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Full Version: Red Pill
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Agent Krueger


In the sunny day of Dubltih, comes Ed and Al walking down to visit their sensei/teacher, Izumi. Not only her, but Winry also, who was there, expecting Ed to bring the automail up-to-date. The duo arrived and the house, seeing Winry and Izumi in the porche. They greeted each other in the middle of the dirt road. And of course having Winry grabbing Ed's automail.

It WAS peaceful until a man, wearing a Military uniform, running toward them. He seem to have a Sub-Machine gun with him.

"Huh?"Said Ed confused, as he scratched his head.

"Mustang sent any---"

Before Ed can finish his sentence, the man grabbed Ed's hand with his own.

"TAKE THIS! DON'T LET THEM GET IT!"The man shouted as he continued down running.

"Well...that was weird"Winry said, looking confused.

"Brother, what did the man give you?"Al asked, pointing his finger at Ed's hand.

Ed gave a shrug and open his hand, revealing a red pill.

Ed just shrugged once more and put in his black pant pocket. He was about to start another peaceful conversation when the same man ran into them once more. He ran past toward them.

"Not again!"Winry said as she was bit pushed by the running man.

Then they saw a man walking with a pistol. He didn't wear a military uniform, but a black suit with black glasses. He pointed his pistol at the running man and pulled the trigger.

"AHH!"The man screamed as his leg was shot.

"HEY WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?"Ed screamed as he raised his automail arm and threw to the man.

Easily and somehow, the man caught it with ease. He looked down to Ed, his eyes are weren't visible thanks to the black glasses. The man continued to show his strength, by throwing head aside with ease as if Ed was a rag doll. Ed was thrown 25 feet.

"Brother!"Al cried as he jumped infront of the mysterious man with supernatural strength. Al got into his fighting stance and attempted to chop the man.

The man again caught it with ease like Ed's blow and this time, punched Al. As if Al was a tin can, he flew away. Ed getting up, he screamed at him.

"YOU BASTARD!"Ed screamed as he attempted another strike, but before it can even touch the man, a hand grabbed Ed's throat. Ed was choking.

Izumi clapped his hand, no longer able to watch this. A spike began to appear at the man's feet. The spike was heading for the man's crotch. But it didn't happen. The man jumped very high, about 45 feet into the air, with Ed in his hand. Izumi was terrified. The man threw Ed toward the spike, but Izumi jumped and caught him mid-air, landing feets around from the spike. Al, Ed, Izumi, and Winry witnessed as the man in black landed inches away from the military man.

He began to unload his clip toward the man. Amazingly, The gangs witnessed something very supernatural and incredible. This man dodged ALL OF THE BULLETS with unhuman speed in point blank range.

The man in black stomped on the miltary man and walked away in great speed. The military man died.
blink.gif WTF?! The dude sounds like he comes from the matrix! I wonder whats with that pill I hope you update soon please! I was just browsing and the title caught my interest I'm glad I read it.
Agent Krueger


Interrogation Room

It was a small room where a light shined upon the Fullmetal Alchemist. It was pitch black. Only the chair where Ed was sitting and a table was visisble

"So Fullmetal, your saying single handedly defeated you, your brother, and one of my comrades?"A voice arrived in the dark.

"Yes"Ed said blankly.

"Am I supposed to be believe that little fairytale Fullmetal?"The voice said once more, it sounded as it wasn't convinced.

"It was real! He attacked that military and gave me a red pill Mustang!"Ed shouted out.

"Huh. Maybe that red pill of yours is supposed to be some kind of evidence?"Mustang said as his face went into light.

The light revealed black haired man.

"Yes"Ed said blankly.

"Swallow it"Mustang ordered

"What?"said Ed, his face looking confused

"Swallow it"Mustang repeated. "By the way Fullmetal, thats an order"

"What? Are you crazy?"Ed shouted as if he was about to punch Mustang.

"Look Fullmetal. Me or any of this military will ever BELIEVE that story. So as an order, swallow that pill. Your officially under suspicion for Murder of Thomas A. Anderson"Said Royce. "Dismissed".

Ed looked as if he was going to have a final word, but walked away.

Night at Winry's house. No Sex is going to be there yall freakin perverted EdXWin bastards!

Ed sat into a bed with the red pill in his hand. He looked directly at it. Swallot it or not Swallow it? That was the question of the month. He sighed as he put the red pill in his mouth and walked to a desk, which had a cup of water. He swallowed some of the water along with the red pill.

He stood still for few minutes. Odd, noting happen. Ed just shrugged and lied down on his bed. Before he went to sleep, he SWORE he heard this...

"We got a trace!"

He soon woke up seeing red and gobbling up water. He frailed everywhere. What the hell was going on? He just swallowed a red pill, went to sleep, and this is what happens. He soon pushed his way out of the red water. It seemed like a weak rubber surrounded him.

Soon a terrifying scene came. He saw that he was not in Winry's house. Not in Artemis. Some other place. A place with rows and rows of pods. What the hell is going on?
blink.gif How can they suspect Edward?! Mustang always a bastard what did that pill do to Ed and more importantly Where the hell is he?! To many questions to anwser an update might help though. wink.gif laugh.gif
Maria Elric
QUOTE(Knil @ Apr 7 2006, 12:05 AM) [snapback]375800[/snapback]

blink.gif How can they suspect Edward?! Mustang always a bastard what did that pill do to Ed and more importantly Where the hell is he?! To many questions to anwser an update might help though. wink.gif laugh.gif

I definitely agree with what you said both times Knil.
Agent Krueger

State HQ

What it seem like an auditorium, voice arrived and so did Royce Mustang. Lights illumned on him.

"You know Mustang, that boys close to the truth. I suspect he may"A voice said in the darkness.

"That kids a fool, he won't find out. All he found was a red"--Mustang was cut off by another voice.

"Red Pill?"


"What did he do with it?"

"Since hes under suspicion of the murder of Thomas A. Anderson, I suspected he may used the pill as an excuse, so I ordered him to swall--"





"HELLO!"Ed screamed out as his head turned back and forth. Where the hell was he? In the first minute, he was in bed, now he was in here. Is he in Hell?

His thoughts broke off as a metalic creature approached him. Ed was terrified. He clapped his hand and slammed it to the metalic creature. Noting happened. The creature approached Ed and pulled something from his neck, it was quite painful.

Then the water inside his pod began to sink. Like a slide, he began to slide down. He screamed all the way and accidently bellyflopped into the water. He opened his eyes to see like a claw approaching him. It grabbed him and Ed passed out from fear. Before he did he heard this.

What the hell? Whats the half-pint doing there? Wheres Anderson?

3 hours later.

Ed woke up and sat up. He was in a bed.

"Must've been a bad dream"Ed thought as his hands touched Ed's temples.

"Yep" A familiar voice said beside Ed.

Ed turned quickly and saw a man. Green spiky hair, short body, and not buffed...ENVY! He shouted his name and punched Envy RIGHT in the face.

"OUCH! HEY WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? THAT HURTS YOU KNOW!"Envy screamed out as his hand rushed toward his punched cheek.

Ed looked surprised. Envy? Feeling pain?

He clapped his hand and touched his right hand to trasmute it into a blade but something was wrong. It wasn't metal. It was normal.


"Oh Pinty, we have alot of things to discuss"Envy said as he stood up.


Groups of military officers arrived at Izumi's house, they knocked the door repeatly. The door opened and Izumi appeared, yawning. Izumi saw Roy Mustang and other officers.

"What do you dogs what?"Izumi demanded.

"We're looking for Edward Elric. We have a warrant for his arrest for murdering Captain Thomas A. Anderson"Roy Mustang answered.

"What? Ed didn't murder no one! ED COME DOWN HERE!"Izumi shouted out.

No Ed came out. Roy, getting impatient pushed himself into the house and looked for Ed. Finally, rooms after rooms, he found Ed's. All he found was Ed's red jacket. Roy picked it up and cursed.

"DAMNIT!"Roy screamed.

Al came and saw Roy revealing something like ear device in Roy's ear.

"Agent Alex, he got away"Roy whispered into his ear device.

"Got what you--Ed?"Izumi came in the room, searching for Ed.

Royce got out of the room and leaved the house. Then Al witnessed something creepy. When he saw Roy leave, green glow began to emit from him. Green text began to cover Roy then something like a Military Officer took over. He looked surprised and confused.
Your story never fails to AMAZE the chibi dolls out of me do you know that? Your story is very close to flat out perfect but you think you can make them a bit more detailed and longer? The chapters are awfully short think story book writing and give detail like this.

''As Edward looked from inside the red chamber where he was held he heard movement to his left and saw a mechanical monster approaching him as it injected its claw into Ed's chamber and drain out all the red water as it approached his body and removed something from his neck in a very painful manner''

But thats just my advice you dont have to I'll still love the story even if you do it or not.

I'm counting on you Agent I hope you didnt abandon your story cause that would suck! I was looking for the ending to this one its so sad when a story has potiental and people abandon it. sad.gif
Wow, I never thought that anybody would combine the matrix with FMA blink.gif

Interesting story, though. Envy in the real world! maybe Lust is, too... tongue.gif
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