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Lone Wolf
Ok, so I was looking on the Borders website for Kingdom Hearts "stuff" and I stumbled across this - a Kingdom Hearts manga series! Anyone else seen, read, or heard of these?

(Source: MangaFox)

Years of Released: 2003
Status: Completed
Author: Tetsuya Nomura
Artist: Amano Shiro
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Shounen
Sora is a young energetic boy looking forward to exploring the world with his friends, Riku and Kairi. The threesome is working hard on completing a raft that will allow them to leave their island but one day a mysterious force causes Sora to gain a special weapon known as the Keyblade. He fights some weird monsters and gets transported to a strange town. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy leave their castle to search for the king and the chosen one who holds the "key" to saving the world. Sora is attack again by creatures known as Heartless but is helped out by an old man named Cid and a warrior named Leon. He eventually meets up with Donald and Goofy and they join forces to go search for his friends and the King.

Kitty Alchemist
i got the first one and love it biggrin.gif i need to get the second one
Lone Wolf
@Kitty Alchemist: I'm glad you like it! I guess it's just not to my tastes...

I didn't do any in-depth reading, was the manga even like the game at all?

What were some of the differences between the manga and the game?

I've read some pages. It's about average (not good or bad), but as I already played the game, it felt like a rehash. I knew everything already.
Kitty Alchemist
i like it but the game is better. i just reading it to see if it the same like the game after i finish with the book i give it to my friend because she in love with Kingdom Hearts and she never play the game because she don't have a PS2.

QUOTE (Lone Wolf @ Apr 1 2006, 02:42 PM) *
I didn't do any in-depth reading, was the manga even like the game at all?

in the first volume it was like the game a little just a little.

QUOTE (Lone Wolf @ Apr 3 2006, 05:18 PM) *
What were some of the differences between the manga and the game?

I don't remember because i don't have the book anymore. But the begening is a little different in the book. in the book they start off when they Riku and Sora found Kara (i think i spell her name right) and then they started building the raft. but in the game, Sora had a strange dream that he attack by that huge shadow looking thing.

OT: Kingdom Hearts 2nd game is out and I want to play it so badly but I have no money right now sad.gif
No, no. I agree. L-A-M-E. I couldn't help but laugh. happy.gif;;
I read two volumes of it. It was pretty stupid.... in a way.... I thought the omakes were hilarious~ tongue.gif
Homunculi Kai
Ah ha ha. I have the three volumes.
I'm just waiting for the fourth to come out.
It's really cute! Yeah, lame, but who cares? Manga is manga!
And the omake's are terribley funny.
Venus Alchemist
The art's lame for sure. But I haven't played any of the the games... and my friend lends it to me, so what's the harm in reading it.
Wow, a Kindom Hearts Manga. To me, it seems like it won't have much sales.

OT: Right now, almost everyone is in love with the 2nd game. ( If its even out. If not, people are waiting)
Fayth Prophecy
I mainly got it to see how Leon looked manga-made. That's about all.
I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!
but like the first time that i saw it i laughed but i have both of them cuz there just so kewl! lol laugh.gif
Alchamist Lover
If I had to choose from the game and the manga (because I haven't seen or played any yet) I would choose the game because you get to be the character instead of just being the audience.
Yes. They're nice and cute, but too short.
Meitantei Conan
I own Every KH Manga.

To me i thought it was Hilarous, Not in a stupid way, it a good laugh kinda way, especially in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol 2, Where Namine Almost got Hit ny Marluixa, she had a Helment on that said Safty First, It was Funny bit in a Cute kinda way lol, Also its Funny too. I thought it was good, in my Opioin, lol x3
EDIT: i founded it...

here is a little image tongue.gif

Sora looks cute and chibi x3
Does anyone else think that this manga was directed toward a younger audience?
QUOTE(Shirai @ Dec 14 2007, 12:13 AM) *
Does anyone else think that this manga was directed toward a younger audience?

well the game was just E10+, that is not a too much mature audience...

another image this one bassed on the 2nd ps2 game

kyaaa!! roxas looks sooo cute too laugh.gif
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