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Full Version: The Bitter Sweet Of Life..
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It may take a while.. But I just wanna make up a new topic.. So, I'll put the story in this forum maybe.. next week, this friday or maybe earlier than that! Well, who knows! Just gotta wait for a lil' moment kay?
Le Monkey
Why did youcreate a topic, to then not post up a fanfic? dry.gif
its a stupid idea...
Yeah.. Stupid silly me.. sad.gif I was going to post it earlier, but my stupid comp broke.. Well here it is.. Not much.. But hope you like it.. unsure.gif So.. here I put two chapters on.. Because of my delay story.. Sorry.. sad.gif

Chapter 1: A life..

“Edry!!!” shout out a mother to six, calling her son to come home for supper. It was Winry, and she’s preparing the evening meal for her beloved husband and children. Edward has been married to her for about eighteen years ago. It was tough to marry her, as he and Alphonse always fight for her before. But he can’t imagine that Al would let him marry her as they grow up.

“You deserve her,” said Al before. And that words kept on playing in Ed’s head wondering why would he let go of Winry to marry him instead. Even though Al is the one who has a major crush over her. “Daddy! I want vanilla ice-cream!!” shouted Edwin his 10-year-old son. Edward startled from the thought, and smiled to his son. He was bringing his son to the park along with his 6-year-old twins, Ryard and Winard. He then went to the ice-cream truck to buy them a few cones of ice cream.

At home, Ardry, 17, the eldest daughter and Dwary, 13, were helping out their mother laying the table. Edry the 3-years-old boy, which is at the field playing twigs with his kitten, ran quickly leaving the place to get back home. “Mommy!!” Edry shouted. Reaching home, he hugged his mother and gave her a kiss. This attitude of his, makes him special than the others. He was the smallest among them and the cutest too. He also speaks very good and almost fluently for his age. He has his father‘s hair, with his mother’s lovely eyes and his uncle Alphonse sweet smile. So far, he obtains the complete set of the beautiful genes they acquire in the trait. Therefore, the others were jealous of him because of the treat that Edry gets from their parents were more distinctive.

But to be fair, they would explain to their children that they also once had the same treat when they were little too. Because Edry is the last child they have, so he has a better treat just for now. Hence, the explanation calms down the argument between their children over Edry’s behavior in being too spoiled after being pampered by their parents. Though he was coddled a lot, he always helps out his family when in need. For a tiny body of his, he still has a large amount of energy to assist them.

Dinner is ready, and so they waited for Edward and the other three to come home. Edry is getting hungry after the long wait. He peeks to the food that was served on the table. He was about to grab a roasted chicken wing, when Ardry saw him. Ardry holds up Edry at his waist, making Edry ticklish. Edry laughed as her sister tickles her with her tingly fingers.

“Hee-hee-hee!! Ardry, that tickwels!” said Edry wriggling to be let go off her sister hands.

“Aha! I got you now! Trying to eat first without waiting for daddy eh? Let me tickle you some more!” said Ardry and tickles Edry some more with a smile.

“Pwease!! Ardry!! Hee-hee-hee!! XD Dat really tickwels!! Stop it, pwease!! Hee-haa-haa!!” said Edry as he wiggles and wiggles.

“Ha.. haa.. Okay, that’s enough for today. Let’s get you a bath shall we?” said Ardry again still smiling.

“Ermm.. Okay! But only if you can catch me! Ha-ha!!” said Edry as he slips and runs off from her sister’s hand.

“Hey! How did you get away?” cried Ardry as she let’s Edry to have fun running away first.

“Ha-ha-haa!! Catch me shih (sis)! Catch me!!” shouted Edry teasing her sister.

“Oh, yeah? I’ll catch you! Here I come!!” said Ardry.

Their laughter fills the dining room as Winry watches them with a smile but still feeling worried about Edry. She was just finished wiping the clean plates. As she watches them running, her thoughts went back to all the memories when she was a child.

After tired of running, Edry stops at a couch, sitting there still. He takes a deep breath, as he was very exhausted. His face is already getting pale while his lips were getting purplish blue after that scuttle.

Ardry on the other hand has already stopped at the last place they ran to. She doubts how could Edry run so fast, as she is not that quick. Maybe because he is still young and has the strength to do so. But she has to stop him, or else Edry might faint after being too excited or tired. Edry has a heart problem since he was a baby. He has a hole in his heart and if it races so fast, it may kill him. Therefore Ardry has to prevent him from running again.

“Now, now Edry. Let’s go to the bathroom shall we?” said Ardry trying to persuade Edry.

“*Cough.. *cough.. But you haven’t catch me yet! *cough..” said Edry coughing and trying to run away again.

“No Edry! No! Enough is enough. Daddy will be home any minute. We have to go clean up now,” said Ardry fearfully.

“Yes, Edry. You better get yourself ready as we are about to have dinner at the moment your daddy comes home,” clears Winry as she came nearer to Edry.

She laid a hand on his chest to see if his little heart is okay. It was fine, only it pounds a bit fast. She then gave him a towel and wipes Edry’s sweaty face. She smiled looking at Edry’s angry cute face, but she seems to be a lil’ bothered to see his white paled face and the purplish blue lips.

“Awwh.. owight..” said Edry pouting and breathing heavily as he follows her sister to the bathroom with a towel hanging on his shoulder.

“Now don’t stay too long in the water! You don’t want to catch a cold!” said Winry as she babbles like any other mother would.

After one hour later, Fluffy their dog outside the house, bark loudly. That means, Edward is home with the three. There’s always something about Ed and the dog, Fluffy. Well Ed does love dogs, as he as well has a dog before, which is now living with aunt Pinako. But he’s not very fond with Fluffy. Fluffy always tends to bring troubles to him. As they were about to reached home, Edwin and the twins’ runs towards their mother who was standing at the front door. Fluffy ran around them, making circle paws on the ground. Fluffy always get agitated when the family gets home. Edward smiles looking at Winry with their children.

Then, Winry and the kids went inside the house leaving Edward behind.

“Hea-hea-heyy!! Wait up!! Don’t leave me with this CANINE!” shouted Ed.

As Ed was shouting, they were already in side the house. Ed trembles as he saw Fluffy with beady eyes (as if they were smiling), ready to welcome him with a pounce. He walks to the side of the dog, wishing that the dog won’t spring to him like usual.

“Gg..ggg..good Fluffy.. where you are, and…behave like all good puppy do..” said Ed with a tremulous voice. Ed was about to make a run towards his house, when suddenly Fluffy sprang to him, making Ed falling to the floor.

“Arff!! Arff!! Awoo!!” still with sparkling eyes, the puppy catches it’s prey.

“NYOOOO!!!” shouted Ed madly.

“Arff!! Arff!! Slurrppp.. slurrppp.. slurppp.. slurrrppp!!” the puppy licks Ed with it’s saliva covered tongue.

“Ewww!! Gross!! Where is Al when I need him..” said Edward to himself, still lying on the ground. His body was already covered in Fluffy’s dribbles.

Ed pulls himself to get into the room with a very furious face. He pushes Fluffy away, but Fluffy manages to grasp Ed’s feet. Ed went into the house with Fluffy clinging to him. As he pulls himself heavily with Fluffy on his left leg, he began to get very irritated by the situation. He started to yell.

“WINARD IXORA AND RYARD CRIMSONE ELRIC!!” yelled Edward franticly.

“Yes papa!” said both of them chorally.

“Grrrhh!! Take this puppy away from me!” said Ed to the twins.

“But, papa. Fluffy likes you!” said Ryard.

“Yes papa! Just look at Fluffy’s adorable puppy face!” Winard continues.

“Dowh!! Just this dog away or I’ll DROWN HIM AT THE SEA!!” shouted Edward getting more crazy and shaking his leg like hell. Still the dog won’t come off.

“But papa.. Fluffy-” said the twins, trying to defend their dog.

“Yeah.. Fluff, fluff!! OVO!! Take him NOW!! Before I changed my mind!!” said Edward with a rather serious voice and pointing to the dog.

“Okay..” said the twins with a sad face and carefully release their father from the puppy with ease.

“Good. Now that stupid dog..” said Edward but then his words were cut off by the twins.

“Fluffy is not stupid! Don’t you know ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!” cried the twins.

“Well.. NOT this puppy..” said Edward seriously with his eyebrows raised.

The twins gasp in horror.

“Papa, what should we suppose to do to make Fluffy go to heaven?” said the twins again.

Edward grins as he gazes to the sea near the house.

“Like I said, drown him in the sea,” answered Ed to them.

“AOOWE!!” whimpers the puppy as he hides himself behind the twins.

“No papa..” said the twins as they start sobbing.

Ed’s face turns white. Then he said..

“ children.. I didn’t mean to……… Nuhh…. Nuhh.. nahh.. nohh.. NOO-!!”

“Uu.. uu… UWEAHHH!!” cried the twins out loud.

“Oh Great.. // I have bunch of crybabies..// ” said Ed narrow facing as he thought.

~End of story~


So here's the second chapter..


Chapter 2: Doggy thing..

Ed has made the twins cried about Fluffy and Winry heard about it. So..

“Ed.. What did you do?” asked Winry in a rather soft voice.

“Nothing!! Honest!!” answered Ed pretending nothing happen.

“UWAAHHH!!” cried the twins louder as they run outside the house.

“Are you sure ED?” said Winry raising an eyebrow.

“De-de-de.. Definitely!” Ed voices came out stuck as he looks at Winry face reactions.

“They ‘re kids and innocent Ed.. You shouldn’t say like that. Now you better go plead your case to them.. NOW!” said Winry with a very low tone voice. This time, with a wrench on her hand.

Ed’s knees started to shake eccentrically. He almost peed his pants.

“Aa.. aaw.. All right!! You go do your cookin’ while I do the pleadin’..” said Ed with a mob accent but still with his voice stuck.

Then Winry followed behind him to the twins. Ed stops, as Winry was about to follow him outside.

“ I thought I told you to do your cookin’.Why are you followin’ moa?” asked Ed.

“I’ve done with my cookin’. So I’m following you to see you pleadin’ to them or not,” answered Winry also in a mob accent, teasing Ed.

“ HUUHH!! Alright.. I’m goin’.. I’m goin’..” said Ed as he walks with her.

Outside at the doghouse, Ryard and Winard sits with Fluffy to make sure Ed doesn’t harm him.

“Look what you did to those kids Ed! Now they thing you’re a monster and trying to protect Fluffy from you..” said Winry to Ed giving the twins with the awwhh kind of face.

“Heh.. Weird..” mumble Ed to himself.

“Okay kids.. Don’t cry.. Daddy’s not gonna drown Fluffy.. But I’ll burn his dog house if he does that to me again,” said Ed to the twins.

“Eeek!! Noo!! Papa!! *sob.. *sob.. ” cried the both of them.

“What? You can get another good puppy!” said Ed to them.

“NO!! UWAAHH!! >.<” cried them louder.

“Ed!! OVO!! …” says Winry as she frowns.

“ALRIGHT!! I’m just kidding.. Sheesh!!” said Ed again.

“Say sorry papa!!” cried the twins.

“WHAT?!! O.O!!” Ed’s begin to widen his eyes.

“You heard it Ed.. Do it..” said Winry with a grin.

“WTFu**!! GRRRHH!! This is TOO far!!” said Ed scowling.

“Ed.. just do it.. For the sake of our children..” said Winry.

The twins look at their father while batting their eyelashes.

“Humph!! Dads don’t say sorry! Because their the boss of the house!” said Ed looking somewhere else.

“ED.. Say it.. Or Wrench it..” said Winry forcing him.

“OOHH!! I’m SORRY!! Happy?!!” said Ed biting his lips.

“Gently Ed.. Or you’ll get it for sure..” said Winry with the wrench patting on her hands.

“GRRR.. HUMPH!! AHERM.. Papa very sorry okay kiddies,” said Ed after looking around for peoples to make sure no one heard that except them.

“Good, now let’s all go inside and have dinner before it gets cold.” said Winry happily.

“Yeay!!” the twins ran into the house quickly.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad right Ed? I know you can persuade them nicely.”

“ Hatt.. CHOO!! O.o!! *sniffs..”

“Awwhh.. Looks like daddy’s got a cold.. (giggles) ^ ~ ^ ” said Winry.

“Yeah.. Good for me.. *sniff..” said Ed with a narrowed eyes.

“Let me give you a hug!!” said Winry to him as she smiles.

As Winry was about to hug him, Ed also walks to the front with a smile to hug her too. But then, there was something that sound unpleasant from his boots and Winry gave a pause with her hands high up in the air like hugging.


“Gasp!! O.o!!” paused Winry.

“What’s wrong??” asked Ed.

“Uh.. Yuck, Ed.. I change my mind.. Go and take a shower first..” answered Winry as she walks into the house.

“Ohh.. Bummer..” said Ed to himself with narrow eyes again. Then he walks into the house and went for a bath.

“SQUISH, SQUASHH, SQUISH, SQUASHH…” the sound goes, as Ed walks away.

“*sigh.. Back to the kitchen then..” said Winry to herself.

~End Of Chapter 2~

Yeah.. Again.. Still I'm sorry for the delay le monkey.. Yes stupid me.. wink.gif Anyway.. Here's also a pic for this fic.. I made it up..

Umm... I would really prefer taking the emoticons and smilies out of the dialogue, ya know...
Click "my controls" go to "board setting" and you can set it so you won't see any smilies.
Awwh... I'm really sorry.. I think I can't do that coz it might disturb the fanart forum that people would post their images. What I mean is that I might not be able to see their pics as well! So.. then I'll just delete the smilies in the story kay? Hope you forgive me.. sad.gif Urmm.. How's the story? No one ever mention about it? Is it good or bad? Do you want me to go on with it? huh.gif
I like it very much!!

And, it even comes with own drawing!! Very nice!!! happy.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Apr 16 2006, 04:46 PM) [snapback]381564[/snapback]

I like it very much!!

And, it even comes with own drawing!! Very nice!!! happy.gif

Thanks! biggrin.gif Finally, a post! I thought it's very bad! sad.gif And I thought of quitting making it! dry.gif Coz no one replied except you Tombow! But in this case, I'll try update it as soon as possible kay? laugh.gif Thanks for the support! C ya! smile.gif
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