site before. I'm currently posting my first original doujinshi. It's in five parts and I ask that any negative comments please be saved until the last pages so that you may get the jokes (hopefully).

04/19/06 - New fanart up, oneshot doujinshi, I created without any references which is very hard for me to do. The last time having seen anything FMA related was 10 hrs. prior to drawing it. Also, all images are their original size. I just cut and pasted to theri appropriate spaces and didn't resize anything which was hard for the smaller parts. Digitally added words, grass, and cleaned up just a bit (Winry's face eyes). Comments are very appreciated!
omg that was so funny, i really like the drawing and jokes, i hope to see more ... ^^
Hahha, cute small doujinshi smile.gif
@edwinluvr - Welcome to the board, and welcome to the fanart forum!! smile.gif
Love your cute dojinshi!! So cute and funny!!
Nice job!! Hope to see you moe!! smile.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
LOL That is funny, I love Ed and Al expressions at the end, but the whole comic is awesome altogether! Keep up the good work!:)

Oh and welcome to the forum!:)
That was a nice doujinshi. I loved it!! laugh.gif
Arrowhead Alchemist
Great work! happy.gif Very funny! laugh.gif
@edwinluvr _ That managa is awsome!!
You did such a great job!!
That Arakawa-sensei's cow talking to Ed, Russel, etc. is so funny!!
Thanks for sharing it with us!!

(Oh, and for your next artwork, you don't have to edit into your first post... you can add by making another post on this thread. The only time you shouldn't do that is if the last poster of the thread was you, and nobody-else has posted since then... then the proper way is to edit into your last post, rather than making a new post. Am I making any sense?? laugh.gif )
That was funny edwinluvr! I like your comic! Best of all when they get to chase the cow! Haha! laugh.gif
Okay, I think I understand now. As long as the last post wasn't by me, I don't have to click the edit button, I can just click the add reply button (which I did). I hope this is right and if it isn't, then this will be my last post before I get banned !-.-

Anyways, here's my latest work. Took a while but I think it was worth it. I created this after seeing the series ending (which was soo sad and sucky btw) and before I saw the movie (better for the boys, but not for Ed/Winry, wah!!)

Most of it was pretty easy to draw, even movie Al, but little Al I still can't get I don't know why *sigh*. The background was created entirely in Photoshop as was the coloring. The verse I also created and if I think about it too much, it will make my cry because it reminds me of the ending *sniff*

I would love any comments on this and if I don't get banned, I'll start putting up more work, including a watercolor version of this (not as detailed). Thanks in advance!
@edwinluvr - You're doing just fine. happy.gif
Luckily, no way you're going to get banned with the fine way you're posting, 'cause I want to see many more of your artworks!! biggrin.gif
Wow, those are so artistic and beautiful!!
Very nice drawing, and coloring and highlighting, and I love the changing background for each panels!!
The flow of the "story" from young Ed & Al to the movie Ed and Al is very nice!!
And, I love the verses!! They are very touching!!
Nicely planned, superbly executed, and it came out beautiful, IMO!!
I think it's a wonderful art piece!! happy.gif
java script:emoticon(':blink:',%20'smid_7')Umm, if anybody has already seen, I accidentally posted a new topic instead of adding my reply. I'm really sorry, I wasn't paying attention and tried to remove it but I can't so I just took off the attatchments. * Please don't banish me!!java script:emoticon(':(',%20'smid_2')

Anyways, here's what I was supposed to put up, again sorry.

Hey, here's a new comic, in three parts.

Please read the third one on the right first, then the middle, then the first. I attatch them in the right order, but forget it's posted newer to older, sorry.

I drew all the pieces beforehand, scanned, cut and pasted to the appropriate slots.

This is my first time drawing Young Ed, Baby Al, Hohenheim and Trisha.

I appreciate any comments on this, thanks beforehand!

When you get to the third page, read this below

*When Trisha walks away, that is the real name of the real alchemist who Hohenheim Elric is based on.*

* Ed is saying 'Human Transmutation' , just in case you couldn't tell in the bottom panels. *
@edwinluvr - Love your manga!! Drawing is done nicely, and the story is funny and kind of sweet!!
Nice job!! happy.gif
There are so funny. Great Job
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